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Planets List

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Name Description Episode
Raatooras1 A Klingon protectorate, the planet was largely abandoned by the Empire in the 2150s and conditions there were poor. The Empire hunted down any refugees who left.1 Judgment
Rahm-Izad2 Planet. Captain Picard once tricked a cardassian Gull by telling her that some important genetic fragments could be found on Rahm-Izad2 The Chase
Rakal3 Planet with at least four moons.3 Return to Grace
Rakella Prime4 The home world of the Vok'sha.4 Heroes and Demons
Rakhar5 Planet in the Gamma Quadrant.5 Vortex
Rakosa V6 Class M planet located in the Gamma Quadrant.6 Dreadnought
Ramatis III7 The third planet in the Ramatis system.7

In 2381 Ramatis III was one of the Alpha Quadrant planets targeted in the Borg attack. The entire population of the planet was wiped out in the attack.8
Loud as a Whisper
Ramura9 Tracer home world9 Unforgettable
Ranuos VI10 Sonya Gomez thought it would have been a good career move to spend some time working on this planet, as it would give her a chance to do phase work with antimatter. Nevertheless, she turned the post down in hopes of serving aboard the Enterprise-D. Q Who
Ravanar IV11 A planet within the Taurus Reach, and the fourth planet in the Ravanar system. The planet was first surveyed by the USS Constellation in 2263. Analysis of biological samples from the planet resulted in the discovery of the Taurus meta gene, which led to a major Federation effort to colonise the region.11

By 2265 the Federation maintained a research outpost on the planet under the command of Commander Dean Singer. The outpost was destroyed by a Tholian fleet in that year along with the USS Bombay, a Starship in orbit.11
Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 1 - Harbinger
Razna V12 Planet from which a frozen desert called Darmok originates.12 Darmok
Regula13 Mutara Sector; Class D - "Essentially a great rock in space".13 Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Regulak IV14 A Cardassian planet, home of a base of Damar's resistance movement. The base was one of many destroyed by the Dominion in the later stages of the Dominon war.14 The Dogs of War
Regulus III15 Location of a famous science academy; possible home world of the Regulan people and the Regulan Blood Worm. The planet was over 300 lightyears from Deep Space Nine.15 Fascination
Regulus V16 Fifth planet in the Regulus system, home planet of the giant eel birds. It is also a possible home world of the Regulan people and the Regulan Blood Worm.16 Amok Time
Rekag-Seronia17 Planet, site of bitter hostilities affecting Federation shipping in 2369.17 Man of the People
Relva VII18 Location of a Starfleet base. The Enterprise-D visited the base in 2364 so that Wesley Crusher could take the Starfleet Academy entrance exam.18 Coming of Age
Remmil VI19 Buildings are constructed of Crystalline webbing here19 Heart of Stone
Remus20 One of the home worlds of the Romulan Star Empire and home of the Remans. One side of the planet is permanently facing the sun, the other permanently turned away from it. Shinzon grew up here.21 Balance of Terror
Rhaandarel8 Homeworld of the Rhaandarite civilisation. In 2381 Rhaandarel was one of the Alpha Quadrant planets targeted in the Borg attack. The planet was devastated in the attack.8 Star Trek : Destiny, Book 3 - Lost Souls
Rigel II22 McCoy met two scantily clad women here22 Shore Leave
Rigel IV23 Site of a Pergium ore processing facility.23 Wolf in the Fold
Rigel V24 Planet where a drug to increase blood product was tested24 Journey to Babel
Rigel VII25 Several Enterprise crew members were killed on this world in 2254.25 The Cage
Rigel X26 Planet visited by Enterprise in 2151. The planet was a trade centre for many species.26 Broken Bow
Rigel XII27 Site of a Lithium crystal mining operation27 Mudd's Women
Rinax28 Colonized moon of Talax; 300,000 people died on Rinax when the metreon cascade was detonated here to end the Haakonian-Talaxian war.28 Jetrel
Risa29 A planet in a binary star system, famed as one of the great vacation spots of the galaxy.30 Risa is the site of the most elaborate climate control system in the Federation, as well as seismic regulators. Without this control a lot of the surface area would have been an unpleasant swampland ridden with earthquakes.29 Risa is approximately 90 light years from Earth, and was first visited by Humans in 2152 when the NX-01 crew took shore leave there. The planet was considered to be very cosmopolitan at the time, with visitors from many different species.31 Tourism was one of the major industries on Risa, with the Vulcan database listing more than two hundred registered Nuvian masseuses on the planet32 and attractions including subterranean gardens filled with luminescent plants, steam pools31, and a water recreation park.33

In 2135 T'Pol tracked a two Vulcan fugitives to Risa. She killed one, but the other escaped.34 In the 24th century, Commander Riker was very fond of the planet and managed to convince Captain Picard to holiday there.29 Riker met and had a brief romance with a Ktarian woman, Etana Jol, on the planet in 2368, though she subsequently proved to be a covert operative.35 Geordi La Forge was on his way to Risa in 2367 when he was abducted by Romulans.36 Starfleet intelligence believed that Federation Ambassador Krajensky was replaced by a Founder infiltrator whilst visiting Risa in 237137 Worf and Jadzia also vacationed on the planet in 2373, where they encountered the New Essentialist, a small political movement that saw Risa as an example of how decadent the Federation had begun. The New Essentialists briefly seized control of the weather and seismic control systems during the visit.30 In 2375 Grand Nagus Zek and Ishka retired on the planet.14

In 2381 Risa was one of the Alpha Quadrant planets targeted in the Borg attack. Large numbers of Risans and guests were evacuated before the Borg arrived but the surface of the planet itself was devastated in the attack, killing every living thing.8
Captain's Holiday
Rivos V38 Planet located in the Delta Quadrant of the galaxy.38 Think Tank
Rochanie III39 Kurzon Dax and Sisko were cornered by Kaleans here39 Dramatis Personae
Romulus20 Located in Sector Z-6, Romulus is the capital world of the Romulan Empire and home planet of the Romulan species.20 Romulus was colonised some time after the rise of Surak's philosophy of non-emotionalism on Vulcan in the year 370. Those Vulcans who refused to accept this transition left the planet, founding various settlements on different planets u as they travelled. One group eventually settled on Romulus and founded a new civilisation there.40 The Romulan civilisation has generally been an aggressive one, and in the 22nd century they fought a war with Earth forces. The war eventually ended with the creation of a neutral zone between the two, a volume of space which both sides were forbidden to send any military forces into.20 Over the years some transgressions did occur, but very few Federation personnel had ever actually penetrated to Romulus itself even by the 24th century.41

Admiral Jarok considered Romulus to be more beautiful than any of the hundred plus worlds he had visited in his military career. He was particularly impressed by the the firefalls of Gath Gal'thong, the Apnex Sea, and the valley of Chula.42

In 2368 Federation intelligence located Ambassador Spock on Romulus43, prompting a covert mission by Captain Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data to the planet. Spock had been working on his own initiative to try and work towards the reunification of the Romulan and Vulcan people. Although Data and Picard did help Spock avert a crisis involving a Romulan attempt to invade Vulcan itself, Spock chose to remain behind on Romulus in order to continue working towards a peaceful reunification.44

The planet Remus was located in the same system as Romulus. In 2379 Shinzon murdered the entire Romulan Senate with Thalaron Radiation and requested talks with the Federation. Captain Jean Luc Picard took the Enterprise-E to Romulus itself, the first time a Federation Starship had penetrated the system. The invitation proved to be a trap, but the Enterprise was able to escape.21

Spock did make some progress in his efforts to deepen relations between Romulus and the Federation and in 2387, when the planet was threatened by an exploding star, the Romulans approached him to request Federation assistance. Spock personally piloted the vessel that would attempt to neutralise the exploding star with an injection of red matter, but he was too late. Romulus was destroyed with the loss of the entire population.45

Balance of Terror
Ronara Prime46 Planet in the demilitarised zone between the Federation and Cardassia. Ro Laren went here to infiltrate a Maquis group in 2370.46 Preemptive Strike
Rondac III47 A Cardassian planet, site of a Dominion cloning facility. Damar's rebel forces attacked and destroyed the facility as part of his rebelion against the Dominion.48 Weyoun speculated that the attack had been planned largely to prevent any more Weyoun clones from being produced.49 The Changing Face of Evil
Rousseau V50 Astroidal planetoid50 The Dauphin
Ruah IV2 Supports a type of proto Humanoid2 The Chase
Rubicun III51 Planet where the Edo live51 Justice
Rujian52 Planet known for the famous Rujian steeplechase. Ben Sisko and Curzon Dax once met a pair of seven foot tall Ruji sisters whilst at the race.52 A Man Alone
Rura Penthe53 Frozen moon, the site of an infamous Klingon forced labour camp. Also known as "The Alien's Graveyard" because of the extremely high death rate amongst the prisoners.53 In 2152 Captain Archer was sent to Rura Pente, but the NX-01 crew managed to bribe the guards to secure his release.1

In 2381 Rura Pente was one of the Alpha Quadrant planets targeted in the Borg attack. The planet was devastated in the attack.8
Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country
Rutia IV54 Planet where terrorists kidnapped Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard54 The High Ground

Name :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

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