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Caption Competition

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Name Caption
MLCoolJ Riley: Tonight, I'll be having mint-coated chocolate cakes with eggnog.
*UberEats shows up with his meal*
Riley: Nice. Now, back to my singing. I'LL TAKE YOU HOME AGAIN, KATHLEEN...
Chromedome "HELP! HELP! My fringe is attacking me!"
Chromedome Riley was getting fed up providing the hold music for the ship.
Chromedome "Goooooooooood MOOOOORRRRNNNNiiiinnngg, Enterprise! Wakey, wakey, rise & shine!"
MLCoolJ Riley: Excuse me, but I ordered the fillet mignon with a chardonnay. What the hell did you send me?
Miss Marple Sushi… In SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!
Frankie Chestnuts Riley: "Jeez... I'm stuck in Engineering all alone on the night shift... Someone dropped off this HORRIBLE dinner... and Uhura is caterwauling like a tortured chihuahua. WHAT ELSE could go wrong? At least I have a nice big glass of cold milk to quench my thirst.
Frankie Chestnuts Riley: "Ohura... Do you know any Zeppelin?
Seven OfNine Argh! Replicated Rubicube, again!
Frankie Chestnuts Riley: “Oh no… Don’t think that you are going to poison me with those unnatural fruity cubes. I’m going to have me some nice, fresh, cold, wholesome milk!”
Cyrus Ramsay "I'm telling ya; there's nothing great about the life of Riley."
Cyrus Ramsay "Typical; they move my desk into the basement and ask me to deal with the cockroaches while I'm down here."
Cyrus Ramsay "Let me out and I promise I won't mention Kathleen, bowling alleys or ice cream ever again."
Captain 8472 “Take this, customer service!”
Captain 8472 “And now, my revenge!”
Captain 8472 “This is what you get when you violate my union contract!”
Captain 8472 At this point, ‘disgruntled worker’ syndrome has fully manifested.
Captain 8472 “Mess with my food, huh? Well, I’ll mess with your hot shower!”
Captain 8472 “You interupted my dinner for clogged toilet?!”
Captain 8472 “You call this a Christmas dinner?!”
Frankie Chestnuts Riley: “…but I don’t wanna eat!! I don’t know wanna and you can’t make me!”
Frankie Chestnuts From offstage: “Kevin Thomas Riley… You get back to that table right now and finish your unnaturally colored fruit cubes!”

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