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Timeline - 2372


Prime Timeline

Year Event
 [1] Chakotay takes a shuttle to perform the pakra, a ritual commemorating the anniversary of my father's death. He becomes involved in the initiation of a young Kazon male, who is sent to capture his shuttle in order to earn his name. Chakotay and the Kazon become friends, and the boy helps Chakotay escape whilst Chakotay helps him earn his name : Kar. [1]
  People :  Chakotay, Kar
  Species :  Kazon
 [2] Ensign Kim is briefly transported to an alternate timeline version of Earth in which he was never assigned to the USS Voyager. He is told by one of the people there than an alien race is responsible, one which lives in "a temporal inversion fold of the space-time matrix". Kim's shuttle collided with their timestream, causing an alteration of reality. At his request, he is given the information neede to successfully return to his proper time and place. [2]
  People :  Harry Kim
Picture from 2372  [3] Dukat becomes the military advisor to the Detapa Council, a group of civilians who overturned the military government of Cardassia and became its new leaders. [3]
  People :  Gul Dukat
 [3] Sisko violates orders and interferes in the Klingon-Cardassian war; a Klingon fleet attacks Deep Space Nine in retaliation. The attacks fails, but results in the subsequent Klingon-Federation conflict. [3]
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Gowron, General Martok
 [4] The Bajoran wormhole undergoes a subspace inversion, an event which happens only once every fifty years. Captain Sisko narrowly escapes death when an accident occurs aboard the Defiant. [4]
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Jake Sisko
Picture from 2372  [5] Chief O'Brien and Lieutenant Bashir conduct a bio-survey of the planet Merik III in the Gamma Quadrant. On the way back to the wormhole they crashland on another planet and are captured by a group of rebel Jem'Hadar led by Goran'Agar. The Jem'Hadar attempt to force Bashir to find a way to free them from dependence on Ketracel white. He fails, leading to the death of the group. [5]
  People :  Julian Bashir, Miles Edward O'Brien, Goran'Agar
  Species :  Jem'Hadar
 [6] Lieutenant Tom Paris and Neelix are briefly stranded on an alien planet. Finding it to be the hatching ground for a reptillian alien species, they are able to care for one of the hatched young before returning to Voyager. [6]
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris, Neelix
Picture from 2372  [7] Voyager's crew begin to experience a series of hallucinations, the result of a telepathic attack by a Bothan. Kes is able to defeat the attack, although the Bothan escapes. [7]
  People :  Kes
  Species :  Botha
 [8] Major Kira and Gul Dukat locate the crash site of the Ravinok, a vessel which crashed in 2366. Dukat is reunited with his half Bajoran daughter, Tora Ziyal. He is subsequently disowned by his family and loses his role as the Detapa Council's military advisor. [8]
  People :  Gul Dukat, Major Kira Nerys, Tora Ziyal
 [9] Voyager encounters a species in the Delta Quadrant which visisted Earth some thousands of years ago. Despite initial suspicions, Chakotay manages to make peaceful contact. [9]
  People :  Chakotay
  Species :  Sky Spirit
Picture from 2372  [10] Voyager encounters Suspiria, a member of the Caretaker's species, living in the Delta Quadrant with a group of Ocampa. Although iniitally hostile, the Captain Janeway manage to make peaceful contact with them. [10]
  People :  Kes, Yeoman Tankris, Tanis, Suspiria
  Species :  Nacene, Ocampa
 [11] Jadzia Dax meets Lenara Khan, a Trill whose former host was married to one of Dax's former hosts. Lenara is working on a project to generate the first artificial wormhole, which is partially successful. The two develop a romantic interest during the course of the project, but Lenara declines to develop it due to the Trill reassociation taboo. [11]
  People :  Dax, Doctor Lenara Kahn
  Species :  Trill
Picture from 2372  [12] A Kazon raid on Voyager is successful in stealing transporter technology. Chakotay sets out alone in a shuttle to deal with Seska. [12]
  People :  Seska, Chakotay
  Species :  Kazon
 [13] Captain Janeway leads a covert away team to the Mokra homeworld to purchase a quantity of tellerium. Several members of the away team are captured by the brutal dictatorship which rules the planet, but Captain Janeway is able to free them with the help of a native. [13]
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Caylem, Augris, Darod
  Species :  Mokra
 [14] The Defiant meets with a Karemma trading ship. The meeting is disrupted when several Jem'Hadar warships attack. The Defiant is ultimately triumphant. [14]
  Species :  Jem'Hadar, Karemma
Picture from 2372  [15] Voyager encounters two warring robot races and is drawn into the conflict when Lieutenant Commander Torres is forced to assist one side. The ship is able to extricate itself from the conflict and escape. [15]
  People :  B'Elanna Torres
  Species :  Pralor, Cravic
 [16] Quark is given his own ship by cousin Gaila; he loses it soon after in a temporal accident. [16]
  People :  Quark
 [17] Voyager encounters Quinn, a member of the Q continuum who is seeking to end his life. Captain Janeway holds an inquiry and decides that Quinn has the right to do so if he wishes. Quinn commits suicide shortly afterwards. [17]
  People :  Quinn, Q
  Species :  Q
Picture from 2372  [18] Kor, Worf and Dax embark on a quest to find the legendary Sword of Kahless. They are able to locate the sword, but after falling out over ownership they set it adrift in space for others to find later on. [18]
  People :  Kor, Worf Rozhenko, Dax
  Species :  Klingons
 [19] Captain Janeway seeks an alliance with some Kazon sects, in an attempt to stave off their constant attacks on Voyager. The attempt fails, and Janeway enlists the help of a Trabe convoy. The Trabe betray Voyager, and the attempt at an alliance fails. [19]
  Species :  Kazon, Trabe
 [20] Several members of the Deep Space Nine crew become trapped in a holodeck simulation belonging to Dr. Bashir. They are soon freed unharmed by the experience. [20]
  People :  Julian Bashir
Picture from 2372  [21] Thomas Eugene Paris becomes the first known Human being to achieve Warp 10 and travel at infinite speed. Unfortunately, there are some serious side effects. [21]
  People :  Thomas Eugene Paris
Picture from 2372  [22] Tuvok mind melds with Ensign Suder in an attempt to cure him of his violent tendencies. [22]
  People :  Tuvok
 [23] The Bajoran wormhole begins opening and closing without apprent cause, possibly the result of cloaked Dominion ships passing through. Tensions are further heightened when a bomb explodes at the conference held on Earth between the Federation and Romulan Empire. Footage of the blast shows a Founder present in the room. The Defiant is summoned to Earth by Admiral Leyton, who is seeking to institute much more severe security measures on the planet. [23]
  People :  Admiral Leyton
  Species :  Founders
 [24] Captain Sisko begins to syuspect that Admiral Leyton is engaged in a plot to take military control of Earth. Investigation proves his suspicions correct, and Leyton is arrested. [24]
  People :  Admiral Leyton
Picture from 2372  [25] Voyager encounters a robotic Cardassian weapon which the Maquis captured and then used in the Badlands. The weapon was drawn through to the Delta Quadrant and is now roaming, searching for a target. After considerable effort, B'Elanna manages to disable the weapon. [25]
  People :  B'Elanna Torres, First Minister Kellan
  Species :  Rakosan
 [26] First Minister of Bajor, Edon Shakaar, visits Deep Space Nine. Kira becomes romantically involved with him whilst he is on the station. [26]
  People :  Major Kira Nerys, Shakaar Edon
 [27] Neelix begins broadcasting "A Briefing With Neelix", a news and current affairs program on Voyagers communications network. [27]
  People :  Neelix
Picture from 2372  [28] The EMH has a brief relationship with Danara Pel. [28]
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram
 [29] Dukat gains control of a Klingon Bird of Prey with the help of Kira and launches a terrorist campaign against the Klingons. [29]
  People :  Gul Dukat, Major Kira Nerys
 [30] Kim dies and is replaced by a duplicate. [30]
  People :  Harry Kim
Picture from 2372  [31] The Klingons begin to lay a minefield around the Bajoran system; Captain Sisko destroys the field. Worf's brother Kurn comes to Deep Space Nine to participate in a ritual suicide, considering himself to have lost his honour. [31]
  People :  Kurn, Worf Rozhenko
  Species :  Klingons, Bajorans
 [32] Tuvok crashes on a moon of Drayan II. [32]
  People :  Tuvok
 [33] The employees of Quark's Bar form a labour union and go on strike to protest Quark's unfair labor practices. [33]
  People :  Rom, Quark, Leeta, Brunt
  Species :  Ferengi
 [34] Voyager encounters the Kohl, a civilisation which went into a cirtual reality environment to avoid an environmental catastrophe on their planet. They are able to free the few remaining Kohl from the simulation, which has turned deadly. [34]
  Species :  Kohl
 [35] Keiko conceives her second child. [35]
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
Picture from 2372  [36] Neelix and Tuvok are merged in a transporter accident, creating a new being which the crew dub Tuvix; despite Tuvix expressing a desire to live, they are subsequently forcibly separated by Captain Janeway. [36]
  People :  Neelix, Tuvok, Kathryn Janeway
 [37] Worf is placed in command the Defiant for a convoy escort mission. When Klingons warships attack the convoy he destroys what appears to be a transport ship full of civilians. The investigation reveals that this was a ruse by the Klingons to create bad publicity for the Federation. [37]
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Ch'Pok, T'Lara
  Species :  Klingons
 [38] Chakotay and Janeway become infected with a terminal illness whilst on a planet in the Delta Quadrant. The only way to stop the disease progressing is to remain on the planet permanently, so both officers are left behind and command of Voyager is transferred to Lieutenant Commander Tuvok. After some time the Voyager crew contact the Vidiians and get hold of a treatment for the illness, allowing Janeway and Chakotay to return to the ship. [38]
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay
  Species :  Vidiians
 [39] Voyager is briefly captured by the Kazon. The large majority of the crew are stranded on a primitive planet. [39]
  People :  Kathryn Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, B'Elanna Torres, Thomas Eugene Paris, Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, Neelix, Emergency Medical Hologram, Kes
  Species :  Kazon
 [40] O'Brien is convicted of spying on the Argrathi; he receives a memory implant equivalent to spending twenty years in jail. [40]
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
Picture from 2372  [41] The Mirror Jennifer Sisko takes Jake to her universe, enticing Captain Sisko to follow. There he assists the Terrans in completing a copy of the Defiant in time to engage a Klingon force attacking Deep Space Nine. [41]
  People :  Jennifer Sisko (Mirror), Jake Sisko, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
 [42] Lwaxana marries Jeyal. She subsequently dissolves the marriage and marries Odo. [42]
  People :  Lwaxana Troi
 [43] Starfleet officer Michael Eddington is discovered to be a Maquis operative when he hijacks a convoy of industrial replicators bound for Cardassia, escaping into the Badlands with them. Kassidy Yates is discovered to have been engaged in smuggling operations for the Maquis, and is sent to prison. [43]
  People :  Michael Eddington, Kasidy Yates, Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
 [44] Weyoun serves as a Field Supervisor for the Jem'Hadar attempting to resolve the Iconian Gateway scandal. He is killed by his Jem'Hadar First at the end of the mission. [44]
  People :  Weyoun
 [45] Lieutenant Commander Dax, Doctor Bashir, and Major Kira carry out a bio-survey mission in the Gamma Quadrant. Whilst there they pick up a distress signal and divert to Boranis III, a planet on the edge of Dominion space. The population are found to be suffering from a disease inflicted by the Dominion. Bashir spends some time on the planet trying to find a cure for the disease, which is known as the "Teplan Blight". He is unable to do so, but does find a way to make children born on the planet immune to the Blight. [45]
  People :  Julian Bashir
  Species :  Boranian
Picture from 2372  [46] Captain Picard is assigned command of the Enterprise-E. He takes many of his Enterprise-D crew with him. [46]
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker, Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, Data, Geordi La Forge
 [47] Miles and Keiko's child is transferred to Kira's womb after a Runabout accident. [47]
  People :  Major Kira Nerys, Miles Edward O'Brien
 [47] Quark sells his remains after he is falsely informed that he is dying of Dorek Syndrome. His business licence is revoked after he fails to fulfil the contract. [47]
  People :  Quark
 [48] Odo's shape shifting powers are removed by the Founders for killing another of his kind. [48]
  People :  Odo

Mirror Universe

Year Event
Picture from 2372  [41] Captain Sisko is again brought to the Mirror universe, this time to assist the rebels in completing their copy of the USS Defiant in time to fights off an attempt to recapture the station by Regent Worf. [41]

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

● - Shows the canon status and reference of the year for this event


# Series Season Source Comment
1 VOY 2 Initiations
2 VOY 2 Non Sequitur
3 DS9 4 The Way of the Warrior
4 DS9 4 The Visitor
5 DS9 4 Hippocratic Oath
6 VOY 2 Parturition
7 VOY 2 Persistence of Vision
8 DS9 4 Indiscretion
9 VOY 2 Tattoo
10 VOY 2 Cold Fire
11 DS9 4 Rejoined
12 VOY 2 Maneuvers
13 VOY 2 Resistance
14 DS9 4 Starship Down
15 VOY 2 Prototype
16 DS9 4 Little Green Men
17 VOY 2 Death Wish
18 DS9 4 The Sword of Kahless
19 VOY 2 Alliances
20 DS9 4 Our Man Bashir
21 VOY 2 Threshold
22 VOY 2 Meld
23 DS9 4 Homefront
24 DS9 4 Paradise Lost
25 VOY 2 Dreadnought
26 DS9 4 Crossfire
27 VOY 2 Investigations
28 VOY 2 Lifesigns
29 DS9 4 Return to Grace
30 VOY 2 Deadlock
31 DS9 4 The Sons of Mogh
32 VOY 2 Innocence
33 DS9 4 Bar Association
34 VOY 2 The Thaw
35 DS9 4 Accession Two months before the episode since Keiko said she was due to give birth seven months afterwards
36 VOY 2 Tuvix
37 DS9 4 Rules of Engagement
38 VOY 2 Resolutions
39 VOY 2 Basics, Part 1
40 DS9 4 Hard Time
41 DS9 4 Shattered Mirror
42 DS9 4 The Muse
43 DS9 4 For the Cause
44 DS9 4 To the Death
45 DS9 4 The Quickening
46 Star Trek : First Contact Geordi said the ship had been in shakedown for almost a year
47 DS9 4 Body Parts
48 DS9 4 Broken Link
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Initiations
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Non Sequitur
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : The Way of the Warrior
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : The Visitor
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Hippocratic Oath
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Parturition
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Persistence of Vision
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Indiscretion
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Tattoo
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Cold Fire
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Rejoined
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Maneuvers
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Resistance
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Starship Down
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Prototype
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Little Green Men
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Death Wish
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : The Sword of Kahless
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Alliances
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Our Man Bashir
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Threshold
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Meld
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Homefront
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Paradise Lost
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Dreadnought
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Crossfire
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Investigations
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Lifesigns
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Return to Grace
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Deadlock
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : The Sons of Mogh
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Innocence
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Bar Association
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : The Thaw
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Accession
Comment : Two months before the episode since Keiko said she was due to give birth seven months afterwards
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Tuvix
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Rules of Engagement
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Resolutions
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Basics, Part 1
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Hard Time
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Shattered Mirror
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : The Muse
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : For the Cause
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : To the Death
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : The Quickening
Film: Star Trek : First Contact
Comment : Geordi said the ship had been in shakedown for almost a year
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Body Parts
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Broken Link

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