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Even after hours of meditation I still fail to see the logic behind lense flares.
Spock (trying to look absorbed by the Rothko): FASCINATING.
... and God, for the New Year, please make people stop trying to BE Frankie Chestnuts, and help them find peace and happiness in their own screen name choices.
Kirk: ''I said that we are on this war-ridden planet to mediate, not to meditate!''
Even with my excellent mind powers, I do not believe I will be able to ignore the next four years… despite having the advantage of being dead.
Spock, humming quietly: "I got your Katra right here"
Everyone was impressed that Mr. Spock was such a Southern rock fan,
after Spock misunderstands the lyrics
in Gretchen Wilson’s "I Got Your Country Right Here".
...and God, this year, please help Miss Marple to "get a life" besides putting in captions...
Our Father, who art in Heaven...
Spock: ''Hands... are weird''
Kirk: ''That's it, no trellium-D for you, anymore!''
Uhura: Is Spock praying?
Sulu: Yeah. Ever since those guys came over to his house.
Spock: Bless me this day, Joseph Smith. May Elohim and Jehovah guide my logic.
Fascinating, AJ has so many special mentions that a single win will advance him eight places on the honour role.
"Very well Captain, this will only hurt a little bit ... bend over ..."
"I am Dr. Evil, I mean Spock, and I demand one million dollars for the return of your ship. Bwahahaha!"
Spock prays that the DITL captioneers aren't too harsh on him.
Spock: ''Whoever called this hand-posing a 'finger tent' has obviously never been on a camping trip.''
Dear Lord, Please save us from our impending doom. Amen.
Doctor McCoy swore I had a "hanger".
This human obsession with "smell my finger" is not logical.
Spock: My mind to my mind. My thoughts to my thoughts... *sighs* It's just not the same.
Spock, thinking to himself: Is that man incapable of keeping his shirt on?
If the answer is 42, and Frankie Chestnuts is now at 31, how soon before Frankie Chestnuts becomes the answer to the Ultimate question of life, the Universe, and Everything?
If Jackie Robinson’s number is 42, and Frankie Chestnuts is now at 31, how soon before Frankie Chestnuts becomes the answer to Baseball?
Spock, contemplating: ''What is the point... of my pointy ears?''
Spock: ''So many plomeek soup stains on the wall behind me... I have been a very naughty Vulcan.''
Q: What did Spock find in Kirk's toliet?
A: The Captian's Log.
Spock: "Captain, stop putting your hands in front of me"
Spock: "My fingers smell like butterscotch"
Spock: ''Hello, Mr. Chekov. Or, how they say in your country, namaste!''
Chekov: ''You are not that good at telling apart different Earth cultures, aren't you?''
Spock: ''Oh please Captain, I wanna go with the landing party!''
What an unfortunate situation Mr. Bond...
Spock: ''Why is the middle finger of my left hand 0.76 mm shorter than the one on my right hand??''
Spock prepares for the Vulcan Nose Pick
Image of a Vulcan who is contemplating something. Seriously, I cannot find anything funny to say about this image.
Having all his finger nails clipped at EXACTLY the right length is very important for Spock.
Cards Against Humanity is wicked, ...until you've played Cards Against Vulcanity.
What he had to do to get that Shrubbery haunted Spock for many years.
You killed my father. Prepare to die!
Spock (to self): "Wow… What to have? Chinese? How 'bout Thai? No,no, no... too spicy. Greek? Mexican? Pizza? …YES, Pizza!
Now… Thin or thick? New Haven? CHICAGO!"
And to this day nobody has ever beaten Spock in the 'Watch paint drying' contest.
Spock: ''Excellent!
Kirk: ''Have you been binge-watching 'The Simpsons' again?''
Spock: ''Er, I mean, fascinating! Sorry, got confused with the catchphrases there.''
So by the smell of my fingers , I would deem it logical to assume I have bad breath !
Concentrate ..... Concentrate ..... I think I have to go to the washroom .
It always seems impossible until it's done
Oh Jesus , give me strength to talk to the horta . Wait ! What the hell that's not Vulcan !!! That's Christian !!!!! Jesus Christ !!
... and God, please help me understand Rothko I don't look like an ass out in public ...again.
♫ Ooooh that smell
Can't you smell that smell
♫ Ooooh that smell
Spock was kicked out of Vulcan Science Academy for being too emotional.He was later seen praying to human god: God please let me into the starfleet, I promise to annoy the captain of the ship.
Spock: They call them fingers, but I've never seen them fing.
Nimoy collects himself in his trailer after Shatner's latest prima donna rant.
Why do my fingers smell like cheese?
Spock looks like someone's opening his search history.
Before digital remastering, that background looked FLAWLESS.
Out of his Vulcan Mind.....Back in Ten Minutes
"And that is what Christmas is all about Jim."
Yes, I am absolutely sure. These really are fingers.
Spock: ''Pffft! Pfffft! Oh, I seems that I lost the blade of grass!''
Hmmm.... Biscuit or cake....
Figure A: Vulcan male, meditating in order to refill his logic battery
Spock (to self): "Well, I do love plomeek soup... and I know nurse Chapel did it out of kindness... I think it's just logical that I throw the bowl at her."
Spock sniffs quietly, trying to remember if he used deodorant today.
Spock sniffs quietly, trying to discreetly check if it is just "wet paint” on his fingers.
Spock sniffs quietly, trying to remember if he used deodorant today.
Spock: ''Hmmm... It would be logical to cut my fingernails at the next available opportunity....''
Please, please no lense flares!
Move over, Philosoraptor!
All those years on set and Nimoy FINALLY saw "Shatner was here" scratched onto the floor...
On a desolate ice planet far, far, away... scribbled onto the floor were the words "Pray for Santa."
T'was called the Time of Amok
This wedding and challenge of Spock's
Set up by T'Pring
Ends with Kirk dying
Except for McCoy and "Tri-Ox"
My mind to Santa's mind: for Christmas I would like a Vulcan action figure with a nerve pinch grip and flying enterprise ship and 3D chess set. Thank you Spock
Saavik: "Any advice, Admiral?"
Kirk: "Prayer, Mr. Saavik; the Klingons don't take prisoners."
Spock: "Hail Mary, full of grace..."
In a rare fit of irrationality, Spock prays for the existence of Santa Claus.
Scenery painted by Mark Rothko's less successful cousin, Chuck.
... and Please, God, don't let those crazy captioneers mock me in my moment of...
... and Please, God, make me a better singer than Shatner.
Spock: ''Dear Surak, I know it is illogical to pray to a long deceased mortal individual, but...''
"Dear Lord, please make Bill stop singing."
What IS the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
"don't let uhura be pregnant"
"My mind to your mind."
Spock's way of getting in touch with himself.
"Yes... logic dictates that I engage in photography. And my subjects shall be women... large women."
As Kirk walks to his quarters with a girl on each elbow, Spock begins calculating the odds of the night not ending in a "diplomatic incident".
... and Please, God, could I get a less creepy paint job...
This is the church...this is the steeple...


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