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Naomi: “ So what you’re saying, is Tesla invented AC current, had a lifelong feud with Edison, and spent his last year‘s communicating with the New York City pigeons?”
Naomi: “ So what you’re saying, is Tesla invented AC current, had a lifelong feud with Edison, and spent his last year‘s communicating with the New York City pigeons?”
Warning: living through 2020 May cause dry sweats, heart palpitations, loss of appetite, blurring vision, nausea, vomiting, cancer, social unrest, paranoia, rioting, pandemics, white supremacy, and attacks on democracy.
Health experts warn that reading Facebook posts causes confusion, paranoia, lose of sanity, disinformation, and occasional constipation.
When you realize that covid lockdowns are a bigger global franchise than the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
When you meet Biggus Dickus.
Will 2020 NEVER END?????
Naomi: “ So what you’re saying, is Tesla invented AC current, had a lifelong feud with Edison, and spent his last year‘s communicating with the New York City pigeons?”
Icheb: "We should introduce you to the Harry Kim of this future timeline."
Naomi: "He is still an ensign."
When you find out Satan and 2020 are dating.
Nelix and Tuvak are dating?!
Nelix and Janeway are dating?!
How many more seasons?!
We got what for Christmas?
Transporters accidents during the Voyager Christmas Party are the 24th century equivalent to the ol’ “photocopy your ass on the Xerox machine”.
The Captain just asked them if thy've ever seen a grown man naked.
When you combine rule 34, rule 63 and Nelix.
"How can they have just signed the Brexit deal? Europe was destroyed in World War 3!"
"Honestly we were not being naughty."
"You're on mute ... again!"
"Next slide please."
"Is this the way to Amarillo?"
Naomi: "Is that him?"
Icheb: "Frankie Chestnuts... In the flesh."
Naomi: "He's bigger than life."
Icheb: "...well, really not. Kind of average sized."
Icheb: "What IS that?"
Naomi: "I believe it's a Christmas Tree."
Icheb: What's ON it?"
Naomi: "I believe it's covered in COVID 19 ornaments."
Icheb: "WHY?"
Naomi: "I really don't know."
"Can we get a transfer to Stranger Things? We want to do something that's plausible."
Well, I guess aging up the kids is a better idea for a new show then doing Star Trek Babies....
When you enter the wrong convention.
The look you find your parents’ sex tape.
"Ho Ho Ho, little boy!"
"Are we there yet?"
"Will Santa still be able to find us out here?"
"The thing on my nose? Oh, I just shoved the swab too far up my nostril."
December 22 and Trump STILL hasn't conceded??
Icheb : Now if you stick that swab up my left nostril ; I'm going to have to assimilate you . Are we clear on that ?
So, who is going to clean up the internet?
When looking back at 2020, you must wonder if it was the real ‘2012.’
There are four dots.
Icheb & Naomi reacting to being told they'll be quarantined where they are for 2 weeks for COVID!!
Icheb: "If you think about it, we still trying to reach a 'home' world none of us has ever been to is kinda screwed up..."
Janeway: "Voyager is now under the Coronavirus Tier 4 restrictions. So that means that Christmas has been cancellled!"
"Who knew you could do that with a yak, a stirrup pump and a vat of maple syrup?"
"Ow! With a chunk of Brie that size, that's gotta hurt!"
Icheb: "What do you mean, we are from an alternate timeline?"
Naomi: "From our perspective, YOU are from an alternate timeline!"
Icheb and Naomi, while watching THAT episode of Star Trek: Picard...
In the future, kids will ask their parents: “How does Santa reach every kid in the galaxy in one night?”
“Seven, what are you doing with Nelix’s severed head?”
One does not simply walk in on Nelix.
When going on tinder, make sure you set the right filters.
The look you get when your mom dates your girlfriend’s dad.
When reading fanfiction, always do it alone and never on a big public display.
The smell of the Vulcan death fart permeated Voyager, and Icheb and Naomi were helpless to stop it.
Icheb: "But what is that vegetation doing on the bridge? Why are there lights and shiny things all over it? What is the purpose of the packages underneath?"
Naomi: "And why is Neelix stuck on the top?"
"Bashir said WHAT in that picture last month?"
Icheb: "People worried that us growing up onboard Voyager wouldn't be good for our psychological development - but then, Neelix luckily left the ship."
"You mean ... Trump LIED to us????"
"We'll have two Pangalactic Gargle Blasters, my good man. And make 'em snappy!"
"Wrong franchise, pal. But I can do you a greasy Cardassian kebab & a pot of crap Klingon beer if you want."
They gazed at their new discovery, staggered by the craftsmanship, the innovation, the sublime awesomeness of what Earth could produce.
Could it really be ... a cheese & pickle sandwich?
"What happens to me on Picard?" *sabotages every attempt to get Voyager home.
Icheb: "Are you still angry at me, Naomi?"
Naomi: "You gave me a hat as birthday present! You know EXACTLY that hats end up having holes when I try wearing them!"
So what you're saying is that for his birthday gift, Jesus wants us to wear masks as recommended starting RIGHT NOW?
I truly think this is an internet meme just waiting to happen...
If these two crewmen had a baby, the ridges on it's forehead would actually end up looking like a topographic map of Djibouti.
Not sure about you guys... But I'm oddly drawn toward googling Morse Code. I really think these are hostages and they are trying to get us a message...
Which one of these crewmen picked Tuvok in the Secret Santa gift exchange... And which one picked Neelix?
Captain, we'd have been home twenty five years ago if you'd only stop and ask for directions.
"Can we have Christmas Jumper Day this year?"
The look you get when attempting to apply logic to politics.
Voyager the next generation.
Naomi: "All I want for Christmas is a forehead line..."
Cheap Alien Effects ... IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
"What do you mean ... we're on the naughty list?"
Star Trek: The Next Next Generation
Does anyone else wonder what their forehead ridges will look like if these two got together?
Icheb: "But that's a crazy plan!"
Janeway: "No, it isn't. the Borg will never suspect a pantomime horse. So who's going to be the back end?"
Naomi: "You know what? Me, Miral, Icheb and the other Borg kids are by now the ONLY crew members of the USS Voyager below retirement age!"
Icheb: "You guys should have procreated more!"
Naomi: "You know what? Me, Icheb and the other Borg kids are by now the ONLY crew members of the USS Voyager below retirement age!"
Icheb: "You guys should have procreated more!"
Meetings between the Straight and dotted-lineans are always tense.
Janeway: "OK, I'm volunteering one of you to be Santa and the other one to be the elf. Work it out between yourselves. Dismissed."
Naomi: "Excuse me!? Did this guy just call me horny!?"
Icheb: "Hey, Mister! That was either badly phrased, or totally inappropriate!"
"Oooooooo, Shiny!"
"Hang on, exactly HOW big is this vaccine dose?"
"Is that Santa or is it Frankie Chestnuts?"
Icheb & Naomi's reaction to having their photo taken with a cellphone.
Even in the future, cat videos distract people at work.
Icheb: "Okay Naomi, show me the guy who called you a rhinoceros, and I'll make sure that he'll regret it!"
Icheb & Naomi await their marks on " Aliens On Ice "
"...and this week's winner of the most symmetrical crewman is..."
Having successfully infected the Borg, Icheb was now having a go at giving humans Coronavirus.
"Yeah, we're the Elves, deal with it."
Janeway : Icheb , I must tell you that ..... Locutus is ... your father .
Icheb : So that's where this nose came from !
Icheb: "What, only smooth foreheads are allowed in this club!?"
Naomi: "That's racist!"
This week, on "How To Create An Alien On A Budget" ....
She was annoyed that he always won "Connect 4"
We are here in the Delta Quadrant to contact you about your spaceship's extended warranty.
Blank stares are common in the future.
Two people, unable to process what they are seeing.
The face you make when you discover your parents’ sex tape.
Watching all the news news about the USA’s 2020 election.
Yeah... everyone gets the same stunned look on their faces when the festive holiday "sights and sounds" show up.
Somehow just looking at this picture gives me a sinus headache.
Icheb & Naomi : OOOPS our bad , we didn't mean to beam into your bathroom while your showering Capt. Janeway. Bye !!!!
Icheb : What do you mean in the future Seven Of Nine kills me ??????


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