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Universe : Prime Timeline
Species Name : Tellarites [1]
Political Affiliation : Federation [1]
Quadrant : Alpha

An Alpha Quadrant species, [2] Tellarites are renowned to be rude, impatient people. They love a good argument, and on first meeting a Tellarite it is expected that complaints and insults will be traded [3] - argument is even considered to be a sport by the Tellarites. [4] Tellarites consider dog to be a delicacy. They enjoy bathing in mud, and prefer a warmer environment than Humans do. [3]

Tellarites have been in space since at least the mid 20th century, when they informed the Vulcan high command that a Vulcan ship had crashed on Earth. [5] They were one of the many species encountered by Humanity in the first century after warp travel was discovered; in 2152 a Tellarite vessel directed the badly damaged NX-01 to an advanced alien repair station. [6]

In 2153 a Tellarite bounty hunter abducted Captain Archer to return him to the Klingons [4] after his earlier escape from Rura Pente [7] Archer managed to convince the Tellarite to assist in his escape from the Klingons. [4]

In 2154 the NX-01 transported a Tellarite negotiating team to the planet Babel so that they could resolve a long-running trade dispute with the Andorians. [3] Archer managed to forge an alliance between the Humans, Tellarites, Andorians and Vulcans in order to respond to a Romulan plot to destabilise the region. [8] The conference ultimately proceeded as planned. [9]

Tellarites were one of many species to attend the major inter-species conference held on Earth in 2155 [10], and were one of the founder members of the United Federation of Planets in 2161, alongside Humans, Vulcans and Andorians. [11] Tellarites served on the Federation Council [12] and in Starfleet. [13]

In 2267 Tellarites again travelled to a conference at Babel aboard the Enterprise, this time the NCC 1701. The conference was held to discuss the admission of Coridan to the Federation, a controversial topic at the time. The Tellarite ambassador Gav was murdered aboard the ship, and for a time the Vulcan ambassador Sarek was suspected of the crime. If fact Gav was killed by an Orion agent as part of a plan to disrupt the conference. [1]

In the 2370s Tellarite freighters occasionally visited Deep Space 9. [14] Garak suggested that Leeta might like to wear a Tellarite dress at her wedding in 2373. [15]

In the Mirror universe, Tellarites were one of the species which the Terran Empire conquered during its first century. Tellarites were regarded as second class citizens in the Empire, often punished for no particular reason on the basis that every Tellarite was probably guilty of something. [16]

Colour key

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