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Caption Competition

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Name Caption
Bird of Prey Janeway: "Soooo... which one of you is the real B'Elanna?"
Torres: "Captain, you're drunk again."
Chromedome "Yeah, I was THIS close to seeing Frankie Chestnuts."
Richard Who has two fingers and wants you to fix the warp core?
Commodore Bob Wesley And YOU get a shuttlecraft and YOU get a shuttlecraft and YOU get a shuttlecraft...
Commodore Bob Wesley I want YOU...To join Starfleet!
Chromedome "Captain, this is not what being 'double jabbed' means!"
Captain 8472 In the future, going ‘as yourself’ for Halloween is considered both clever and lazy.
Captain 8472 “You need to lay down the law. Tom cannot be allowed to go out drinking every night.”
Captain 8472 Janeway: I’m the captain now.
Chromedome "Have you heard? Bezos is going to put Shatner into orbit."
"They're gonna need a bigger rocket."
MR. WORF Unfortunately the Captain told B'Elanna that she couldn't discus their night rendezvous last night.
Captain 8472 Janeway: Unlike you, I get to return in future Star Trek projects.
Chromedome "Those two pointy things on the back of the ship ... they are the engine thingies aren't they?
Bird of Prey Janeway: "B'Elanna, you're a damn good engineer - can you install phaser emitters in my fingertips?"
Chromedome "Have I got a job for you? You're our new ... Morale Officer!"
Hugh If you were Seven of Nine, I'd be touching you from here
EMH_MkI Janeway: So when I say jump, you say?
Torres: What warp factor?
Janeway: Okay, Chakotay, she's our new Chief Engineer.
Frankie Chestnuts Janeway: "B'Elanna... Did YOU invite Nelix onto the holodeck, disengage the safety protocols, then initiate a level 7 Klingon calisthenics program?"
B'Elanna: "No, Captain..."
Janeway: "Is this something you could do for me?"
Horta not Vorta Bad Touch! (in a few more inches)
Captain 8472 This morning, on The View...
Bird of Prey Janeway: "It was so cold, my two little Janeways were literally like this!"
B'Elanna: "Too much information, Captain!"
RedDwarfian "Torres, you have gotten the replicators making a proper cup of coffee again. I owe you a favor."
"...Can you get Paris off from Alpha shift next Thursday?"
"...We'll talk."
Commodore Bob Wesley One antimatter containment failure and everyone starts pointing fingers.
Chromedome "Chief, where have you been?"
"I've been fixing the trans-state hydro convertor."
"What?! Of all the things wrong on this ship and you're fixing the ice machine?"
"Whatever. I want a cold drink."
Bird of Prey Janeway: "Quick, who is your favorite Starfleet captain?"
B'Elanna: "Uh... Picard?"
Janeway: "WRONG ANSWER!"
Bird of Prey Janeway: "Lt. Paris may be your boyfriend, but *I* am the mother of his children!"
B'Elanna: "His salamander children."
MR. WORF Janeway : B'Elanna ! I need you to repair my replicator , I need a coffee badly !!!!
Captain 8472 B’Elanna could not find a way to win an argument without breaking Janeway’s fingers.
Chromedome "Captain, you're going to have to work on your disco pointy dance."
PegasusJF Janeway getting to the pointy point.
MR. WORF B'Elanna , Pull my fingers .
Captain 8472 The wives of Rick Berman and Brannon Bragga argue over who’s husband did the most damage to Star Trek.
MR. WORF B'Elanna , regulations state your Boobs must be this far apart when your in uniform.
Frankie Chestnuts Janeway: “B’Elanna… Do you know that your star ship’s manufacture’s warranty is about to expire?”
MR. WORF Janeway : B'Elanna did you see a tube of KY jelly about this long outside hollodeck 2 ??
Captain 8472 Janeway: B’Elanna, why were you and Tom in my quarters, naked?
Admiral Dunsel Shouldn't these be bigger?
Eyes In The Sky Janeway to B'elanna:Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around my eyes, look into my eyes, you're under!
Chromedome "Why can't women judge distance? Because men tell them this is 12 inches."
Chromedome Janeway; "I like your style."
Captain 8472 When Janeway stars pointing, run!
Captain 8472 Janeway: Is there any way you can get our show back on Netflix?
B’Elanna: Not without Paramount’s leagal approval.
Bird of Prey B'Elanna: "Captain, all the phasers on board stopped working!"
Janeway: "No problem! Just hold your fingers like this and say 'Pew, pew pew!'"
Miss Marple Thanks, DITL, for acknowledging the start of breast cancer awareness month.
Frankie Chestnuts Janeway: "Gesundheit B'Elanna... I need YOU to see the doctor."
B'Elanna: "I'mb darry Captain."
Chromedome Battle Of The Power Haircuts
Chromedome "Yeah, Paris is this big!"
Chromedome "No Captain, this water divining thing DOES work. You just point your fingers in front of ou and when they cross, you are standing above a source of water!"
Captain 8472 “B’Elanna, you are supposed to be perky, like, pointing.”
MLCoolJ "Stick 'em up!"
Frankie Chestnuts Despite repeated requests from the crew, Janeway continued to discuss the 'Captain's Log'.
EMH_MkI Janeway: So let me get this straight.
Torres: Captain?
Janeway: One moment. My fingers are still crooked.
SlartyBardFast Janeway: "Who has two index fingers and no bumps on her forehead?"
Frankie Chestnuts Janeway: "YOU get a car... YOU get a car... YOU get a car... YOU get a car..."
B'Elanna: "A car, captain?"
Janeway: "Shut up, B'Elanna because... YOU get a car... YOU get a car..."
Frankie Chestnuts Janeway: "B'Elanna... before we meet up with the Borg again, I need you to upgrade the weapons... the guns... you know those shooty things."
B'Elanna: "You mean the phasers?"
Janeway: "Sure... Whatever."
Frankie Chestnuts Janeway: "...then I sneak up behind Tuvok and kneel down. Then you push him! REALLY! He'll think it's hilarious!"
Captain 8472 Captain Janeway was not going to let a lieutenant get get the last word.
Captain 8472 Producer: Let’s see how much innuendo we can add to this episode.
Frankie Chestnuts Janeway: “Search the historical files… Her name was Madonna and her boobs were her primary weapon.”
Miss Marple AGAIN with the naughty pictures…
Frankie Chestnuts Janeway and B’Elanna discuss the short lived, but memorable fashion trend of “cone-y bras” of the mid 20th century.
Miss Marple Once again a conflict on Voyager is resolved with a dance-off.
Captain 8472 Those in the background are wondering if this is the start of a new fanfic.
Captain 8472 Janeway is demonstrating the size of her boobs, post ‘upgrade.’
Miss Marple Torres, to self: For a smart lady, she really doesn’t understand the concept of “telling a fish story.”
Frankie Chestnuts Janeway: “Yo B’Elanna… My fingers are DOWN HERE!”
Frankie Chestnuts Janeway: “Pew…. Pew, Pew.”
MR. WORF Janeway : B'Elanna , my Boobs are definitely bigger than yours .

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