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Science and Technology List

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Name Notes
Ablative Armour [1] Ablative armour was originally developed for the USS Defiant [1]; the Borg had proven their ability to penetrate Federation shields with ease during their encounter with the Enterprise at system J-25 [2], and the Defiant designers wanted the ship to have a degree of protection even if the shields should be overcome in the expected future encounters. [3]

The value of the armour was proven when the Defiant came up against Dominion forces. Like the Borg, the Dominion were able to penetrate Federation shielding systems relatively easily in the first years of hostility between the two powers [4], and the Defiant's ablative armour allowed the ship to withstand attacks that would have otherwise caused significant damage. [5]

Recently there has been a massive revolution in this technology with the appearance of the ablative armour generator. This device was given to the crew of the USS Voyager by a future version of Admiral Janeway, who travelled back in time to the ship in order to assist them in returning home from the Delta Quadrant. The generator involves a series of devices placed onto the hull of a vessel; when activated these replicate a layer of armour over the surface of the ship. The effectiveness of armour is considerable. The system Voyager employed was able to withstand a simultaneous attack by several Borg cubes. One of the most useful features of this system is that as it can be materialised and dematerialised as needed, even weapons systems can be covered over when they are not actually in use. This gives a much greater degree of coverage than any standard armour protection which must leave permanent apetures to operate such systems through. [6]

At time of writing Starfleet had had relatively little time to asses this technology, but it was simple to adapt it for use on Voyager without spacedock or any outside support [6], indicating that it should be reasonably easy for the remainder of Starfleet's ships to create ablative armour generators for themselves. This should multiply the hull strength of the fleet massively at a single stroke.
ACB [7] Annular Confinement Beam, a spatial matrix created by the primary energizing coils of a transporter system. The ACB controls the scanning and dematerialization process. [7]
Accelerometer [8] Instrument used to measure the magnitude and direction of a velocity change. [8]
Access terminal [9] Element of a Borg alcove which allows the drone to make a hard connection to the collective. [9]
ACNPF [10] Accelerated Critical Neural Pathway Formation, enhancement of human brain functions through genetic engineering. Illegal within the Federation, or at least Earth. [10]
Active scan navigation [11] Method of navigation by the use of active scanners as opposed to passive sensors. [11]
Adaptive heuristic matrix [12] Sophisticated computer architecture employed by Federation EMHs. [12]
Adaptive interface link [13] Computer connection used to exchange information between computer systems with no common operating system. [13]
Airlock [14] An area on board a ship or station which allows access to or from space. Airlocks generally have a pressurized door leading into the vehicle, and another leading to the exterior. Shuttle bays can be considered to be giant airlocks. [14]
Alternate timeline [15] A timeline which differs from the 'proper' one. Alternate timelines are often created by various forms of temporal technology. [15]
Ammonium sulfide [16] Chemical compound, poisonous to Humans. [16]
Analeptic radiation [17] Type of radiation which Dr. Phlox used to treat certain types of mutagenic pathogen. [17]
Androids In 2261 Dr. Roger Korby, the renowned Federation archaeologist, set off on an expedition to Exo III. Things did not go as planned, and a garbled message was received saying that Korby had been injured and was in danger of dying in the freezing environment on Exo III. He had located some nearby caves and was planning to try and take shelter there. Nothing more was heard from him. [18] Assessing his chances of survival as very low, the Federation did not dispatch a rescue mission; it was not until the USS Enterprise entered the area on a routine exploration mission five years later that any follow up was possible.

Captain Kirk beamed down to the cave formations Korby had located, and was amazed to find him not only alive, but thriving in an underground complex of alien manufacture, and accompanied by several assistants. Korby revealed that his assistants were in fact androids; an alien civilisation which had lived on Exo III in the distant past had developed the ability to create utterly lifelike androids to any physical design in a matter of seconds. Korby planned to introduce the technology to the Federation gradually so as to avoid social upheavals. When Captain Kirk declined to participate in this project, Korby built and android replica of him and attempted to hijack the Enterprise with it.

The duplication process involved placing the subject into one part of a large machine, with a partly-formed android body in another part. The machine would scan the subject and modify the android to match every exterior detail of him or her. Brain patterns, memories and abilities would then be duplicated. Korby even claimed that the process could be taken a step further - the actual personality of the subject could be transferred whole into the copy.

Fortunately, Kirk was able to implant a subconscious racial bias in his replacement during the duplication process; this uncharacteristic behaviour alerted Commander Spock to the change once the android was on board. Meanwhile on the surface Kirk was successful in provoking emotional responses from the other androids, awakening a dormant sense of self awareness in them. Their behaviour became erratic, and even violent. During one fracas, Korby himself was injured - and it was revealed that he too was an android. The original Korby had been too badly injured to live, and had transferred his entire personality into an android body. Korby was forced to admit that the android's behaviour demonstrated that they were not in fact the perfect beings he had believed them to be, and he destroyed himself and the remaining android. [18]
Androids In 2267 the Enterprise was hijacked by one of it's own crewmembers, a man who identified himself as Norman. Norman was an android, one of many which had been created on the planet "Mudd". The planet had been discovered by Harcourt Fenton Mudd, a Human trader who had had previous dealings with the Enterprise. Mudd had found highly advanced ancient technology on the planet which included machines which could build large numbers of androids quickly and easily. Determined to be of service to Mudd, the androids had refused to allow him to leave the planet. He had reached a compromise agreement where he would help them to kidnap other Humans to serve in return for his own freedom; however, once Kirk and his officers were on the planet the androids continued to allow Mudd to leave.

Kirk and his officers came to realise that the androids had difficulty dealing with any situation which they regarded as illogical. In such situations the androids would use an internal communications device to co-ordinate with a central link, the android Norman, in an attempt to resolve the problem. Kirk reasoned that if the Enterprise crew confronted many androids with illogical behaviour over a short space of time, Norman might be unable to cope with the overload. This proved to be the case, and Kirk and his crew were able to cause Norman to fail and collapse the whole android network.

In the aftermath, Kirk abandoned Mudd on the planet with a large number of androids fashioned to look like his wife - a woman Mudd detested intensely. [19]
Androids In 2269 The crew of the Starship Enterprise was infected by an alien plague. Seeking a cure, the ship went to Holberg 917G, a nearby Federation planet owned by a recluse named Mr. Brack. Kirk and his landing party immediately noticed various oddities regarding Brack, such as copies of ancient documents in his handwriting. Brack confessed that he was in fact Flint, a Human who through some random mutation had been born as an immortal being who never aged. Flint had lived for thousands of years on Earth; when Humanity spread out into space he followed.

Flint found maintaining relationships with other Humans difficult - from his point of view normal Humans aged and died very rapidly, and he was desperate for a more durable form of companionship. To this end he experimented with making an android companion; after several efforts he produced Rayna Kopek, a female android who would be able to live alongside Flint for as long as needed.

Unfortunately, Captain Kirk and Rayna began to develop an romantic interest in one another. This prompted extreme jealousy from Flint, who refused to provide the Enterprise with the cure for the plague. After considerable argument on the subject, Rayna herself began to suffer malfunctions because of the intense emotions she was beginning to experience. Her artificial brain was unable to cope with the situation, and finally broke down permanently.

In the aftermath, Flint agreed to provide the cure for the plague. Enterprise continued on her way, leaving him alone on his world. [20]
Androids Dr. Noonien Soong was one of the most controversial figures of the 2330s. A protégé of the great Dr. Ira Graves, he was a fierce proponent of the idea that not only was the positronic brain proposed in the fictional writings of Dr. Issac Asmiov in the 20th century a practical concept, but that it offered a great advantage over the isolinear and other computing technologies in use at the time. [21]

Soong's ideas were not well received; indeed, he became widely regarded as something of a joke in the Federation, gaining the nickname "often-wrong Soong". Humiliated by this treatment, Soong retired from public view and moved to the Omicron Theta colony along with his wife Juliana. [21]

On Omicron Theta Soong continued to work on a practical positronic brain, and finally began to make major strides in his work. He created a series of functional positronic brains of varying sophistication Unfortunately little is known about the details of his work because the colony was destroyed by the Crystalline entity in 2336. [22]

The earliest known example of a Soong type android is B-4. A prototype, B-4 had relatively little in the way of cognitive abilities - he functioned at the level of a Human child. Nevertheless, the creation of a practical positronic brain was an amazing accomplishment. [23]

Soong went on to create Lore. Lore was far more sophisticated and intelligent than B-4. Indeed, Lore's personality was indistinguishable from a normal Human, and he was at least the equal of a Human intellectually. Unfortunately, at some point Lore developed severe behavioural disorders. He began secretly communicating with the Crystalline entity, eventually leading it to the colony and prompting the attack which killed all the colonists. [22]

Soong's next creation was Data. Soong apparently felt that it had been a mistake to try and make an android with a completely Human personality, and with Data he deliberately introduced various limitations to set him somewhat apart; most notably, he programmed Data to be unable to use verbal contractions such as "we're" in place of "we are". It was apparently Soong's hope that a less Human-like android would be more acceptable to real Human beings. [22]

Physically, both B-4, Lore and Data are deliberately designed to appear non-Human. Although they are Humanoid in shape, all have distinctly golden skin and eyes.  [24] The skin is remarkably similar to Human skin, complete with pores. [25] They are physically far more capable than Humans; many times stronger and faster [24], with no need to ingest food or water - though they do ingest semi-organic nutrient suspension in a silicone-based liquid medium from time to time in order to lubricate their biofunctions. [26] They were designed to be functional males in every way, including the ability to engage in sexual activity. [25] Data's brain has a memory of 800 quadrillion bits and a processing speed of 60 trillion operations per second. [27] All Soong androids are fitted with a series of small switches in their back which allow them to be shut down, either permanently or with reactivation after a desired period. [22] They are heavier than water, but are equipped with flotation devices which can be used in emergencies. [28]

Others have attempted to pursue Soong's work, most notably Commander Bruce Maddox. [29] Data himself produced a functional brain in 2366, but after a short period the brain malfunctioned and underwent total failure. [30]

It was believed that Soong had perished in the Omicron Theta attack, but in fact both he and his wife escaped the colony. [31] He continued with his work, finally perfecting the poistronic brain. When his wife was killed, Soong transferred her personality into a positronic brain and built an android body which was indistinguishable from her own. The transfer was so complete that not even Juliana realised what had happened. With Juliana Soong finally realised his dream - he created an android so perfect that it was able to operate as a full Human, living and working an entire lifetime without anybody knowing the truth. [32]
Androids The Enterprise visited a world in the Omicron Delta region in 2267; after some initial confusion it proved that the planet was a gigantic amusement park for an advanced alien species. The alien technology was capable of scanning the brain patterns of visitors and then constructing anything they desired in vast underground factories. The planet therefore allowed any fantasy to be lived out. The factories could produce both inanimate objects and Android-like recreations of Human beings. [33]
Androids In 2268 the Enterprise encountered the remnants of a tremendously advanced and powerful race in the form of three disembodied entities - Sargon, Thalassa and Henoch. The three requested that the Enterprise officers allow them to briefly inhabit their bodies, which would give them the time to construct android bodies which they could use thereafter. The technology involves was well ahead of Federation science at the time - enough so that the Enterprise's Chief Engineer could not even make sense of the basic operating principles. [34]

The bodies were never completed or made functional. [34]

Androids Android form produced on earth, based on work by Bruce Maddox and Doctor Agnes Jurati of the Daystrom Institute. Unable to replicate the work of Dr Noonian Soong these androids did not have the sophistication of Data. A group of A500 androids working at the Utopia Planetia shipyards rebelled in 2385 causing the destruction of the facility and setting Mars alight. Mars is still burning to this day. [35] In 2399 Admiral Picard and his small team uncovered that the Zhat Vash, an off shoot of the Tal Shiar, were behind the attack on Mars in an attempt to cause the Federation to ban all work on synthetics. [36]
Androids Androids created by Bruce Maddox and Altan Inigo Soong on the planet they named Coppelius. [37] Although she didn't take a direct part in the creation of the androids, the work of Agnes Jurati was vital to the success of the project. [38] They were produced using a procedure called quantum neuronic cloning a process that takes a single neuron from a working positronic network and uses it to produce a twinned pair of androids. [35] The process is not cloning in the traditional biochemical sense allowing the physical characteristics of the resultant androids to be varied enormously. [39]

When Altan Soong discovered that Surtra had killed one of her own sisters, Saga, he used a remote deactivation device to disable Sutra. The device was similar to the system built into Soong type androids by his father Dr Noonien Soong, however Noonien's device was a physical switch mechanism located on the back of the android. [40]
Androids A name given to an android body into which a human mind could be uploaded. The human could then live out their life in the new body. Capable of living for as long as a typical android it was seen by Altan Inigo Soong as a method of extending his own life. [37] When Picard fell ill the Golem was used to house Picard. Its features were set to look like Picard did at the time of his death and it was adjusted to have a lifespan to match that which could be expected of a person of Picard's age. [40]
Androids Missing many animals from earth Bruce Maddox and Altan Inigo Soong created android versions for themselves, [37] including butterflys and a cat. [40]
Anionic energy [7] Form of energy comprising quantum-level particles. [7]
Anodyne relay [41] Power transfer device used aboard recent Federation starships such as the Intrepid class. [41]
Anti-back flow valve [42] Valve in the plasma vents of a Starship designed to prevent objects entering the system from the outside. [42]
Anti-time [43] A 24th century concept of time. Anti-time is to normal time as antimatter is to normal matter. [43]
Antichroniton [44] Antiparticle of the chroniton. [44]
Antigrav [45] Antigravity units which are used to carry heavy objects. [45]
Antigrav Units [45] The Federation has a long history with antigraity technology. Used aboard ship, antigravs have a large range of diverse functions; primarily, units of various kinds are used for the transport of cargo around ship. In the 2260s Starfleet issued general purpose antigrav units which could attach to heavy items, allowing them to float and so be easily dragged around. [45] By the 2270s "flat bed" units were in use which provided a platform to load cargo onto. [14] Similar units continue in use with Starfleet through the 2360s. [46]
Antigraviton [47] Antiparticle of the graviton. [47]
Antilepton interference [48] A form of interference used by the Cardassians to inhibit subspace radio. [48]
Antimatter [49] A form of matter in which the charge of the subatomic particles is reversed. Matter and antimatter mutually annihilate one another on contact, releasing large amounts of energy, and this process is used to power Federation Starships. [49]
Antimatter constrictor coils [50] Element of the warp drive system of an NX class starship. [50]
Antimatter containment [51] The magnetic fields used to hold the antimatter fuel of a Starship. [51]
Antimatter converter assembly [52] Component of the warp drive system on the original Constitution class Starships. [52]
Antimatter generator [53] Device which can convert matter into antimatter. The antimatter generator is not considered to be an efficient method of generating antimatter. [53]
Antimatter inducers [54] Element of the warp drive system of an NX class starship. In an alternate timeline Captain Archer devised an improvement to the antimatter inducers which allowed Enterprise to travel farther on less fuel. [54]
Antimatter injectors [55] Element of a warp drive system. Andorian antimatter injectors in use in the mid 22nd century used variable compression nozzles, a technology which NX class starships lacked. [55]
Antimatter junction [56] Element of the warp reactor of an NX class starship. Disconnecting the antimatter junction from the primary antimatter feed would prevent an antimatter cascade from jumping between the warp manifold and the reactor core itself. [56]
Antimatter pod [57] Device designed to store large quantities of antimatter for use as fuel in a Federation Starship. [57]
Antimatter relay [58] Element of the warp drive of an NX class starship. The linings of the relays were coated with a platinum-cobalt alloy. Stripping the coating from 200 relays was sufficient to yield half a litre of pure platinum. [58]
Antiproton [59] An elementary particle, the antimatter equivalent of a proton. [59]
Antithoron radiation [60] Energetic form of energy used to decontaminate a planetary crust prior to the extraction of polyferranide. [60]
Anyon [61] Anyons are particles which can be used to counter Chronitons. [61]
Anyon emitter [61] Device designed to emit anyons. [61]
Apeture ring [62] Element of a neutron microscope. The condenser lens was fitted to the aperture ring. [62]
Aquatic lab [63] Facility on Federation Starships used for the study of water dwelling life forms. [63]
Arboretum [63] Facility on Federation Starships used for the study of various flora. [63]
Argonite [10] Hazardous substanced. [10]
Arva nodes [64] Alien language term for a device equivalent to a Starfleet Bussard Collector. [64]
Assimilation [65] A Borg term describing the incorporation of other life forms into their collective. This is achieved by a combination of injecting the subject with nanoprobes and the surgical implantation of machine elements. A basic assimilation is effective within seconds. [65]
Astatine [66] Element capable of generating a duonetic field. [66]
Astral eddy [67] Phenomenon which occurs in the interfold between space and subspace. Astral eddys can generate massive discharges of plasmatic energy, generating temperature gradients of up to 9 million kelvin. [67]
Astrometrics [68] An area on board USS Voyager in which advanced long range sensors determine the location of many millions of stars simultaneously, allowing a great increase in mapping accuracy over conventional systems. [68]
Asymetric encryption circuits [42] Element of the computer control system of a Defiant class starship. There are two dozen 66-D isolinear chips in these circuits. [42]
Atavachron [69] Temporal portal created on the planet Sarpeidon to allow the population to escape the death of their sun. [69]
Atmosphere conditioning pumps [70] Element of the life support system of a Federation Starship. [70]
Atmospheric dissipation [71] Rare phenomenon in which plasmonic energy bursts burn off the atmosphere of a planet over days. Once it has begun, the process cannot be stopped. [71]
Atmospheric filter A large scale device for filtering the atmosphere of a planet to remove harmful toxins. [72]
Atmospheric recycling manifold [73] Part of the life support system of an NX class starship. It was located in junction 4-1-Alpha. [73]
Atmospheric system [74] An element of the life support system of a spacecraft which maintains the proper balance of gases in the air. [74]
Auto stabilisers [75] Element of the warp drive of an NX class starship. The auto stabilisers kept the warp field balanced; their function could be disrupted if the ship was operating in close proximity to other warp drive vessels. [75]
Auto-phaser interlock [76] Computer control system which assists in the targeting of phaser weapons. [76]
Autodestruct [77] A procedure built into Federation Starships which allows them to destroy themselves in order to prevent capture. [78] Some autodestruct modes detonate explosive devices within the ship, [79] while others bring all of the antimatter fuel into contact with matter simultaneously. This mode is more than sufficient to completely vaporize the largest vessels. [80] Most vessels require both the Captain and one or more senior officers to agree in order to engage the autodestruct feature. [79]
Autonomous holo-emitter [81] 29th century device which allows a hologram to be projected outside the confines of a holodeck or other suitable equipped environment. [81]
Autonomous regeneration sequencer [82] Borg device which automatically replicates any circuitry which is removed by non-Borg methods. [82]
Autosequencer [83] Element of a transporter which controls the transport process. Failure of the autosequencer during transport can cause death to the subject. [83]
Autosuture [84] Handheld unit used to heal reasonably mild wounds to the skin. Autosutures can be used to close incisions, heal knife wounds, etc. [84]
Auxiliary control [19] Secondary command room on board a Constitution class Starship. [19]
Avidyne engines [85] A type of impulse engine installed in Constellation class Starships. [85]
Axionic chip [86] Type of computer device used in the Exocomps. [86]
Axis coil [87] System aboard Earth asteroid runners in the mid 22nd century. It was difficult to steer one of these ships if it had a bad axis coil. [87]

Name :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Colour key

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27 TNG 2 The Measure of a Man 800 quadrillion bits is about 125 TeraBytes, which would have seemed huge at the time but really isn't that big a deal today. Unless of course Data was for some weird reason using the long form of quadrillion, which would make it 125 BILLION TeraBytes, which is considerably more storage capacity than the whole Earth has at the time of writing!
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Comment : 800 quadrillion bits is about 125 TeraBytes, which would have seemed huge at the time but really isn't that big a deal today. Unless of course Data was for some weird reason using the long form of quadrillion, which would make it 125 BILLION TeraBytes, which is considerably more storage capacity than the whole Earth has at the time of writing!
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Series : TOS Season 1
Episode : Space Seed
Series : TNG Season 7
Episode : Homeward
Series : SNW Season 1
Episode : Memento Mori
Series : ENT Season 2
Episode : The Crossing
Source : Generic canonical information
Series : ENT Season 1
Episode : Shockwave, Part 1
Series : TNG Season 5
Episode : A Matter of Time
Series : TOS Season 1
Episode : Where No Man Has Gone Before
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : Let that be Your Last Battlefield
Film: Star Trek III : The Search for Spock
Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : The Deadly Years
Series : VOY Season 3
Episode : Future's End, Part 2
Series : VOY Season 4
Episode : The Gift
Series : TNG Season 4
Episode : Data's Day
Series : TNG Season 4
Episode : Suddenly Human
Series : TNG Season 2
Episode : Peak Performance
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : The Quality of Life
Series : ENT Season 3
Episode : Azati Prime

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