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Ship Classes List

Affiliation Class Type
Early Tholian Ship
Angosian Ship Transport vessel [1]
Dauntless Class General purpose starship
Doomsday Machine Robot weapon [2]
Hirogen Ship Hunter vessel [3]
Husnock Ship Heavy combat vessel
Promellian Battlecruiser Battlecruiser [4]
Eymorg Ship Interstellar vessel [5]
Tarellian Ship Cruise liner
Malon Ship Theta radiation freighter [6]
Pralor Ship Warship
V'Ger Originally insystem probe. Boosted to long range interstellar probe, later evolved into independent sentience [7]
Whale Probe Long range probe [8]
Varro Ship Multi-Generational ship [9]
Yonada Asteroid spacecraft [10]
Krenim Timeship Temporal incursion platform [11]
Zahl Ship Unknown
Mawasi Cruiser Cruiser [12]
Krenim Warship Warship [11]
Nihydron Ship Warship [12]
Krenim Patrol Warship [11]
Kumari class Warship
Cravic Ship Warship
8472 8472 Bioship Warship [13]
8472 8472 Planetbuster Planetbuster
Bajoran Bajoran Assault Ship Assault Vessel [14]
Bajoran Emissary Class Cargo ship
Bajoran Bajoran Fighter Sub-Impulse Fighter [15]
Bajoran Kendra Class Cargo ship
Bajoran Prophet Class General purpose starship
Bajoran Pagh Class Trading / Cargo starship
Bajoran Solar Sail Solar sail ship [16]
Borg Borg Sphere Various configurations possible
Borg Borg Probe Manned Probe [17]
Borg Borg Cube General purpose assimilation and combat platform
Borg Borg Tactical Cube Combat vessel
Borg Borg Yacht Transport
Borg Borg Transwarp Prototype Test vessel
Cardassian Cardassian Dreadnought Automated drone weapon [18]
Cardassian Cardassian Freighter General purpose cargo carrier
Cardassian Galor Class Destroyer [19]
Cardassian Hideki Class Patrol craft
Cardassian Keldon Class Heavy Cruiser
Dominion Dominion Dreadnought Super Battleship
Dominion Dominion Attack Ship Attack Ship
Dominion Dominion Battlecruiser Battlecruiser
Dominion Dominion Battleship Battleship
Dominion Karemma Ship Trading vessel
Dominion Breen Frigate Light combat / scout ship
Federation Air Tram Atmospheric transport craft
Federation Akira Class Heavy Cruiser
Federation Daedalus Class Cruiser (obsolete)
Federation Danube Class Multirole interstellar craft
Federation Freedom Class Destroyer
Federation Gage Class Scout Ship
Federation Delta Flyer General purpose interstellar craft
Federation Excelsior Class Explorer / Cruiser
Federation Federation Class Dreadnought [20]
Federation Defender Class Heavy Cruiser
Federation Ambassador Class Enhanced scientific/diplomatic explorer
Federation Argo Class Shuttle
Federation Centaur Class Frigate
Federation Challenger Class Light Cruiser
Federation Cheyenne Class Enhanced scientific/diplomatic explorer
Federation Constellation Class Cruiser (obsolete)
Federation Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser
Federation Kelvin Class Survey / exploration ship
Federation Defiant Class Escort [21]
Federation Galaxy Class Explorer / Heavy Cruiser
Federation Galaxy Yacht Multipurpose / diplomatic courier and transport
Federation Griffin Class Destroyer
Federation Hermes Class Scout [20]
Federation Holo Ship Special purpose holo-environment
Federation Intrepid Class Light Explorer / Scout
Federation Miranda Class Destroyer
Federation Nebula Class Explorer / Heavy Cruiser
Federation New Orleans Class Frigate [22]
Federation Niagara Class Fast Cruiser
Federation Norway Class Destroyer (science/diplomacy enhanced)
Federation Nova Class Science Vessel
Federation Oberth Class Science Vessel [23]
Federation Olympic Class Medical Vessel
Federation Orbital Shuttle Inter-orbital and surface to orbit transport
Federation Peregrine Class Medium fighter
Federation Polaris Class Frigate
Federation Prometheus Class Attack Cruiser
Federation Ptolemy Class Tug [20]
Federation Federation Raider Specification for gamma type assault craft
Federation Raven Class Research Vessel
Federation Rigel Class Long Range Explorer
Federation Saber Class Scout
Federation Saladin Class Destroyer [20]
Federation Federation Scout Scoutship
Federation Shelley Class Cargo Vessel
Federation Sovereign Class Enhanced Deterrence Explorer
Federation Sovereign Yacht Diplomatic courier and transport
Federation Soyuz Class System Defence Craft
Federation Springfield Class Frigate
Federation Steamrunner Class Light Cruiser
Federation Sydney Class Long range personnel transport
Federation Federation Trainer Pilot training craft
Federation Travel Pod Interorbial personnel transport
Federation Trident Class Cruiser
Federation Class F Shuttle Shuttlecraft
Federation Type 10 Shuttle Shuttlecraft
Federation Type 11 Shuttle Shuttlecraft
Federation Type 15 Shuttle Shuttlepod
Federation Type 18 Shuttle Shuttlepod
Federation Type 3 Shuttle Shuttlecraft
Federation Type 6 Shuttle Shuttlecraft
Federation Type 7 Shuttle Shuttlecraft
Federation Type 8 Shuttle Shuttlecraft
Federation Type 9 Shuttle Shuttlecraft
Federation Warp Sled Long range shuttlecraft
Federation Work Bee Repair pod
Federation Yeager Class Scout
Federation Refit Galaxy Class Original Galaxy was an Explorer [24]
Federation Wells Class Federation Timeship [25]
Federation Endgame Nova Science ship [26]
Federation Endgame Shuttle Shuttlecraft [27]
Federation Constitution Class Explorer
Federation Antares Cargo Vessel / Survey Ship [28]
Federation Luna Class Light Explorer
Ferengi D'Kora Class Trading vessel
Human Type 0 Shuttle Shuttlepod [29]
Human Ares Class Interplanetary spacecraft [30]
Human Conestoga Class Colony transport [31]
Human USS Enterprise Aircraft carrier [8]
Human DY-100 Class Interplanetary transport [32]
Human J Class Cargo Ship [33]
Human NX Class Explorer [29]
Human NX Test Ship Warp flight test ship [34]
Human Saturn V Chemical rocket [33]
Human Y Class Freighter
Human SS Enterprise Class Starship
Human The Phoenix Experimental warp ship [35]
Human Valiant Class Explorer
Human Intrepid Class Warship
Human Neptune Class Warship
Kazon Kazon Raider General purpose warship
Kazon Predator Class General purpose starship/warship
Klingon Klingon Bird of Prey Scout [23]
Klingon B'rel Class Cruiser
Klingon D-5 Class Cruiser (Obsolete) [33]
Klingon D-7 Class Cruiser (Obsolete)
Klingon D'tai Class Battleship
Klingon K'pak Class Light corvette
Klingon K'T'Inga Class Light Cruiser
Klingon Negh'var Class Battleship
Klingon Raptor Class Scout [36]
Klingon Klingon Tanker Deuterium tanker - based on D-5 cruiser hull [33]
Klingon Vor'cha Class Attack Cruiser [37]
Klingon Regency Class Battleship
Klingon Voodieh Class Warship [24]
Klingon Early Bird of Prey Scout
Klingon Klingon Cargo Ship
Romulan Narada Mining Ship
Romulan Romulan Bird of Prey Stealth warship [38]
Romulan Romulan D7 Class Cruiser (Obsolete)
Romulan D'Deridex Class Battleship
Romulan Early Bird of Prey Stealth warship [39]
Romulan Norexan Class Warbird - general attack ship [40]
Romulan Romulan Science ship Technology test bed and research vessel [41]
Romulan Scimitar Class Heavy battleship [40]
Romulan Scorpion Class Ground attack craft
Romulan Romulan Scout Scout vessel
Romulan Romulan Shuttle Long range warp shuttle [42]
Son'a Son'a Destroyer Destroyer
Son'a Son'a Collector Radiation harvesting vessel [43]
Son'a Son'a Battleship Battleship
Suliban Cell Ship General purpose interstellar vessel
Suliban Module Ship General purpose interstellar vessel
Suliban Salvage Ship Salvage vessel [44]
Talarian Observation Ship Observation ship [45]
Talarian War Ship Warship [45]
Vulcan D'Kyr Class Combat cruiser
Vulcan Sh'Raan Class Cruiser
Vulcan Vulcan Lander Planetary survey / landing craft
Vulcan Vahklas Class Starship
Vulcan Suurok Class General purpose interstellar vessel
Xindi Xindi Reptilian Warship Combat vessel
Xindi Xindi Insectoid Assault Ship Assault craft [46]
Xindi Xindi Primate Shuttle Transport
Xindi Xindi Insectoid Warship Combat unit
Xindi Xindi Primate Ship Starship
Xindi Xindi Insectoid Fighter Long range fighter
Xindi Xindi Aquatic Cruiser
Xindi Xindi Arboreal Ship

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


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