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CGI=Creepy Grin Intimidation
CGI=Creepy Grin Intimidation
Here we see Frankie Chestnuts and Miss Marple at their themed wedding.
Small talk fail:
Data: ... and I once danced with a lady who had beautiful hair all down her back. None on her head, just all down her back.
Data: “…and so last month, Kor had this scary looking smile. Please let me demonstrate…”
"Mr, Data, is that a test tube in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?"
I am fully functional. Programmed in multiple oh look at the kitty!
Geordi: Maybe Soong should have spent less time on your emotion chip and more time on what it does to your face.
Riker: What are you doing on the holodeck, commander, you're on duty!
Data: He said doody
Data, you wouldn't happen to know who put that whoopee cushion on my chair the other day.
Once again, Q is pretending to be someone else for a laugh.
Data: "I don't get it. Dr. Crusher keeps insisting that I should take the role of the murder doll in her horror-themed stage production..."
At the wrap party, Spiner's agent revealed how much she had negotiated for the next series.
Audubon Ballroom....Silly Name.
"No Cavities!"
… I like the way you, put your hands up in the air,
I like the way you, shake your hair,
I like the way you, like to touch,
I like the way you, stare so much,
But most of all...
Most of all...
… I like the way you move...
Data: “How ‘bout we go back to my quarters and I’ll show you my collection of Leonard Nemoy erotic photographs.” [scary smile]
Data’s smile is do to the fact he is immune to Covid.
If the GOOD brother comes off that creepy when smiling, I'd hate to know what Lore's smile might look like...
Woman: "Is this a phaser in your pocket, or are you imagining that I'm Tasha Yar?"
Due to an error in the facial expression software, Data's face freezes just as he begins saying the word 'cheese'.
Data has recently discovered the Urban Dictionary.
"Do you think we'll get a Ten From Len?"
Small talk:
Lady: After Twitter died, Mastodon came into its own. It eventually even helped Ukraine win the war with timely and helpful updates.
Data: A country was saved by an extinct proboscidean?
Lady, politely: Yes, that.
Data, making small talk: and then Twitter died…
The Lady thinks “Not bad, but he is no Frankie Chestnuts…”
When you realise you are fully functional!
The moment after O'Brien beamed a Tribble into Data's trousers. The results were... unexpected.
In this week’s installment of ‘Re-enactments of Classic Rock Videos”, Data reproduces “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
If your doctor prescribes two little yellow pills a day, taking fourteen little yellow pills might not be the best thing to do.
...and THAT is precisely why Dr. Soong withheld Data's emotion chip for so long!
Smile. Once you see it it's too late.
Data forgot the story was ‘Goldie-locks and the Three Bears,’ not ‘Golden Boy and the Three Step Waltz.’
A Golden boy with a golden smile, dancing with a golden haired girl, to the golden oldies.
"Data, loosen up, it's like dancing with one of my corpses!"
Data has borrowed Kryten's "Rictus Grin Mode"
The advertisement for Data’s Dating Service was a complete turn-off.
Waltzing with fancy footwork and curls
In a Holodeck world
An indecent proposal
Gets Data's approval
Soon he will find out about girls
When you upgrade your partner, choose Android!
When updating your android’s software, be ware of ‘smile-ware.’
At this moment, she realized that she actually preferred the partners who just stepped on her toes and mumbled apologies.
There may be trouble ahead,
But while there's moonlight,
and music, and love and romance,
Let's face the music and dance!
Kor, eat your heart out!
American Psycho….
In Spaaaaace…
"Come up to my lab and see what's on the slab!"
Poor Data , just when he was getting his dancing up to speed. His Enzyte kicked in.
Question. When it comes to the individuals in this image, which one is currently vibrating the most?
Some androids consider gold face offensive. Data is still figuring out how he feels.
In the future, adult toys are fully autonomous and functional.
Stop projecting unkind sentiments between Frankie Chestnuts and Miss Marple!
They have a great relationship. Miss Marple would never punish Frankie Chestnuts for anything, ever, under ANY circumstances, unless he specifically requested it.
Offscreen: Thank you ma’am! May have another.
Yes... Miss Marple is very hot from the back.
And Yes... Captain 8472 is creepy from the front!
"We've got to stop meeting in Caption Competitions like this, people will talk!"
"Jean Luc, this isn't what it looks like!"
Her life size blow up Data toy just did not look like the one in the picture.
Data was excited by the sight of Wesley in drag.
This picture is for everyone who wanted to see the back of Beverley Crusher.
Data: This is my happy face. How is it?
Crusher: looks like a serial killer face. Keep practicing.
Data was always capable of certain emotions. Wonder, curiosity, dissatisfaction, and a creepy level of glee.
Due to it being a quality product, the Data mannequin confused many people.
To punish Frankie Chestnuts for forgetting her birthday, Miss Marple went on a date with a Data impersonator. A very bad Data impersonator.
The lady wonders how long it will take for the fart jokes to cease.
Data: She is my Tiny Dancer!
Note: the censors prevent us from seeing where Data’s right pinky finger is.
♫ ♫ ♫
And the droid at the back said "Everyone attack!"
And it turned into a Ballroom Blitz
And the XO in the corner said "Data wanna warn you,
It'll turn into a Ballroom Blitz!"
Ballroom Blitz, Ballroom Blitz.
It's, it's a Ballroom Blitz!
It's, it's a Ballroom Blitz!
Yeah, it's a Ballroom Blitz!
Picard should be worried. It appears Q has done something with and/or to Commander Data.
This image is of a test run of Data with emotions. The results were cringe inducing.
Several children now require daily therapy.
Data was having a hard time keeping a straight face after the bomb he dropped in the Halo Suite. Fortunately holograms can't smell.
In a Holodeck Ballroom
Romance begins to Bloom
Switch an electronic junction
Activates Erectile Function
After that it's Vroom Vroom Vroom
At a Holodeck dance
Thoughts turn to romance
A silly grin
And drool on the chin
After a smoldering sideways glance
Luv Machine
Data liked the holodeck more with his emotion chip on.
Data gleefully showed off the top half of the mannequin he'd found!
"Crusher to LaForge, you better get to the Holodeck. Data downloaded a 'Joker' personality subroutine."
Data: "Yes my dear, that was my "ON" switch back there."
This look is the cause for many therapy sessions.
"Ooo, Data, what cold hands you have!"
Data: "You can just call me SMILEY!
Yea... Data's face is creepy. But you should see HER'S.
Is this is what is known as “ well mannered frivolity?”
“Ok, who messed with Data’s OS this time?”
Data practices his 'anti-Poker' face.
Microsoft Windows has the 'Blue Screen of Death'. Data has the 'White Face of Forced Joviality'.
Where will you be when that moment arrives? For long lasting, effective performance, Android Brand dance pills will make sure you are fully functional, so you may dance the night away.
Are we sure this is Data and not Harvey Weinstein in disguise?
Once again, Lore is manipulating Data.
This image is from an early test of an emotion chip for Data. There is a very good reason this test was a failure.
Spiner gets to the peak of his career as he gets to dance with Miss Marple.
Miss Marple spills the beans to Data about Frankie Chestnuts
Data auditions for the role of Bob in the next "natural male enhancement" commercial.
Spiner: “Hang on… let me show you my good side…”
Holo-Dancer: “I wonder what your ‘bad’ side looks like…”
Data: “…Yes, I am fully functional, in multiple techniques…. A broad variety of pleasuring…”
Holo-Dancer: “Do any of those techniques include looking less like a serial killer?”
Yes, Data. I am fully functional.
Lady: Yes, Data. I am fully functional.
Data: Ok, then get ready to dip.
Brett Spiner: Yes, the neckline goes down just as far in the front.
Dancing with the Stars… IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
As Data practices smiling, little children run in terror.
“Damnit, Spiner, stop looking at the camera!”
Smile for the camera!


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