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Planets List

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Name Description Episode
Sakura Prime1 Planet in the Alpha Quadrant1 Dreadnought
Salinia Prime2 Class M planet in the Delta Quadrant.2 Warhead
Saltok IV3 Federation colony world in the Demilitarized Zone between the Federation and Cardassia. In 2370 a Federation merchant shipping medical supplies to the planet was fired on by Cardassian forces; Gul Evek claimed that the ship had in fact been running weapons and had refused to be boarded for inspection.3 The Maquis, Part 1
Salva II4 In the Demilitarised Zone. Cardassian colony in treaty signing.4 For the Uniform
Sarona VIII5 Destination of the Enterprise-D before it went on to Vandor IX.5 We'll Always Have Paris
Sarpedion V6 The fifth planet of the Sarpedion planetary system, located within Cardassian space. Sarpedion V was the headquarters of the Cardassian Twelfth Order during the Dominion war. As such, it was considered to be one of the most heavily fortified locations in the entire Cardassian Union.6

In 2375, Chancellor Gowron planned a direct assault on Sarpedion V. He ordered General Martok to lead the attack with a force of fifteen Vorcha-class cruisers, a force level that Gowron thought would 'barely scratch' the defences.6

This order led Worf to accuse Gowron of reckless disregard for his men. The two fought, and Worf killed Gowron. Worf declined the Chancellorship, placing Martok in the leadership position in his place. The attack was thus never carried out.6
Tacking into the Wind
Sarpeidon7 Beta Niobe system. Destroyed when sun went nova7 All Our Yesterdays
Sarthong V8 Famous archeological ruins. Captain Picard advised Vash not to go here8, but she went anyway and managed to secure some valuable artefacts.9 Captain's Holiday
Saturn10 Sol VI, ringed planet10 The First Duty
Sauria11 The home planet of the Saurian species. Sauria had a gravity 20% greater than Earths, with a hot climate which produced intense weather activity on the surface. Widespread volcanism spewed toxic gases into the atmosphere. Most life on the planet was nocturnal.11 Star Trek : Rise of the Federation - A Choice of Futures
Scalos12 Planet whose inhabitants lived at a highly accelerated pace12 Wink of an Eye
Secarus IV13 This planet was the last hiding place of the Albino. In 2370 Kor, Koloth, Kang and Jadzia Dax stormed his compound on the planet, killing him.13 Blood Oath
Selay14 Home world to reptile people14 Lonely Among Us
Selek IV15 Delta quadrant planet. Gar was heading to a gambling tournament here when he was apprehended by Captain Janeway for stealing Voyager's EMH.15 Critical Care
Selnia Prime16 Delat quadrant planet. Dala claimed that her group of con artists were clerics from Selnia Prime as part of their deception of Neelix and Tom Paris.16 Live Fast and Prosper
Sentinel Minor IV17 Destination of the USS Lalo before they where destroyed by the Borg17 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Septimus III18 A Cardassian world, headquarters of the Eleventh Order. In 2375 fifteen Klingon divisions attacked the planet. Weyoun didn't consider it important enough to send reinforcements, and as a result the Klingons obliterated the entire Order, some 500,000 people.18 Strange Bedfellows
Seros19 Delta Quadrant planet, hom eworld of the Serosian people. Voyager encountered a ship from Seros in 2374.19 Revulsion
Setlik III20 Site of a Cardassian invasion20 The Wounded
Sha Ka Ree21 Also known as Vorta' Vor and Eden, this planet was thought to be mythical until it was found at the centre of the galaxy beyond the Great Barrier. The Enterprise-A travelled here in 2285.21 Star Trek V : The Final Frontier
Shantil III22 Planet which was the location of the island Tanagra. According to Tamarian mythology, the hunters Darmok and Jalad went to the island separately and overcame a dangerous beast there before leaving together, having gained a common understanding of one another. To the Tamarians the phrases 'Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra' and 'Darmok and Jalad on the Ocean' represented the gaining of understanding and friendship through facing a common enemy, and it was this tactic they used to establish communications with the Federation.22 Darmok
Sherman's Planet23 Planet which lay near to Deep Space Station K-7, on the Federation/Klingon border. Ownership was disputed by the Federation and Klingons, though the Federation had the stronger claim. Under the terms of the Organian peace treaty the planet would go to whoever could best develop it.23

In 2381 Sherman's Planet was one of the Alpha Quadrant planets targeted in the Borg attack. It was devastated in the attack.24
The Trouble With Tribbles
Sheva II25 A Cardassian planet, site of a Jem'Hadar cloning facility. It was one of several targets in General Martok's hit and run raid into Dominion space in 2375.25 Once More Unto the Breach
Shiralea VI26 Location of the Parallax colony26 Cost of Living
Sigma Draconis III27 Class M Planet whose level of technical development was equivalent to Earth in the year 1485.27 Spock's Brain
Sigma Draconis IV27 Class M Planet whose level of technical development was equivalent to Earth in the year 2030.27 Spock's Brain
Sigma Draconis VI27 Class M planet, home of the Morg and Eymorg civilisations. Spock's brain was taken here after it was stolen by an Eymorg.27 Spock's Brain
Sigma Iotia II28 Planet whose inhabitants mimicked Earth mobsters28 A Piece of the Action
Signia Minor29 Earth Colony threatened by famine29 The Conscience of the King
Sikaris30 Delta Quadrant planet, homewold of an advanced Humanoid species. Sikaris was approximately 40,000 light-years from Alastria. It had a mantle of tetrahedral quartz 20 kilometres thick which the natives used to allow their trajector technology to work.30 Prime Factors
Simperia31 A Cardassian planet, site of a base in Damar's rebellion. The base was destroyed by the Dominion in the later stages of the Dominion war.31 The Dogs of War
Sobras32 Kazon-Pommar world32 Alliances
Sobras32 Delta quadrant planet which Voyager visited in 2372. The planet was the location of a Kazon-Pommar settlement. Neelix had a friend there who had the ear of the Pommar Maje. Voyager visited Sobras to attend a conference with several Kazon sects in hopes of forming a limited alliance. The attempt was sabotaged by the Trabe, and Voyager departed soon afterwards.32 Alliances
Solais V33 Place where Riva helped end a war.33 In 2371 Kasidy Yates' ship hauled a load of duridium ore to Solais Five.34 Loud as a Whisper
Solarion IV35 Federation colony world located close to Cardassian space.35 Ensign Ro
Solosos III4 Planet in the Federation/Cardassian de-militarised zone. Site of a Maquis colony, the entire planet was poisoned with trilithium resin by Captain Sisko and therefore rendered uninhabitable to Humans for the next 50 years.4 For the Uniform
Sothis III36 Home world of the Satarran people36 The Chase
Soukara37 Planet in Dominion controlled space.37 Change of Heart
Stakoron II38 Planet in the Gamma Quadrant which contained deposits of Mizainite ore.38 The Nagus
Stameris39 Location of a slave market in 2151; probably but not certainly a planet.39 Acquisition
Straleb40 Planet in the Omega Sagitta system, home of a relatively primitive spacefaring species.40 The Outrageous Okona
Styris IV41 Plagued by Anchilles Fever in 236441 Code of Honor
Surata IV42 Planet on which Riker was injured by a poisonous plant.42 Shades of Gray
Suvin IV43 Planet with famous ruins43 Rascals
Syrath44 Syrath, also known as Syr, was the homeworld of the Syrath species. It was an extreme environment planet, with a surface pressure of two hundred times standard atmospheric pressure.44 Star Trek : Titan, Book 5 - Over a Torrent Sea

Name :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

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# Series Season Source Comment
1 VOY 2 Dreadnought
2 VOY 5 Warhead
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5 TNG 1 We'll Always Have Paris
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14 TNG 1 Lonely Among Us
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18 DS9 7 Strange Bedfellows
19 VOY 4 Revulsion
20 TNG 4 The Wounded
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22 TNG 5 Darmok
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25 DS9 7 Once More Unto the Breach
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27 TOS 3 Spock's Brain
28 TOS 2 A Piece of the Action
29 TOS 1 The Conscience of the King
30 VOY 1 Prime Factors
31 DS9 7 The Dogs of War
32 VOY 2 Alliances
33 TNG 2 Loud as a Whisper
34 DS9 3 The Adversary
35 TNG 5 Ensign Ro
36 TNG 6 The Chase
37 DS9 6 Change of Heart
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