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Species List

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Name Description
Acamarian [1] Species native to the planet Acamar III. The Acamarian culture is divided into a clan structure; any act of violence towards one member of a clan was considered to be an act against all members of that clan. This led to a great deal of inter-clan warfare which eventually threatened the whole Acamarian society. They were successful in forging peace, but the Gatherer group split off from mainstream culture rather than participate in peace. This changed in 2366 when Captain Picard and Sovereign Marouk managed to convince the Gatherers to return to Acamar. [1]
Akaali [2] A primitive humanoid species discovered by NX-01, the Malurians ran a covert mining facility on the Akaali planet which poisoned many of the locals. Jonathan Archer was able to put an end to the exploitation of the planet. [2]
Akritiri [3] A technically advanced species, the Akritiri were a repressive species who operated an unjust legal system and confined their prisoners in a space station under inhumane conditions. In 2373 Lieutenant Tom Paris and Ensign Harry Kim were confined to the station, although Voyager was able to rescue them shortly afterwards. [3]
Aksani [4] Delta quadrant species which took part in a regular sub-warp shuttle race. [4]
Al-Leyan [5] Probable species name, though this is not certain. Professor Galen planned to travel from Deep Space 4 to Caere IV on board an Al-Leyan transport. [5]
Alcyone [6] People who destroyed the second to last Tarellian plague vessel. [6]
Aldean [7] Species which had been long considered to by mythical as of 2364. In that year the Enterprise-D discovered the planet Aldea, which had been hidden behind a cloaking device for millennia. The Aldeans were highly technology advanced, but had become culturally stunted by their reliance on technology that they no longer understood or were capable of maintaining or repairing. They were suffering from a specieswide inability to have children which, unknown to them, was a result of their own cloaking device. The device had destroyed their ozone layer, resulting in increased radiation reaching the planet. The Enterprise was able to reseed the ozone layer and repair the damage. [7]
Aldebaran Serpent [8] Reptilian life form with three heads. Q once appeared to the Enterprise crew as an Aldebaran serpent. [8]
Aldebaran Shellmouth [9] Creature famous for being tight-lipped. McCoy once compared Spock to an Aldebaran Shellmouth. [9]
Aldeberan mud leech [10] Species whose secretions acted as a natural sedative. Putting one on your chest and another on your abdomen an hour before going to bed was a cure for insomnia. [10]
Algolian [11] Humanoid species with golden skin and various ridges on the head. Algolians known for the ceremonial rythms they plan on important occasions. [12] An Algolian was present on board the Federation Archaeological Council's annual symposium at Tagus III. [13] Some Algolians were to be seen on Deep Space Nine from time to time. [14]
Algorian Mammoth [15] Large creature. Doctor Bashir considered 30 cc's of triptacederine to be enough to anesthetize an Algorian mammoth, though Garak noted that he had taken that much and could barely feel it. [15]
Alien Goat [16] These goat-like creatures were kept on the planet where Zobral's people lived. [16]
Alien Spider These creatures were native to a planet which Lieutenant Paris and Commnader Tuvok crashlanded on in 2375. They were edible, though somewhat difficult to catch. [17]
Allasomorph [18] This species were native to Dalev IV. They were capable of assuming any shape at will, though in their natural form they appeared as a being of light. In 2365 the Enterprise-D transported a pair of Allasomorphs from Klavdia III to Daled IV. One of the pair, Salia, was born to a couple from opposing sides of the tidally-locked Daled IV. It was hoped that would be able to assume leadership of the planet and bring an end to a long-running conflict between the rival populations who lived on each side. [18]
Alpha 117 Dog [19] Canine-like creature from the planet Alpha 117. In 2266 one of the creatures was "split" by the Enterprise transporters, malfunctioning as a result of an element from the planet. The attempt to recombine the two creatures succeeded, but the animal died in the process. [19]
Alsuran [20] A Delta Quadrant species which was erased form time by Annorax. Annorax kept some of their foods aboard his Timeship. [20]
Altamidians Species which inhabited the planet Altamid in the distant past. The Altamidians created massive amounts of underground infrastructure on the planet, leaving the surface relatively unscathed. Their technological capabilities included the Abronath, a biological weapon of immense power. The Altamidians feared the power of this weapon so much that they threw it into deep space, hoping it would be lost forever. [21]

At some point the Altamidians decided to leave their planet, abandoning most of their infrastructure there. It was later discovered by Captain Balthazar M. Edison, who managed to gain control of much of the technology and use it in his campaign against the Federation. [22]
Altarian marsupial [23] Animal Dr. Phlox used in medicine. Their droppings contained the greatest concentration of regenerative enzymes found anywhere. [23]
Altec A Humanoid species which resided on the planet Altec in 2365. Along with the inhabitants of Straleb, the Altecs were members of the Coalition of Medina. The species was relatively primitive as compared to the Federation. [24]
Altoran [25] A pair of twinned Miradorn claimed to have purchased an artifact from an Altoran trader. [25]
Alvanian bees [26] A species of bees known for their busy nature. In 2373 Quark stated that if Bajor became a Federation member, Deep Space Nine would become busier than an Alvanian beehive. [26]
Alvanian Cave Sloth [27] Creature well known for sleeping very soundly [27]
Alvanian Spine Mite [28] Small creatures which live in the spines of other beings [28]
Alvera tree [29] Type of tree which grew on a Kretassian planet. They could live over 300 years and were considered cultural treasures by the Kreetassans. [29]
Alverian Dung Beetle [30] Insect known for being unpleasant. In preparing Odo to masquerade as a Klingon, Worf compared him to an Alverian Dung Beetle. [30]
Amoeba [31] Single celled life form up to many thousands of miles long [31]
Anaconda [32] Earth snake. Hoshi once saw Anacondas on a nature trip. [32]
Anaphasic life form [33] Energy creature which lived within a candle flame [33]
Andarian [34] Andarian glass beads were mentioned in this episode, and are presumably manufactured by Andarians. [34]
Andorian Amoeba [35] Single celled life form native to Andoria [35]
Andorians [36] Founder members of the Federation [37], the Andorians are a violent warrior race. [36] Unlike the Klingons they tend to fight for purely practical gain rather than for personal honour or glory. Andorian culture stresses discipline and self control, and this can make them appear unsympathetic at times.

Physically, Andorians are humanoids similar to many in the Federation. [38] They have distinctive blue skin and white hair, but the most obvious difference lies in their antenna; these are often fixed in place, [36] but in some Andorians the antenna can move. [39] There is a sub-species of Andorians known as The Aenar, who have much paler skin and are blind. Telepathy is common amongst the Aenar, and they have strict cultural rules against using their abilities to spy on the thoughts of others. The Aenar are strongly isolationist, and very few Andorians have ever managed to meet one although there are some communications between the Andorian government and the Aenar leaders. There is also a strong streak of pacifism in Aenar culture. [40]

The Andorians and Vulcans have a somewhat troubled history; in the mid 21st century the Andorians terraformed a Class-D planetoid which they named Wehtaan. When they refused to allow the Vulcans to inspect the colony the Vulcans responded by forcibly evacuating the colony. In 2097 the Vulcans officially claimed the planetoid, which they named Paan Mokar'a in 2097. Hostilities continued until 2152 when Captain Archer managed to negotiate a peace deal between the two sides. [39]

The Andorians have also had considerable animosity with the Tellarites in the past. In 2154 the Romulans attempted to initiate a war between the two sides by using a drone ship which could camoflague itself as other vessels to attack an Andorian warship. [41] The plot failed thanks to Captain Archer and the NX-01, who created a temporary alliance between the two sides and the Humans and Vulcans. In the aftermath the Andorians and Tellarites at last began to talk through their problems. [42] Both sides also attended the inter-species conference held on Earth in 2155, which aimed to build a true alliance between many of the planets near Earth. [43]

In the Mirror universe, Andorians were one of the subject races which the Terran Empire subjugated during the first century after it achieved starflight. Andorians continued to design and build their own ships; in 2155 many of these took part in the rebellion which threatened the Empire that year. The rebellion was quelled in large part thanks to the advanced technology the Empire obtained from the USS Defiant. [44]

Angelian [45] Inhabitants of the planet Angel One. The females of Angel One are larger and stronger than the males. Culturally the planet is a Matriarchy, with males generally regarded as being incapable of dealing with serious or important matters. When some male Federation citizens were stranded on the planet in the 2360s they at first found the culture there to be enjoyable. However over time they came to dislike and fight against the way males were treated. In 2364 the Enterprise-D visited the planet and convinced the leader of Angel One to allow the men to live in exile in a remote region, rather than executing them. [45]
Angosian [46] Prospective Federation members, the Angosians modified their own citizens to make them more militaristic during wartime. [46]
Anjurwans [47] Unknown empathic species. In 2267 Kirk, Spock and McCoy encountered Gem, a member of this species. She was tortured by the Vians as part of an experiment to determine the worth of her species. [48]
Ankari [49] Delta quadrant species which assisted the Equinox. The Ankari worshipped nucleogenic life forms from another dimension. [49] An Ankari helped Voyager to contact the nucleogenic life forms in 2376. [50]
Annari [51] The Annari are a Delta Quadrant species at war with the Kraylor as of 2377. [51]
Antaran [52] Species which engaged in several wars with the Denobulans, the last ending around 1853. Over 20 million Antaran casualties resulted from the conflicts. Many Denobulans and Antarans retain a great hatred for one another, and there was virtually no contact between the two species for six generations prior to 2153. During this time there had been some small moves towards greater understanding. [52]
Antarian [4] The Antarians were one of several species which were at war with one another for a hundred years. They presided over a regular race held to commemorate the peace; in 2377 Voayger's Delta Flyer took part in the race. [4]
Antedean [53] Piscine species who travel in a dormant state to avoid the stress of space flight. [53]
Antican [54] Potential Federation members in 2364, the Anticans were from the same system as their enemies, the Selay. [54] An Antican was seen on Deep Space Nine in 2370 [55]
Arachnid [56] Creature which Barclay de-evolved into [56]
Arbazan [57] Federation member species. An Arbazan ambassador visited Deep Space Nine in 2369. They have a tendancy to take offence easily. [57]
Arbazon Vulture [58] A predatory bird. Odo was once exhilarated by the experience of imitating an Arbazon Vulture. [58]
Arcadian [59] An Arcadian was present at the hearing which demoted Admiral Kirk back to Captain in 2286. [60]
Archer IV Eels [61] A species of eel-like creature which lived on Archer IV. The species was discovered by the crew of the NX-01 during the ship's mission of exploration in 2151. [61]
Archer IV Glow Fly [61] A small flying creature native to Archer IV. The creatures were discovered by the NX-01 on its mission of exploration in 2151. [61]
Arcturian [62] A Humanoid species, Arcturians served in Starfleet during the 2270s. An Arcturian Starfleet officer was at the Starfleet Headquarters air tram station in San Francisco when James Kirk passed through the station on his way to see Admiral Nogura. [63]

An Arcturian crew member, possibly the same individual, served aboard the ship during the V'Ger crisis. [63]

The Arcturians were a militaristic race composed of great armies. All Arcturians are identical – they reproduce by cloning, and even Arcturians could only tell one another apart by the clothing they wore. [62]

Arcturians provided the infantry for the Federation. Their planet is known for its huge size and tremendous population of 100 billion. They were said to be able to provide an army of 20 billion soldiers overnight. [64]

The Arcturians had an interest in Shakespeare; the funded a production of Macbeth in 2266. [65]
Ardanan [66] Species native to the planet Ardana. The Ardanans were reknowned for their abilities with antigravity technology, as showcased by the floating 'cloud city' of Stratos, which was called the finest known example of sustained antigravity technology. [66] In the 23rd century Ardanan society had two principle castes. The elite dwelled in Stratos, where they devoted themselves to artistic and philosophical pursuits. The bulk of the population were referred to as Troglytes; these toiled on and below the surface to support Stratos, living in poor and often dangerous conditions. It was believed that the Troglytes were mentally inferior to the Stratos dwellers, incapable of appreciating art and beauty. In fact this was the result of exposure to harmful gases released as part of the Zenite mining operations which most Troglytes worked at. Great tensions developed between the two groups, which came to a head during the visit of the USS Enterprise in 2269. Captain Kirk was able to convince the two sides to begin to come to a peaceful resolution of their differences during his time on the planet. [66] In 2152 the NX-01 encountered a Retellian cargo ship which used power regulators from an Ardanan shuttle. The regulators were not considered to be sufficient for their purpose by Commander Tucker. [67]
Argalan [68] Species from the planet Argala in the Delta Quadrant. The Argalans preferred a cold climate, something the Nyrians found hard to tolerate. At least one Argalan ship was hijacked by the Nyrians. [68]
Argelian [69] Sentient humanoids, native to Argelius II. After a "great awakening" in 2067 the Argelians became highly headonistic, devoting themselves almost entirely to pleasure. Some Argelian women were posessed of mild empathic abilities, although this was largely a lost art by the 2260s. [69]
Argosian [70] Sentient species; Sisko once almost got into a fight with one [70]
Argrathi [71] The Argrathi punished criminals by implanting the memory of a long prison term into their mind in just a few seconds. [71]
Ariolo [72] Federation member species. [72] Two of this species were present in the Federation council chamber in 2285 during the Cetacean crisis. [60]
Arkarian [73] The Arkarians assisted in running the Remmler array. Several of them assisted the terrorist attack on the Enterprise-D. [73]
Arkarian Water Fowl [73] Creature noted for its unusual mating habits [73]
Arkenite [60] An Arkenite served at Starfleet command during the alien probe emergency of 2286. [60]
Arkonian [74] Species encountered by Humanity in 2152. The Vulcans made first contact with the species in the mid 21st century, shortly after they had developed warp drive technology. Whereas Humanity welcomed first contact with the Vulcans in the same period, the Arkonians quickly established a reputation for being suspicious and deceitful. Eventually, the Vulcan High Command withdrew its contingent. Relations between the two were so poor at that point that even a century later, the Arkonians were distrustful of any vessel that even had a Vulcan aboard. [75]

First Contact with Humanity was made when an Arkonian auxiliary craft attacked one of the NX-01's shuttles. Both ships subsequently crash-landed on a moon which was barely habitable. Captain Archer contacted the Arkonian vessel which had launched their shuttle, and despite initial difficulties was able to convince the Captain to work with him to recover both pilots. T'Pol considered this to be a considerable achievement. [75]

Arkonians can emit a liquid which is highly effective in healing wounds. The same liquid can be sprayed into the face, causing a painful sensation. They drink a liquid called "tarrat-aash" which is poisonous to Humans, and do not handle high temperatures as well as Humans do as they cannot sweat. [76]

In 2152 an Arkonian was one of the prisoners aboard the Enolian transport which Captain Archer and Commander Tucker were held on. [75]
Armus [77] In 2364 Counsellor Troi was travelling back to the Enterprise-D in a shuttlecraft when it was pulled of course by a mysterious force which crash-landed it on Vagra II. Troi survived the crash, but when the Enterprise came to her rescue the ship was unable to beam her up due to a strange energy on the planet. The ship dispatched an Away Team, but on arrival the team was prevented from approaching the crashed shuttle by a strange being. The life form initially took the form of a viscous black liquid which lay on the surface. It blocked access by interposing itself between the Away Team and the shuttle, then assumed a slightly more Humanoid form. The creature communicated with the away team verbally, calling itself Armus. It refused all requests to allow the Away Team to help Troi, and when Lieutenant Yar attempted to walk past it Armus hit her with some form of energy discharge, killing her.

Armus demonstrated many powerful abilities. It seemed unaffected by phaser fire and was able to manipulate and even transport matter. Armus claimed that it had once been a part of beings not unlike Humans. In the distant past these beings had discovered a way to convert their negative personality traits into a physical skin, which they then shed. These people had subsequently become dazzlingly beautiful and had departed their home planet, leaving the 'evil' material - Armus - behind.

Armus made several attempts to terrorize the Enterprise crew, but each time was frustrated by their total refusal to assist it. Eventually they realized that the energy field preventing transport was reduced in strength each time Armus was frustrated; Captain Picard beamed down and confronted Armus, provoking it into a rage of such magnitude that the ship was able to beam its crew back.

The Enterprise posted warnings to prevent any vessels from approaching Vagra II and abandoned Armus there. It's fate is unknown, but there is no reason to suppose that it is not still on the planet. [77]
Arretan An ancient species, the Arretans explored space some 600,000 years ago. They visited many planets, possibly including Vulcan. Over time they became incredibly advanced and powerful. Each Arretan was capable of amazing mental feats - they could control technology at a distance, read thoughts and speak telepathically to others, influence their emotions and memories in precise ways, inflict pain on other beings merely by thinking about it, and much more. Perhaps most impressive, they could transfer their own consciousness to any body or machine of sufficient complexity, although the strain of bearing an Arretan consciousness was extreme. [78]

In time the Arretan's power grew to such an extent that they came to consider themselves as Gods. However they became divided, and began to war amongst themselves. They would later claim that the war was fought with such powers, and for such reasons, that Human beings could not possibly comprehend either one. The war resulted in the virtual extermination of their species, leaving only three survivors as disembodied minds resting in small spherical containers deep under the ruined surface of their planet. [78]

In 2268 the Enterprise fell under the influence of the surviving Arretans and was brought to the ruined planet. The leader of the survivors, Sargon, asked Captain Kirk and his offers to host the surviving Arretans long enough for them to construct machine bodies for permanent residence. Kirk agreed, but the plan went awry when one of the Arretans, Henoch, betrayed the others in an attempt to destroy them and remain in Spock's body indefinitely. Sargon was ultimately able to overcome Henoch but the conflict convinced him that there was no place for beings of their power in the present day, and he and Thalassa chose to end their lives. [78]

Arrithean [79] Delta Quadrant species who engaged in trade with Voyager [79]
Atrean [80] The home planet of this species underwent severe tectonic activity after the core solidified. The Enterprise-D attempted to re-liquify it in 2370. [80]
Australopithecine [56] Early hominid which Riker de-evolved into [56]
Axanar [32] The Axanar have a Zymuth gland which releases triglobulin into the blood, a substance similar to Human lymphatic fluid. They are androgynous, and live for over four hundred years. They breathe a nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere and have green blood. [32]
Ayt Members of this species were present in the Port of San Francisco bar in 2259, in the Kelvin timeline. [81]

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Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


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22 Star Trek Beyond Note : the species was never specifically named, so 'Altamidians' follows the general convention of naming for the planet of origin. However, variations such as Altamid, Altamidan, or some other name unconnected to the planet could also be valid.
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Film: Star Trek Beyond
Comment : Note : the species was never specifically named, so 'Altamidians' follows the general convention of naming for the planet of origin. However, variations such as Altamid, Altamidan, or some other name unconnected to the planet could also be valid.
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Comment : Kirk referred to "An Arcturian Macbeth", apparently referring to Karidian as an Arcturian. This would imply Arcturians looked entirely Human. However, we can rationalise that Kirk referred to the production rather than the individual
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