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Caption Competition

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Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Here we see Cmdr. Riker practicing his 'submissive urination stare' on some of the more vulnerable members of the crew.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: "Hey kid... My eyes are up here!"
Chromedome Riker: "No. I don't care what you say, he is too small to be Frankie Chestnuts."
Captain 8472 Distracting kids with clown shoes.
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: "So, Timmy... did you break into the armory, steal a phaser and kill your cat?"
Timmy: "Yes, Commander..."
Riker: "...and did the cat deserve it?"
Timmy: "Yes, Commander..."
Riker: "Good..."
Captain 8472 Parenting. Everyone’s greatest joy and worst nightmare.
Bird of Prey Riker: "A bit more respect boy, that 'boobilicious Betazoid hottie' happens to be the ship's Councilor! Aren't you a tad too young for stuff like that anyway?"
Boy: "I was just repeating what Daddy said..."
Boy's dad: "Uhm... Uh... Er..."
Bird of Prey Riker: "And why aren't you supposed to tease Alexander about his forehead ridges?"
Boy: "Because if I do, his father will kill me."
Riker: "I was about to say because it's morally wrong, but that works too."
Bird of Prey Riker: "See, the red uniform means that in the command division. And your father wears a blue uniform because he's a huge nerd - er, I mean because he's in the science division."
Chromedome "I'm sorry for sticking a 'KICK ME' sign to the back of your uniform, Commander."
"That's alright. I transferred it to Mr. Worf and he is looking for you."
Chromedome A popular game amongst the Enterprise crew was "How long can you hold onto the burrito bottom burp?"
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: "No, no Timmy... When you cower in front of Captain Picard, you must drop your eyes, THEN submissively urinate. Let me demonstrate."

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