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Borg Species List

Borg ID Name Description
116 [1] Borg Species 116 [1] A member of this species attempted to have the crew of Voyager assimilated by the Borg. [1]
125 [2] Borg Species 125 [2] Species of which the Borg Queen is a member [2]
149 [3] Borg Species 149 [3] Species assimilated by the Borg; the assimilation gave the Borg advanced medical technology [3]
180 [4] Ferengi [5] The Ferengi are a Humanoid species [5] resident in the alpha quadrant of the galaxy. First contacted by the Federation in 2364, the Ferengi where found to follow the common Humanoid pattern [5] - evidence that they share a common ancestry with the species which seeded many planets across the galaxy several billion years ago. [6] The Ferengi tend to be approximately 165 cm tall, and their most distinctive feature is a set of very pronounced ears. [7] These are among the most sensitive of any known species, [8] as well as being one of the major Ferengi erogenous zones. [9]

The current Ferengi culture dates back some ten thousand years [10] - it was at this time that Gint came to power. The first of the Ferengi world leaders - called the Grand Nagus - Gint codified a set of two hundred and eighty five 'Rules of Acquisition', a code of honour by which all Ferengi males are expected to live. [11] The rules of acquisition heavily emphasise the accumulation of personal wealth, although some rules relate to general ethics. [7] All Ferengi males are expected to memorise the rules at an early age. [12]

Although they are capable of building powerful warships, the Ferengi are not a major military power in the alpha quadrant as they rarely become involved in open conflict except as arms suppliers - usually to both sides. [7] Nevertheless, there have been several skirmishes between the Federation and the Ferengi - most notably in 2355 when a Ferengi vessel wrecked the USS Stargazer. [13] Open contact was established when the USS Enterprise-D encountered a Ferengi D'Kora class vessel which had stolen a power system from a Federation outpost. [5] Since this time relations have remained generally cordial, although individual Ferengi have several times made raids on Federation vessels. [7] Little trade occurs between the Ferengi and the Federation, as the latter's ethical trading policies frequently clash with Ferengi philosophy. The Ferengi have remained neutral during the Dominion war.

In 2375 Grand Nagus Zek finally retired, appointing Rom as the new Grand Nagus in his place. [14] Rom's leadership is widely expected to usher in a new liberal age for the Ferengi.

The Borg designation for the Ferengi is Species 180. [4]

218 [15] Talaxians [16] A humanoid civilisation native to the planet Talax in the Delta Quadrant. Externally Talaxians are identifiable by the distinctive yellow colouration of their skin and the ridges of bone on their skulls.2 Internally, a major difference between Talaxians and Humans lies in the lung system; Talaxian lungs are directly linked to the spinal column at multiple points. [17]

Talaxians tend to be a very enthusiastic and friendly people, quick to trust others and easy to get along with.4 They have few enemies, although in 2346 they entered into a war with the Haakonian Order. After ten years of fighting the Hakkonians used a Metreon Cascade weapon on Rinax, killing some 300,000 Talaxian colonists of that moon and prompting the Talaxians to surrender. Many Talaxians who came into contact with the fallout of the weapon subsequently developed metremia, a fatal blood disease. [18]

Talaxians have had relatively little contact with Humans, although one individual has served as Morale Officer for some years aboard the USS Voyager. [19]

The borg designation for the Talaxians is Species 218; the Borg once assimilated a small freighter crewed by 39 Talaxians in the Dalmine sector. Their dense musculature made them excellent drones. [15]
259 [20] Borg Species 259 [20] Borg designation for a species which resided in Galactic cluster 3 [20]
262 [21] Borg Species 262 [21] A primitive species assimilated by the Borg around 2145; the Borg gained some knowledge of the Omega molecule from this species [21]
263 [21] Borg Species 263 [21] Species assimilated by the Borg; the species believed the Omega molecule was a drop of their creators blood [21]
312 [22] Borg Species 312 [22] Species assimilated by the Borg; this species used a type of shield technology which Voyager encountered protecting a primitive species on a planet in the Delta Quadrant. [22]
329 [3] Kazon [16] The Kazon were one of the first Delta Quadrant species that Voyager encountered on its arrival in the area. [16] They are a violent race who consider themselves to be great warriors. [23] The Kazon were originally a slave species of the Trabe, but they overthrew their masters in a revolt some time ago. [24] They have a relatively disorganized culture - after overthrowing the Trabe they splintered into several sects who have competed with one another ever since. Some of the sects are extremely weak, lacking the ability to provide even the basics of life properly. Others operate fleets of warships which they 'liberated' from the Trabe; [19] although some of these are large and powerful, [16] the Kazon are not great technicians and their ships tend to be relatively poorly maintained.

Kazon sects which Voyager encountered include the Ogla, [16] Nistrim, [25] Relora, [23] Hobii, Mostral, Oglamar [26] and Prommar [24]. Many of them were bitter enemies of the Federation ship - a result of Janeway's decision to destroy the Caretakers Array in order to deny them access to its technology. [16] Voyager fought several battles with the Kazon, and in 2372 they managed to capture the ship with the help of the Cardassian spy Seska. Fortunately, an alliance of Talaxian ships and several members of Voyagers crew were able to defeat the invaders and recapture the ship. [27]

Shortly after this Voyager passed out of Kazon space. Given the distance the ship has covered since then, it is virtually impossible that the crew will ever encounter this race again. [7]

The Borg designation for the Kazon is Species 329; the Borg considered them unworthy of assimilation. [3]
521 [28] Shivolian [28] Delta Quadrant species, Borg designation Species 521 [28]
571 [28] Borg Species 571 [28] Delta quadrant humanoids who worship Brothera. [28]
689 [29] Norcadian [30] Humanoid Delta Quadrant species. [30] Borg designation Species 686 [29]
2461 [31] Brunali [31] Delta Quadrant species. The Brunali were decimated by repeated Borg attacks; they infected some of their own people, including Icheb, with a pathogen which could damage the colelctive and deliberately allowed them to be assimilated. [31]
3259 [15] Vulcans [32] The planet Vulcan orbits a red star sixteen light years from the Sol system. [33] The climate is generally harsh, with much of the surface consisting of large deserts [34] or mountain ranges. [35] Vulcan has a considerably higher gravity and thinner atmosphere than Earth. [36] This gives Vulcans three times the strength of a Human. [37] While externally similar to Humans, Vulcan anatomy differs radically - for instance, their heart is where a Human's liver would normally be, and beats several hundred times per minute, [38] while their blood is distinctly green in colour. [39] Vulcans have very sensitive ears, and their eyes have an inner eyelid which has evolved as a defence against the harsh Vulcan sun. [40]

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Vulcan physiology is the brain. The Vulcan brain is in direct control of most of the bodily functions, acting as a control unit for many organs. Vulcans have learned to gain concious control of many of these functions, allowing them to regulate their bodies to a high degree by simple willpower. [41] When injured a Vulcan can go into a trance-like state, using this ability to concentrate all of his or her energy onto repairing the injury. [38] Most Vulcans also have almost complete control of automatic responses such as generated by intense pain. [42] The Vulcan immune system is highly developed and enables them to resist most known forms of infection or illness.

Of course the most famous aspect of the Vulcan brain is the inherent telepathic ability. Many Vulcans are natural touch-telepaths, while stronger minds are capable of non-contact telepathy, usually over short distances and in a limited fashion; [43] occasionally Vulcans have emerged whose telepathic abilities are far stronger than the norm. The rigorous mental training all Vulcans are given often allows such individuals to develop such abilities as emotional compulsion and psychic image projection. [44]

Culturally one of the most fascinating species in the Beta Quadrant, the Vulcans were once an extremely violent and emotive people who waged almost constant warfare on one another. [45] As their level of technology improved, the Vulcans eventually reached a point where their violent nature threatened species extinction. In an effort to avoid this fate, a Vulcan named Surak developed a new philosophy; Surak maintained that the root cause of all the problems on Vulcan lay in the uncontrolled outpouring of the peoples emotions. His followers swore to live their lives by an ethical system devised devised by Surak and based purely on logical principles. All expression of emotions, negative or positive, was completely forbidden. [46] Although this new philosophy spread rapidly across Vulcan, a minority rejected Surak's ideals. They left Vulcan and founded colonies elsewhere - most notably on the planet Romulus, where they founded what eventually became the Romulan Star Empire. [47]

One of the first of the current powers to discover warp drive, the Vulcans conducted a series of survey missions in the mid 2000's. First Contact between Vulcans and Humans came in 2063 when a Vulcan survey ship detected the warp flight of Zefram Cochrane. The Vulcans met with Cochrane at his launch site on the day following the flight, and a strong relationship was quickly built up between the two species. [48] Vulcan has a long history of enmity with Andoria, though the two achieved peace in 2152 thanks to Captain Archer's mediation. [49] Although the Vulcans almost launched a full scale war against Andoria in 2154 the situation was again resolved in large part thanks to the efforts of Captain Archer and the NX-01 crew. [50] Cooperation was furthered when Vulcan joined with the Human, Andorian and Tellarite fleets to counter a drone ship which was targeting shipping from all four species in 2154. [51] In early 2155 the Vulcans were amongst those who attended an inter-species conference held on Earth with the aim of building a true alliance between the many different species. [52] After the Earth-Romulan war, the Vulcans joined with their allies to form an alliance - the United Federation of Planets. The Federation was formed in 2161, [53] with Vulcans, Humans, Andorians and Tellarites as the founding members. [54]

Today Vulcan remains one of the principal Federation members, and is deeply involved in all levels of that society. [7] Despite the enmity between the Federation and the Romulan Empire, Vulcans have been attempting to forge a more cordial relationship with their cousins - ultimately hoping to reunify the two cultures. So far these efforts have met with little success. [55]

The Borg designation for Vulcans is Species 3259. The Borg considered their superior analytical capabilities to be a result of an enlarged neocortex. [15]

In the Mirror universe the first contact between Humans and Vulcans was also initiated when a Vulcan ship detected Zefram Cochrane's warp flight and landed the shortly afterwards. However, Cochrane and his accomplices immediately murdered the crew and seized the ship. Access to Vulcan equipment helped Humanity to gain a significant technological leap, conquering both the Vulcans and Tellarites within less than a century. Vulcans were treated as second class citizens in the Empire but had more freedom than simple slaves [56], for instance they were still allowed to design their own ships. Vulcans were involved in the rebellion which threatened the Empire in 2155. The tide was turned when the Empire acquired the USS Defiant from our own universe. [57]

4228 [58] Hazari [58] An advanced, violent, ruthlessly efficient bounty hunter species which was unwittingly employed by the Think Tank to capture Voyager. Known to the Borg as Species 4228, they make excellent tactical drones  [58]
5174 [59] Borg Species 5174 [59] Borg designation for a Delta Quadrant civilisation [59]
5618 [60] Humans [61] One of the most influential and important species in the Alpha quadrant, Humans originate from the planet Earth in the Sol system. The early history of the planet was remarkable in many respects - chiefly for the number of contacts with alien civilisations which occurred. All of these proved to be of a very limited type however, [7] and it was not until 2063 that the first official First Contact occured. At this point Earth was suffering the effects of a large scale nuclear war and was at a particularly low point. A group of scientists working under Zefram Cochrane had been working on a method of faster than light drive system for spacecraft when the war occurred. Despite having no official funding and poor living conditions the team pressed on with their project, and by 2063 they where able to launch the Phoenix. [48]

Cochrane's flight attracted the attention of a Vulcan survey vessel which was in the system; the Vulcans subsequently sent a shuttlecraft down to make contact with Cochrane's team. The discovery that they where not alone in the universe had a profound impact on mankind, bringing all the people of the Earth together as never before.

Rapid progress followed, and by 2113 poverty, hunger and war had been abolished from the planet. [48]

In 2151 Humanity launched the NX class, their first true long range interstellar vessels. [62] Their sphere of influence began to expand rapidly as new colonies were established and new trading routes opened. Finally, in 2152 they encountered the Romulan Empire; [63] the two powers subsequently fought a brief but intense war which was ended in when the Romulan Neutral Zone was established in order to provide a buffer zone between the two powers. [47]

The Romulan War proved to Humanity that they had over-reached themselves, and they sought to form an alliance of different civilisations in order to provide for greater stability and prevent further conflicts. The United Federation of Planets was established in 2161 [53] when the Humans and Vulcans signed the Federation Constitution. Although the Federation is regarded as a model of inter-species cooperation, Humans have always tended to dominate it - to the extent that the Klingons once dubbed it a Homo Sapiens only club! [64]

Physically, Humans are bilaterally symetrical bipeds whose skin and hair can vary considerably between individuals. As with most species there are two genders, male and female, but unusually there are several different racial groups. [7] In most other respects Humans are physically close to the average for an Alpha quadrant species.

The Borg designation for humanity is Species 5618; the borg class Humans as originating in Grid 325; they regard Human physiology as inefficient, with below-average cranial capacity, minimal redundant systems and limited regenerative abilities. [60]

5973 [65] Borg Species 5973 [65] A species encountered by the Borg in galactic cluster eight. Species 5973 are multi-spectrum particle life-forms. [65]
6291 [66] Yridians [67] A warp capable humanoid species, Yridians are recognizable by their greyish skin and by a ridge which runs from their nose across the top of their heads. [67]

Contact between the Vulcans and the Yridians was made at least as early as the 2150s. [68] However at some point subsequent to this it was thought that the Yridian species had become extinct, a belief so widespread that even the Borg, who had designated the Yridians as Species 6291, shared in it. Eventually a Starfleet exo-biologist named Rudolph Ransom discovered that species was still in existence and made contact with them, an act which led to his promotion to Captain. [66]

The Yridians are widely known as dealers in information, in which capacity they are willing to work with almost any other species. In 2369 a group of Yridians working for the Cardassians attacked the shuttle of Professor Galen in an attempt to steal his data on the ancient DNA code found in many Alpha Quadrant species. The Professor was killed in the action, as were the Yridians when the Enterprise-D fired upon them. Romulan monitoring of the Yridians actions led to their own involvement in the incident. [6] In 2369, whilst the Enterprise-D visited Deep Space Nine, a Yridian named Jaglom Shrek informed Lieutenant Worf that his father Mogh was still alive and in a Romulan prison camp. Worf forced the Shrek to accompany him into Romulan space to search for his father, only to find that although Mogh had indeed survived the Khitomer massacre he died some time previously. [67]

Their habit of collecting and selling information made them regulars in many varied locations such as Deep Space Nine [67], Dessica II [69], and Earth. [70]

The Yridians were not solely concerned with information trading, however. The Duras sisters stole a quantity of Magnesite ore from a Pakled mining colony in the Kalla system in 2370 and subsequently sold it to a group of Yridians. [71] The Yridians also ran convoys of supplies into the Federation-Cardassian demilitarised zone in 2370, carrying items such as hypos, plasma flares, quarantine pods. These convoys were targets for the Maquis terrorist group. [72]

At least some Yridians were known to be involved in shady dealings. The Enterprise-D crew encountered one who was wanted on charges within the Klingon Empire [69], whilst Elim Garak knew a Yridian whom he claimed wanted him dead. [73] In 2373 a pair of Yridians attempted to cheat on dabo in Quark's bar [74], though Quark didn't hold this against their species and employed a Yridian himself. [75]

The Rings of Paltriss were a set of 80 rings, Yridian artifacts which were considered to be extremely valuable works of art. In 2370 Quark came into possession of 42 of these rings, which he hoped to sell to the Yridian Ashrock for one hundred and ninety nine bars of gold-pressed latinum. [76]

6339 [4] Borg Species 6339 [4] A species largely assimilated by the Borg which attempted to fight back by infecting the collective with a virus. [4]
6961 [2] Ktarians [77] Humanoid species found in the Alpha Quadrant and native to the planet Ktaria VII. [78] The Ktarians are recognizable by their distinctive foreheads, which are divided into two large bone like structures, and by their yellow eyes. [77] Ktarians have scales on some parts of their bodies, [79] and at least some Ktarian/Human hybrids have several small horns on their forehead. Ktarian children grow far faster than their Human equivalents. [80]

The Ktarians are notable for an attempt they made to conquer the Federation in 2368. Since they are significantly less powerful militarily, the Ktarians attempted to subvert Starfleet by introducing a game which was highly addictive and which rendered the mind of the user susceptible to suggestion. The Ktarians succeeded in gaining control of the USS Enterprise but before the game could be spread to other Starships their control of the crew was broken by Wesley Crusher and Commander Data. [77]

Despite this attack, the Federation and Ktarians maintained diplomatic and cultural relations. In 2372 Harry Kim met his future fiancee, Libby, while he was visiting a Ktarian music festival. [70] Ktaria VII was a popular vacation spot with tourists, as the large Ktarian glaciers offered excellent skiing. [81] Ktaria has also given the Federation some interesting foodstuffs; Ktarian Puff Chocolate is popular with some Federation citizens - the blend of seventeen different chocolates was Counsellor Troi's favourite desert item. [82] Ktarian eggs are large, with mottled red and yellow shells and a green interior, and were a breakfast favourite of Captain Kirks girlfriend Antonia in 2284, [83] and Ktarian Merlot is an alcoholic beverage which Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres sometimes enjoyed. [84]

Ktarians bury their dead in a highly ceremonial manner by laying thousands of sacred stones in tombs, each representing a special prayer. On an away mission to the planet a young Chakotay once took one of these stones as a souvenir, and was later horrified to find that he had desecrated the man's resting place by his actions. [78]

8472 [85] 8472 [86] Species 8472 are undoubtedly one of the most unusual organic lifeforms ever encountered by the Federation. Their origins lie in 'fluidic space' - a higher dimension which is apparently composed liquid rather than the empty space of our own universe. 8472 are the only species in their dimension, and had no conception of other lifeforms until the Borg invaded their territory. Unfortunately - for the Borg - species 8472 have an incredibly efficient immune system; any form of biological or technological intrusion into their tissue is instantly rejected and destroyed. This renders them immune to Borg nanoprobes, and hence incapable of assimilation. In addition, their dense structure is highly resistant to many forms of energy such as transporters and weapons. [85]

Physically, species 8472 has a roughly humanoid head and torso on a tripedal base. There is a mouth but they do not usually communicate by speech, instead relying on telepathy. The extent of their telepathic abilities are unknown, but are thought to be very long ranged, perhaps even trans-dimensional. Beyond this little is known about this enigmatic species - few have survived a close encounter long enough to gather comprehensive data! [86]

Even less is known about the culture and philosophy of species 8472. In the one known telepathic contact with them the message 'the weak shall perish' was transmitted; although worrying given their numbers and level of technology, the outlook of a whole species can hardly be judged from one contact with one individual. [86]

A more balanced view was possible when Voyager encountered a large space station manned by Species 8472 and containing a replica of Starfleet academy. Voyager investigated this station and discovered that it was being used to train members of the species to infiltrate the Federation. Ultimately the Voyager crew was able to come to an accommodation with the leaders of the station, establishing a state of relative peace between the two sides. [87]
10026 [2] Borg Species 10026 [2] Delta quadrant species assimilated by the Borg in 2375. [2]

Colour key

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