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The Big Bangs List

You wouldn't think it was possible to make a list of all the different times on which the same ship or station has been destroyed, but in Star Trek all things are possible! Alternate timelines or repeating time loops, quantum duplication, all have been used by the ever inventive Trek writers to give us the ultimate shock - seeing our favourite ship go down in flames. Here, then, is a list of all the times we have seen the mechanical 'star' of one of the Trek series destroyed. As usual, any additions or corrections can be submitted via email.
ID Description Episode
9 A past, present and future version of the Enterprise-D come together to repair a time/anti time anomaly accidentally created by Picard. Two of the ships are destroyed sealing the time rift - it's not clear if the third one is destroyed just as it finishes the job, or if it actually survives the process. In any case Q undoes all the damage afterwards. All Good Things
10 After a quantum duplicate of Voyager is created, the duplicate ship is destroyed by its captain. Deadlock
18 After an accident, O'Brien finds himself jumping periodically into the future. In one of the futures that he visits, Deep Space Nine is destroyed by a Romulan Warbird. Fortunately he is able to warn his stationmates in the past and the destruction is avoided. Visionary
12 Another spectacular death for Voyager as the ship crashes into a planet after testing an advanced Slipstream drive, killing all aboard. Harry and Chakotay, aboard the Delta Flyer at the time, eventually manage to alter the past to allow the Starship to survive. Timeless
11 In an alternate timeline created by the Krenim, Voyager struggles through a year of disastrous battles. Janeway finally faces the Krenim timeship and rams it in one of the most spectacular Starship destructions we have ever seen. The resulting temporal incursion restores the original timeline. Year of Hell, Part 2
19 In an alternate timeline the Xindi attack the NX-01, inflicting massive damage on the ship. As Xindi troops beam aboard, Archer, T'Pol and Phlox overload the engines to destroy the ship. This kills temporal parasites infecting Archer, which restores the timeline to normal. Twilight
5 In an alternate timeline, the battleship Enterprise-D is part of a Federation war with the Klingons. Although we don't quite see the ship destroyed, it's pretty clear that it is about to fall to the Klingons. Yesterday's Enterprise
4 In the log of a shuttle thrown back in time from a few hours in the future, the Enterprise-D is seen being destroyed. This is avoided when Picard takes some unorthodox action during the subsequent emergency. Time Squared
6 In the mother of all ship-destroying episodes, we see the Enterprise-D destroyed no less than four times in a repeating time loop. The crew's building sense of deja-vu eventually enables them to send a message to the next loop warning themselves of the coming destruction and so breaking the pattern. Cause and Effect
8 In this episode a quantum rupture creates a fleet of thousands of Enterprise-D's from parallel universes. One ship tries to stop the rupture being repaired so it can avoid its own Borg-dominated universe. The ship is fired upon by another Enterprise-D, and is so weakened from fighting the Borg that it is destroyed. Parallels
2 Kirk destroys the original Enterprise using the auto destruct system. This one is for real folks, and still brings a tear to my eye when I watch it. Star Trek III : The Search for Spock
17 The Defiant is paralysed by the Breen energy dampening weapon, and subsequently takes a huge pounding. In another all too real death scene the ship is blown apart by a salvo of torpedoes. The Changing Face of Evil
16 The Defiant penetrates an energy field surrounding a planet, only to discover that on leaving it will be thrown into the past and crashland back on the planet. Although Sisko decides to proceed with the crash in order to preserve the timeline and keep the descendants of the crash in existence, Odo sabotages the ship in order to avoid the accident and so save Kira's life. Children of Time
7 The E-D is found frozen in time with a warp core breach underway. The ship is destroyed when time resumes, then un-destroyed as time is run backwards again to just before the accident. Picard, Data and Troi manage to prevent the breach this time around. Timescape
3 The Enterprise-D star drive section is vapourised by a core breach. The saucer crashes on Viridian III and is considered unsalvageable. Another permanent end to a ship that gave us some of the greatest adventures ever. Star Trek : Generations
13 The replica crew created from metallic Deuterium in "Demon" apparently created a copy of Voyager also. But a modified warp drive causes the Deuterium to destabilise, and eventually Voyager is destroyed with all hands. Course: Oblivion
20 The Tholians encase the Mirror NX-01 in a web, then batter her until she explodes. In A Mirror, Darkly
15 This is a tricky one - although Bashir's meddling in the past prevents the formation of the Federation as so ensures that "Deep Space Nine" would never exist, it's quite possible that Terok Nor would continue to exist. This alteration would also presumably wipe out all the Enterprises, Voyager, etc. Past Tense, Part 1
14 Voyager is destroyed by a temporal weapon planted by a future timecop, Braxton. Another version of Braxton recruits Seven of Nine to meddle in history and save the ship. Relativity
1 When Dr. McCoy alters Earth's past, the Federation is wiped from history along with the Enterprise. Technically this would wipe out the Enterprise-D and Voyager as well. The City on the Edge of Forever

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