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Planets List

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Name Description Episode
L-374 III1 An M class world. Commodore Decker beamed the crew of the USS Constellation down to the planet after the ship was crippled battling the Doomsday Machine. The machine subsequently destroyed the planet, killing the crew.1 The Doomsday Machine
L-374 IV1 An M class world, the breakup of the planet was investigated by the USS Constellation in 2267. The destruction was a result of the actions of the automated weapon system known as the Doomsday Machine.1 The Doomsday Machine
L-S VI2 An uninhabited Class M planet located about six light years from the Bajoran wormhole. In 2370 a Bajoran science probe picked up some DNA patterns on L-S VI which were very similar to Constable Odo's. The planet was therefore considered as a possible candidate for the original homeworld of the Changelings. The planet suffered a great deal of seismic activity, possibly of volcanic origin.2 The Alternate
La'voti V3 Delta Quadrant planet, visited by Voyager3 Nothing Human
Lambda Paz4 Moon of Pentarus III4 Final Mission
Lamenda Prime5 Planet near Cardassia5 The Homecoming
Landris II6 Doctor Mowray conducted archeological research here6 Lessons
Lappa IV7 A Ferengi planet, home of the flower Zan Periculi.7 Menage a Troi
Largo V8 A shipment of Tamen Sahsheer was bound for here8 Babel
Lavinius V9 Planet hit by the Denavan neural parasites in 22479 Operation: Annihilate!
Lazon II10 Planet near Cardassia10 Defiant
Ledonia III11 Dax bought a planet on this planet11 The Wire
Ledos12 Delta Quadrant planet, home to the Ledosian and Ventu peoples. The Ledosians are an advanced species capable of space travel, but the Ventu exist in a primitive state. In the distant past an advanced race - possibly those known to the Borg as Species 312 - erected a powerful force field around the area containing the Ventu in order to prevent their acquiring more advanced technology from the Ledosians.12 Natural Law
Legara IV13 Home of the Lagarans. The Enterprise-D transported Ambassador Sarek to Legara IV for a conference in 2366.13 Sarek
Lemma II14 Approximately three light years from Bilana III14 New Ground
Lerais II15 A Federation colony world established in the Taurus reach in 2267. Lerais II was three months from Rigel X at Warp 5. A lush, green world, it was considered a prime candidate for a farming colony.15

There were four major landmasses on the planet, and polar caps at both poles.15
Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 4 - Open Secrets
Lerishi IV16 Planet on which the drink Tanagra originates.16 Darmok
Levinius V9 A planet infested by the neural parasites encountered by the USS Enterprise.9 Operation: Annihilate!
Ligobis X17 Planet where Gideon Seyetik's painting where displayed17 Second Sight
Ligon II18 Home of the Ligonians, who value honour above all else18 Code of Honor
Ligos VII19 Ligos system19 Rascals
Lissepia20 Home world of the Lissepian people20 Indiscretion
Loracus prime21 Planet which had 5,000 sub-species of termite. I've seen people mistake this for Arrakis prime, and what Cutler says does indeed sound a lot like that. The closed captioning spells it as it is listed here, and listening carefully to the dialogue does confirm this.21 Strange New World
Loren III22 Loren system22 The Chase
Lorillia23 In 2381 Lorillia was one of the Alpha Quadrant planets targeted in the Borg attack.23 Star Trek : Destiny, Book 3 - Lost Souls
Loval24 Civilian outpost, site of subspace relay station; site of secret weapons research installation24 Return to Grace
Lumbu25 An inhabited planet in the UFC 86659 system, home to a pre-warp civilisation called the Lumbuans. In 2381 Dr Kree abducted Deanna Riker and took her to Lumbu, intending to keep her safe from the Titan's mission until she could give birth to her daughter.25 Star Trek : Titan, Book 5 - Over a Torrent Sea
Lunar V26 Moon of Angosia III26 The Hunted
Lya III27 A Federation planet on which a starbase is located. It is approximately 50 light years from Galorndon Core.27 The Defector
Lysia28 Lysian system28 Conundrum

Name :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

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# Series Season Source Comment
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