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Vanguard Book 4 : Open Secrets

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Food :Coferian Oyster Broth, Tarellian Snail Stew
People :Lieutenant Mahmud al-Khaled, Allie, Ensign Jeff Anderson, Lieutenant Beyer, Jennifer Braun, Gwen Casale, Captain Zach Clavell, Commander Jon Cooper, Captain Rana Desai, Commodore Jeong Hynu-Su, Admiral Franklin Komack, Komoraq, Captain Kutal, Lorka, Ensign McCown, Joshua McTavis, Admiral Gillian Kei Moratino, Lieutenant Holly Moyer, Nezrene [The Emerald], Admiral Nogura, Captain Daniel Okagawa, Pehlingul, Tim Pennington, Admiral Alejandro Perez, Briana Pham, Ensign Christopher Pimental, Cervantes Quinn, Colin Rella, Ensign Ribiero, Selina Rosen, Captain Mosh zelev Sereb, Lieutenant Deborah Simpson, Sinar, Sobon, Commander Nathan Spires, Lieutenant Katherine Stano, T'Lon, T'Nel, Lieutenant T'Nir, Ensign Kail Tescar, Ensign Vanessa Theriault, Commodore Howard Travers
Planets :Lerais II, Mirdonyae V
Species :Sehlat
Timeline :2063, 2211, 2227, 2234, 2254, 2261, 2265, 2266, 2267

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