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Identity Crisis

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Title :
Identity Crisis
Series :
The Next Generation
Rating :
Disc No :
Episode :
First Aired :
25 Mar 1991
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season :
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
This episode features a nit common to all stories involving an invisible character - how can Geordi see while he is invisible? Even assuming that the alien transmogrification of his body has repaired his eyes, light must hit your retina and be absorbed in order to allow your brain to percieve things around you. If you are invisible, then the light is passing around or through your retina so you should be blind. Also, if Geordi is invisible to the ship's internal sensor systems then how come the transporter system can lock onto him in order to beam him down?

When the shuttle is approaching the planet, Picard asks for options and the helm officer reports that it's out of tractor beam range. But the tractor beam is controlled from the tactical station. Shouldn't Worf be saying this?
Great Moment :
Geordi's analysis of the shadow on the holodeck is a creepy and highly effective scene, which even makes sense from a technical point of view.
Body Count :
One, Lieutenant Hickman, when his shuttle burns up in the atmosphere. Others just turn into a lizard permanently.
Factoid :
Having gained a first name, Alyssa, a few episodes ago, Crusher's nurse gains the surname Ogawa in this episode.

Mona Grudt, who plays Ensign Graham in this episode, is a Norwegian actress and model who won the 1990 Miss Universe pageant, the first Norwegian winner.


Five years ago Geordi participated in an away team on Tarchannen III. Now all but two of the away team have vanished, drawn back to the planet by an irrisistable urge.
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