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Caption Competition

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Name Caption
Chromedome At the Christmas party, Chekov always got drunk and tried to photocopy his butt.
PegasusJF Spock is smiling on the inside.
Captain 8472 In this picture, we see a warrior, a leader, a scientist and two smiling idiots.
Chromedome Kirk: "I am Spartacus!"
Kang: "NO! I am Spartacus!"
Spock: "I do not believe that this is technically accurate, Captain."
Captain 8472 “Femputer has decreed the men shall be put to death! By snu-snu!”
Bird of Prey As over a century later Ensign Boimler would say:
Space, the funnest frontier!
Frankie Chestnuts Kang: “So you’re saying there are over 20 episodes you lose or rip your shirt? Shouldn’t you have a word with your tailor? Har-har-har!
Kirk: “Ha-ha… sure… my tailor… ha-ha… very funny.”
Spock [under his breath]: “What a putz .”
Chromedome Spock: "Don't look at the light!"
Kirk & Kang: "I can't help it. It's so beautiful!"
Chromedome Scotty showed the crew what Scotsmen REALLY have under their kilts.
Captain 8472 Kang: Hi, I am a Mac.
Kirk: ... and I am a PC.
Spock: And I am not involved.
=NoPoet= Star Trek in the 1960s: Where no man has gone before.
Star Trek in the 2020s: Where no-one will smile again.
Frankie Chestnuts Kang: "Hi, I'm a Mac"
Kirk: "...and I'm a PC."
Spock: "And I am the M-5 Multitronic System, a revolutionary tactical and control computer designed by Dr. Richard Daystrom... Just sayin'."
Chromedome "Well that's impressive, he DID shove the red alert light where the sun don't shine!"
Frankie Chestnuts Kang: "Hi, I'm a Mac"
Kirk: "...and I'm a PC."
Spock: "...and I'm not an Android."
Frankie Chestnuts Kang: "Hi, I'm a Mac"
Kirk: "...and I'm a PC."
Spock: "...and I'm an open sourced, stable alternative to both of you."
Frankie Chestnuts Kang: "Hi, I'm a Mac"
Kirk: "...and I'm a PC."
Spock: "...and I'm a consultant here to tell you how bad you both are."
Bird of Prey The tensions between humans and Klingons finally started to ease when it was discovered that both enjoyed laughing at Romulans.
Miss Marple Kang and Kirk: We laugh in your general direction.
Spock, to self: I think it was “fart” …
Frankie Chestnuts Kang: “Aye”
Kirk: “Pee”
Spock: “Eh?”
Captain 8472 Only one thing can bring Kirk and Kang together: cat videos!
Chromedome The crowd were pleased by the appearance on stage of Ann Drex & The Cling-On Shifters.
EMH_MkI That time when you finally found your starship...
EMH_Mki Klingon: Bud.
Kirk: Weis.
Spock: Err...
Captain 8472 Impractical Jokers, Season 252. Kirk, Kang, Spock and Khan are out to ruin each other’s dignity!
Captain 8472 Kirk and Kang just heard the best joke! They were declared in laws!
Chromedome "Wow! Look at that! Isn't that impressive, Spock?"
"No, Captain. I am thinking of all the paperwork involved in the health & safety risk assessment that I will have to do now."
Chromedome McCoy's party trick was lighting his farts after eating a Triple Tribble Tikka Tandoori
Chromedome "Spock. Analysis."
"It's not that funny, Captain."
Chromedome "Oh yeah! Who'd have believed Bones was capable of moving like that!"
Chromedome Reaction shot when Roddenberry sits on the whoopee cushion they left on his seat.
Cyrus Ramsay Background Klingon: "Hey, guys, I programmed the 'Enterprise' computer to print 'Kirk is a jerk' on their captain's shirt. He'll be so animated when he finds out."
Cyrus Ramsay Kirk: "Hey, Kang, aren't you jealous that Discovery Klingons have two penises?"
Kang: "No, 'cos neither of them works."
=NoPoet= I can't think about this without getting a headache: Is Spock not laughing because he's a Vulcan, or did he just not find it funny?
=NoPoet= Left: Realising Star Trek is still going strong in 2022.
Middle: When you start watching an episode from 2022.
Right: Ten minutes into an episode from 2022.
DBB Spock: I do not see what is so amusing. This man from Nantucket should obviously seek medical attention.
Captain 8472 When watching a blooper real, don’t be surprised if the individual(s) involved are not amused. Spock certainly is not.
Captain 8472 The 2263 Burning Man failed to entertain 1 out of 5 participants.
Bird of Prey ""The Laughing Vulcan and His Dog"!?
The Vulcan is the only one in this picture who is not laughing!
Well... There isn't any dog either.
Chromedome "Hahaha! Reed got landed with THAT caption last month!"
Chromedome (singing) "Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to Bangor."
Frankie Chestnuts Kang: “How about 'Release Brian'!”
Kirk: “Oh,yeah… That’s a good one.”
Kang: “Yeah!”
Kirk: “Welease Bwian!”
Kirk & Kang: “Welease Bwian! Welease Bwian!” [laughing]
Spock: "What a pair of Dickuses."
Captain 8472 For the record, they are laughing at Spock’s dating profile.
Captain 8472 It appears the laughing gas is unable to effect Vulcans.
Samus When Kirk and Kang watch Star Trek Discovery....Spock's face says it all
Captain 8472 The recording of Scotty’s wedding got Kirk and Kang to stop fighting.
Captain 8472 It was due to an unfortunate series of events that everyone learned that Spock was not ‘Biggus Dickus.’
Captain 8472 In a twist of fate, the report from Star Fleet command got mixed up with images from last year’s Christmas Party. Spock’s hind end was on full display.
The Geek Don't be fooled by the smiles. Scotty's famous 'Beam a Tribble into their trousers' prank can cause serious trouble. In this case, it inspired Kang to wage war on the Tribble homeworld. Many songs are still sung for that day.
The Geek Kang: "Your Chief Engineer looks smashing in his utility kilt!"
Kirk: "Especially when he's drinking and dancing!"
Spock: "Thanks to my eidetic memory, I will never not fail to recall this moment."
Chromedome "Hey, there's good ol' Frankie Chestnuts! Hi Frankie!"
Miss Marple If you look carefully, you’ll realize they are really laughing because Spock is holding the “live long and prosper” gesture up behind Kirk’s head.
Frankie Chestnuts Kang: "Look how ugly we used to look!"
Kirk: "I can't believe Klingons used to look so horrible... I mean you guys are hideous now... But even worse then."
Spock: "This will not end well."
Cyrus Ramsay Shatner: "C'mon Leonard; if we don't keep laughing at these 'I Love Lucy' reruns, we get cancelled."
Cyrus Ramsay Michael: "Isn't that 'Mission: Impossible' show so ridiculous?"
William: "Yeah, who'd want to appear on a turkey like that?"
Leonard: "Don't. Give. In."
Cyrus Ramsay Michael: "Is it a bird?"
William: "Is it a plane?"
Leonard: "No, Shatner hung my bicycle from the rafters AGAIN!"
Chromedome There is much amusement at the Eurovision Song Contest when the United Kingdom get "nul points" ... yet again.
Chromedome "Hey, look! Chromedome has made it into double digit wins! Who'd have thought?"
Frankie Chestnuts Kang and Kirk enjoy a moment together discussing the pungent bouquet of Vulcan 'wind'.
Concurrently, Spock is regretting that second bowl of Nurse Chapel's Plomeek Soup.
Cyrus Ramsay Michael: "That Zachary Quinto is such a fine actor."
William: "Yes, and Ethan Peck really nails the role."
Leonard: "Don't. Give. In."
Bird of Prey Kirk: "Come on, Spock! Stop being so Vulcan and laugh with us!"
Spock: "Sorry Jim, but I fail to see what's so funny about Mr. Scott repeatedly electrocuting himself while trying to fix the ceiling light."
Captain 8472 Rick Berman (left) and Brannon Braga (middle) just learned that Ronald D. Moore (right) is rebooting Battlestar Glactica.
Captain 8472 It appears the marijuana bonfire is working.
Miss Marple The exact moment Zachary Quinto decided “I really want to play Mr. Spock.”
Miss Marple Spock is still uncomfortable with fart jokes.
Miss Marple Obviously folks with a lot of Guramba.
Miss Marple The famous basement scene, where they’re all laughing about other Trekkers living in their parents’ basements.
Miss Marple Wow! I totally misread Captain 8472‘s comment about Kirk’s right hand…
Miss Marple Spock: I believe I totally misunderstood Captain 8472‘s comment about Kirk’s right hand…
Frankie Chestnuts Kirk: “How did Scotty get up on the Warp Reactor.”
Kang: “I’ve never seen anyone so drunk in my life!”
Spock: “Obviously you have never been to a Vulcan ‘Pon Farr’ Rave.”
Miss Marple Tinker Bell was dying…
Everyone was sending positive thoughts, and clapping to help her heal.
Spock was doing his best.
Of course, others just stood around laughing and booing.
Frankie Chestnuts Kirk & Kang: “ I see a little silhouetto of a man,
Scaramouch, Scaramouch, will you do the Fandango!”
Spock: “Illogical.”
DBB Spock knew they were laughing at him, but he refused to let them see him cry.
Captain 8472 A Klingon, a Human and a Vulcan walk into a bar...
Captain 8472 When you see your crush in person.
MLCoolJ Kirk: Camelot!
Kang: Camelot!
Spock: It's only a model.
Captain 8472 Common reactions to the idea that Kirk would ever be friends with his right hand.
Captain 8472 Question: what behind the scenes blooper caused two out of three actors to laugh?
Captain 8472 As strange as it may be to see Kirk and a Klingon get along, Spock is still emotionless in such a situation.
Captain 8472 It appears that not even Monty Python can make a Vulcan laugh.
Bodhi Justin Trudeau's Star Trek cosplay parties were legendary!

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