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Caption Competition

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Name Caption
N'tran  DS 12 Bring it!
Frankie Chestnuts Sisko: "No, no, no, Jake. The magic mushroom goes on this side of the tree... Hide that creepy little elf in the back."
Captain 8472 “Q, return my Christmas decorations and my hands go down.”
MR.WORF Avery Brooks : You want me on Star Trek : Picard !!!!! Woo Hoo !!
Chromedome Sisko looked at his hands with disgust, had he REALLY just given Odo a back rub?
Chromedome "I coulda been a contender ya know!"
Chromedome "C'mon! Whose the man? Yeah? Whose the man? Are you the man?"
"I'm your agent. Now stop messing around and sign this contract for the next season."
Frankie Chestnuts Sisko discovers the rare Orb of Attitude.
MR.WORF Sisko : Ok where's my coffee !!!!
DBB Picard: You hit him?
Sisko: He came at me. I brought my hands up like this and I just started swinging.
Picard: You actually hit Q?
Sisko: *starts humming Rocky theme*
AdmiralM Moves like a butterfly and stings like a bee.
MR.WORF Sisko was not pleased with the manicure he got.
MR.WORF Call me moron one time.......
Captain 8472 Sisko wants his cat back.
Captain 8472 “It is a full moon. Why am I not a werewolf?”
Captain 8472 Not everyone can pull off a great pose.
Frankie Chestnuts Siskocchio: (blinking eyes and raising arms) I can move! I can talk! I can walk!
Wormhole Alien: I’ve given you life
S: Why?
WA: Because tonight, Starfleet wished for a real Captain
S: Am I a real Captain?
WA: No, Siskocchio. To make the wish come true will be entirely up to you
S: Up to me?
WA: Prove yourself brave, truthful and unselfish, and someday you will be a real Captain
S: A real Captain!
Miss Marple Sisko, to self:
I am not afraid of Krampus
I am not afraid of Krampus
I am not afraid of Krampus...
Chromedome "Show me the money! SHOW ME THE MONEY!"
Bird of Prey Sisko: "I'm the Emissary... of Fisticuffs!"
MR. WORF Go Ahead ..... Make My Day !!!
MR. WORF There still doing the Macarenca even in the 24th Century !!
Chromedome "C'mon then, you DITL captioneers, come and have a go if you think you're smart enough!"
mwhittington Sisko" So, I just wave my hands like this?
Garak, offscreen: No, no, captain. The hands are turned with the palms out and fingers spread. Then you wave them from the wrist, side to side.
Sisko: You make these "Jazz hands" look so easy.
AdmiralM Siko's tired of this website mocking faces all the time.
Miss Marple Seriously? Who died and made ME Emissary of the Prophets???
Miss Marple Sisko’s evil streak was never more apparent than when he was “helping” a friend park.
Sisko: …that’s it… a little more… doing great… PLENTY of space…
***CRUNCH ***
Frankie Chestnuts Sisko always got ultra picky when Jake was putting up the Christmas decorations.
Sisko: "A little to the left, Jake. Little more... Maybe a bit this way... Another half a meter."
DBB Sisko was helpless until his fingernail polish dried.
DBB You wanna catch these hands?
Captain 8472 Avery Brooks taking time between shoots to audition for other roles.
Captain 8472 Here we see Sisko practicing his speech to his son regarding skipping school.
Chromedome You haven't got the stuffing balls to take my chipolatas!
Captain 8472 The first rule of Chef’s Club is you do not talk about Chef’s Club.
Captain 8472 Jadzia and Sisko switched bodies. Jadzia was not amused.
Captain 8472 When attempting to negotiate the terms of a deal, make sure no one involved subscribes to mafia style methods of compliance.
Captain 8472 Sisko, he is bad to the bone.
Cyrus Ramsay "No, Kassidy, of course I didn't forget your Christmas present. It's, err, it's right here, but, ummm, only really smart people can see it."
Frankie Chestnuts Sisko: “Okay, Old Man… I’ve had enough!! I’ve been waiting a long time for this…”
Dax: “Benjamin… I just accidentally drank your coffee…”
Miss Marple I was NOT talking about Fight Club.
Frankie Chestnuts Kick it!
You wake up late for your shift, man you don't want to go
You ask the captain, please, but he still says, no!
You missed work, and got extra duties
But Kira preaches like you're some kind of jerk
You gotta fight for your right to party
Miss Marple I need to warn you: This is NOT that kind of red shirt.
Miss Marple NOW you tell me that this was't hand sanitizer? NOW you tell me it's slow setting crazy glue?
Miss Marple I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you're looking for latinum, I don't have any. But what I do have are A VERY PARTICULAR SET OF SKILLS, skills I have acquired over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you STFU now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you. I will not pursue you...
Miss Marple You're saying that if I continue with this attitude all my hair will fall out, and I’ll feel so naked that I grow a goatee??? Nevah gonna happen.
Captain 8472 “Quark, hand over the Latium.”
Captain 8472 “If the Continuum has told you once, it has told you a thousand times. Don’t provoke Sisko!”
MR. WORF Come on , Come on , I can do this all day.
MR. WORF Are you talking to me ? I'm the only one in the hall. Are you talking to me !
MR. WORF Siskos attempt's at waving the smell of the fart he just did ..... Had FAILED !!!
MR. WORF Sisko : Get Over Here !!!!
MR. WORF Sisko : I'm right here , if you want me.
Frankie Chestnuts Sisko: “Alright Winn… I don’t care if you are a Vedek, the Kai, or the Grand Poobah! I’ve had enough! Ten minutes on the Promenade… you… me… two banjos.”
Frankie Chestnuts Bad Jazz Hands…
P47 Captain Solok: Do not worry, Commander, not everybody can do the Vulcan salute. It is merely a side effect of human inferiority.
P47 I will punch you into the next sector and I will learn to live with it. Because I CAN live with it.
P47 Counting the ways in which he was not interested in becoming a religious icon, Sisko had reached ten when Kai Opaka released a very loud and eggy fart.
P47 Red Riding Hood did not like that Sisko only knew how to contribute wolves to the shadow puppet theater and had strong words about it.
P47 And that's when the ghost grabbed Sisko from behind and started licking his ear. He was unsure how to feel about it.
P47 I have a question for you and I want you to think very carefully about your answer. How do you like my new nail polish.
MLCoolJ Sisko: All right, Q, you wanna go another round? Bring it on!
Captain 8472 “Jadzia, these are manicured fingers.”
Captain 8472 There are some jokes I would like to make, but Sisco would break my legs.
Captain 8472 Q just blinked Sisco’s prize turkey from his hands. The gauntlet has been thrown.
Captain 8472 Someone crashed the wrong party.
Captain 8472 “I am supposed to be cooking right now. You are keeping me from my kitchen. Put ‘‘em up!”
Captain 8472 “Nog, where are my oven mitts?”
Captain 8472 Creed in the 24th century.
Captain 8472 It appears not even Sisco is willing to play nice with those that talk politics at his Christmas Dinner.
Captain 8472 This image haunts Q’s nightmares.
Frankie Chestnuts Sisko: “Hey… check this out…. I’m Neo… you know… The Matrix… Great, huh? Hold on… I do a great Trinity also.”
Miss Marple You want a piece of this??? -I’m not offering, I’m just inquiring.
Miss Marple You want a piece of this?

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