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Weapons List

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Name Notes
Abronath [1] An ancient weapon developed on the planet Altamid. The Abronath was capable of producing a black cloud which could consume any form of biological life. The device could affect a wide area - Krall expected to be able to use it to exterminate all life on the enormous Starbase Yorktown, millions of people in all. [1]

The Altamidians came to fear the destructive power of the Abronath so much that they broke it down into pieces and flung them into deep space, hoping they would never be reunited. After considerable searching, Krall was able to locate and retrieve on the of the pieces. [1]

The other fell into the hands of the Fibonan Republic, who in 2263 asked Captain James T. Kirk to offer the piece to their enemies, the Teenaxi. In the Fibonan culture the surrender of a weapon is considered a sign of truce, and they hoped this would encourage peace between the two species. The Teenaxi refused the offer, violently, and the Abronath was placed into storage on the Enterprise. [1]

Krall was subsequently able to lure the Enterprise to Altamid in an attempt to capture the Abronath piece. Although Captain Kirk placed it with Ensign Syl for safekeeping, Krall was able to find it and reunite the two parts. He used the Abronath to kill Ensign Syl, then took it to Starbase Yorktown to attack the base. Although he came very close to succeeding, the Enterprise officers were able to launch the device into space along with Krall, moments after he activated it. It consumed Krall's body as he died in space. [1]
Aceton Assimilators [2] Weapons used by the Menthars in their war with the Promellians 1,000 years ago. They drain power from a ship's engine and convert it into harmful radiation. [2]
Agonizer [3] Small pain inflicting device worn by crew members of Imperial Starships in the mirror universe. [3]
Agony Booth [3] Torture device used by the Empire in the mirror universe, apparently a larger version of the Agonizer. [3] The booth was invented by Major Reed and Doctor Phlox. It was a great improvement on previous punishment methods, since it automatically calibrated itself to match whatever species was put into it and switched the targeted nerves frequently so as to avoid desensitising the subject to the pain being inflicted. [4]
Albino Forces Rifle [5] Phaser weapon used by the Albino's guards. The weapons were disabled by a bombardment of tetryon particles. [5]
Alien Knife [6] Twin bladed knife used by the aliens Voyager encountered in 2375. [6]
Andorian Light Pistol [7] A pistol type weapon used by the Andorians in the mid 2100s. [7]
Andorian pistol [7] An Andorian pistol, shown on the left with an Andorian rifle on the right [7]
Andorian Rifle [7] Weapon used by the Andorians who raided the P'Jem sanctuary in 2151. [7]
Angosian weapon [8] An Angosian weapon used 2366 [8]
Ansata Limpet Mine [9] A weapon used by the Ansata terrorists in their attack on the Enterprise-D. The weapon was attached to the warp core, set to detonate shortly after the attackers departed. The explosion would have been sufficient to breach the core and destroy the Starship, but some quick work on the part of the chief engineer led to it being detached and beamed out into space before detonation. [9]
Ansata rifle [9] An Ansata rifle, as used by Rutian terrorists in 2366 [9]
Antican Energy Blade [10] Handheld device used by the Anticans. They claimed that it was intended purely to dispatch food animals, but it could also serve as a weapon. [10]
Antimatter Mines [11] Explosive charges which are detonated by remote control, or when a ship passes in close proximity. [11]
Antimatter Spread [12] An impressive but relatively harmless series of small explosive charges deployed from a starship. The Enterprise-D used an antimatter spread to distract the Borg during the retrieval of Captain Picard. [12]
Antiproton Beam [13] In 2267 the USS Enterprise was investigating the dissapearence fo the USS Constellation when it made a remarkable discovery - a robotic weapon of enourmous size which consumed entire planets to provide itself with fuel. The weapon used a beam of absolutely pure antiprotons to literally carve planets into pieces; a tractor beam would then gather them up and feed them to a total conversion power system within. [13]

The machine had attacked and largely destroyed the Constellation already. Commodore Decker, having survived the attack, took command of the USS Enterprise and launched further strikes against the machine. The battle proved decidedly unequal; the phasers of the Enterprise proved unable to penetrate the neutronium hull of the machine, whilst the antiproton weapon was more than capable of inflicting damage on the Starship. [13]

Whilst the Federation is capable of producing antiprotons [14], as yet various technical issues remain to be resolved before antiproton weaponry can be produced.
Aphasia Device [15] Machine which introduces a virus into food produced by a replicator. The virus causes a form of aphasia in its victims. [15]
Argine [16] An explosive used in Ferengi locator bombs. [16]
Arkonian pistol [17] Weapon used by the Arkonians. [17] This weapon is very similar to the pistol used by the Tellarite, Skalaar, though it does not fire the same colour beam. [18]
Artonian Laser [19] Coherent energy weapon, relatively primitive by phaser standards. [19]
Arturis's Pistol [20] A double beam pistol used by Arturis when Voyager encountered him. [20]
Atomic Bomb [21] Primitive explosive device based on a fission chain reaction in uranium and/or plutonium. [21]
Attack Satellite [22] Orbital weapons platform. [22]
Attack Skimmer [23] Flying attack vehicle. [23]

Name :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

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