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Planets List

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Name Description Episode
Paan Mokar / Weytahn1 Planet whose ownership was disputed by the Vulcans and Andorians. Located on the frontier between the two powers, the dispute nearly caused three wars during 21st and 22nd centuries. Only slightly larger than Earth's moon, the planet was originally class D until it was terraformed by the Andorians after they colonised it in 2052. The Vulcans became concerned that the settlement was a military outpost and claimed the planet in 2097, removing the colonists by force. It remained uninhabited until the Andorians landed a small force in 2152, prompting further hostilities. Captain Archer was able to negotiate a cease fire.1 Cease Fire
Pacifica2 Ocean world which the Enterprise-D was due to visit on a scientific mission in 2364. Commander Riker characterised it as an ocean world of warm blue waters and fine beaches that he thought made it "a jewel of the galaxy." The Enterprise diverted from the mission at the request of Walter Keel, who sought to inform Picard of a mysterious conspiracy that he believed was overtaking Starfleet.2 A conference was held on Pacifica in 2365 to determine whether Antede III would be allowed the join the Federation; the Enterprise-D transported a pair of Antedeans to Pacifica to attend the conference, though they proved to be assassins intent on sabotaging it.3

Pacifica is the home planet of the Selkie species, a race of intelligent seagoing lifeforms.4
Palgrenax5 A planet located within the Taurus Reach, and the home world of the Palgrenai. In galactic terms Palgrenax possessed nothing of military or political value. Mineral ores on the planet were of marginal use for refining or energy generation, and were especially lacking in materials used in Klingon warships. The planet was too remote from Federation colonies and patrol routes to have any real strategic value for the Klingons. Nevertheless, they conquered the planet in the mid 23rd century.5

Palgrenax was home to a collection of ancient ruins located on one continent. The Chancellor and High council were interested in the ancient structures, and the Klingon Governor Morqla speculated that this may be the reason behind their conquest. When the Klingon scientists analysing the object managed to activate it, a member of the Shedai species which had constructed the device used it to attack the Klingon occupation forces. A cruiser in orbit bombarded the alien structures in reprisal, prompting the Shedai to destroy the planet.5
Star Trek : Vanguard, Book 2 - Summon the Thunder
Pandril6 Home world of the Pandrilite civilisation. In 2381 Pandril was one of the Alpha Quadrant planets targeted in the Borg attack. The planet was devastated in the attack.6 Star Trek : Destiny, Book 3 - Lost Souls
Panora7 In the Demilitarised Zone7 For the Uniform
Parada II8 Inhabited planet in the Paradas system.8 Whispers
Parada IV8 Planet with seven moons8 Whispers
Paragaan II9 Planet where a Paraagan mining camp was destroyed by an explosion apparently caused by a shuttlepod from the NX-01 Enterprise. In fact the Suliban were responsible.9 Shockwave, Part 1
Parliament10 Conference planet in the Beta Renna system.10 Lonely Among Us
Parsion III11 Planet on which deposits of feldomite were unexpectedly discovered in 2373.11 Business as Usual
Paxa Possible name for a planet encountered by the Enterprise-D in 2367, home to the Paxans, a strongly isolationist species. The name is inferred by the species name and may not be correct.12 Clues
Peliar Zel13 Planet whose two moons warred on one another13 The Host
Pelleus V14 World which the Enterprise-D was scheduled to visit in 2364.14 11001001
Pendari15 Next to Norcadian System15 Tsunkatse
Pendi II16 Home of a trader who supplied information to the Maquis.16 Preemptive Strike
Pentarus II17 Shuttle Nenbeck was thought to have crashed here17 Final Mission
Pentarus V17 Planet which petitioned Picard to mediate a labour dispute17 Final Mission
Pentath III18 A Cardassian planet, the infrastructure of this world was largely destroyed during the brief war with the Klingons. After an outbreak of Rudellian plague several relief convoys were sent to the planet; Starfleet provided the USS Defiant to escort one such convoy.18 Rules of Engagement
Penthara IV19 Planet the Enterprise saved from ecological disaster while being investigated by a time traveler19 A Matter of Time
Penthath III18 Worf destroyed a Klingon transport ship during a battle here18 Rules of Engagement
Pernaia prime20 Planet on which T'Pol visited in her persuit of the renegade Vulcan Menos. It has a methane based atmosphere.20 The Seventh
Persephone V21 This world was the home of Admiral Mark Jameson in 2364.21 Too Short a Season
Phanos22 Planet once settled by a group of Talaxians. There was a great deal of unoccupied territory on the planet, but the local government limited their settlement to a very small area, supposedly as a quarantine measure against possible alien diseases. Dexa's uncle, Neelix, began farming outside the designated area and was killed ina confrontation with the security services. The Talaxians left Phanos shortly afterwards and settled on an asteroid.22 Homestead
Planet Q23 Federation planet, the home of Thomas Leighton. In 2266 Leighton arranged for the USS Enterprise to be diverted to Planet Q so that he could inform Captain Kirk of his suspicion that Anton Karidian was in fact the infamous Kodos the Executioner.23 The Conscience of the King
Platonius24 Home of the Platonians24 Plato's Stepchildren
Pluto25 Sol IX. The Enterprise-B's maiden voyage was planned to be a short trip to Pluto and back at impulse speeds.26 Star Trek : Generations
Pollux IV27 Greek god Apollo tried to recruit Kirk as a worshipper here.27 Who Mourns for Adonais?
Pollux V27 In the Beta Geminorum system27 Who Mourns for Adonais?
Porakas IV28 Delta quadrant planet. Neelix obtained some Porakan eggs here in 2373.28 Flashback
Portas V7 A Breen planet.7 For the Uniform
Potak III29 Planet in the Delta Quadrant.29 Parturition
Prakal II30 Guinan acquired an unusual drink here30 In Theory
Praxis31 Klingon moon, their key energy production facility until 2293 when it was largely destroyed in an accident caused by overmining and insufficient safety precautions.31 Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country
Preenos32 Planet from which the spice hajjlaran originates. Warlords there use the spice as a test of courage.32 Oasis
Prema II33 Delta Quadrant; Talaxian mining colony33 Basics, Part 1
Prophet's Landing34 Bajoran colony nearest Cardassian border34 Heart of Stone
Psi 200035 The Enterprise was nearly destroyed here when the crew was incapcitated by a disease which mimicked the effect of alcohol.35 The Naked Time
Pullock V36 Site of the first off-planet raid by the Bajoran resistance; probably a Cardassian world.36 Shakaar
Pyris VII37 Korob and Sylvia captured several Enterprise crew members here37 Catspaw
Pythro V38 An inhabited planet which cooperated with Bajor on legal matters. Martus Mazur cheated an elderly Pythron couple of their life savings in 2370. They eventually signed a complaint against him, allowing Constable Odo to arrest him.38 Rivals

Name :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

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# Series Season Source Comment
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25 Star Trek : Generations
26 Star Trek : Generations Pluto is now no longer considered to be a full planet, but is rather a "dwarf planet" - and indeed Generations does not contradict this claim. Our inclusion of it here is aimed at providing a complete list; we at DITL do not dispute the dwarf planet status!
27 TOS 2 Who Mourns for Adonais?
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Film: Star Trek : Generations
Comment : Pluto is now no longer considered to be a full planet, but is rather a "dwarf planet" - and indeed Generations does not contradict this claim. Our inclusion of it here is aimed at providing a complete list; we at DITL do not dispute the dwarf planet status!
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