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In the future, the concept that women must ALWAYS have a smile or pleasing look on her face is no longer an issue.
Kirk: "Transporter accident?"
Scotty: "Aye, Captain... Transporter accident."
Invasion Of The Face Snatchers !!!!
Crewmember: "Help! Somebody stole my nose..."
Kirk: "Oh come on, only little kids fall for the old trick with the thumb between the other fingers!"
Crewmember: "...and my eyes and my mouth!"
The dead-pan stare is truly powerful.
Face the music.
This is what happens to those who study the Earth year 2020 AD.
"Why do they call her world the Monkey Planet?"
"Because her species sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil!"
"I say, I say, I say, my ensign's got no nose!"
"How does she smell?"
Crewman , Why the long blank face ?
"Members of this Federation species have no eyes, no mouth... and no nose."
"Not even a nose? But how do they smell?"
Being even worse at forming a humanoid face than Odo, the Changeling infiltrator was exposed rather quickly.
Lets Face It , at least she wasn't wearing a Red Uniform.
"The Changing Face of Evil? If only I had a face to change in the first place!"
A VERY Blank Look.
Hey buddy, her eyes are up there. Oh... never mind. I guess it's ok to just stare at her breasts...
"Oh, really!? Dare saying that to my face!"
"I would, if I knew where it is!"
Transporter Error 42-1783: failure to properly rematerialize face.
"Tonight, on World's Weirdest Face Lifts ..."
"An eye for an eye? Ha! Joke's on you!"
Haha! You should see your face right now!
"I can't catch it if I have no face!"
If you anger an omnipotent being, you have to FACE the consequences...
Bolian Observer, speaking to a different, equally politically incorrect Bolian: "I TOLD you they all looked alike."
Most alien's sole visual distinction from humans is that they have a few more bumps in their face.
For this lady's species though, the exact opposite is the case...
Sulu: "That's not how the concept of 'losing face' works in Asian cultures!"
She quickly decided that the YouTube makeup tutorial was rubbish.
I forgot to go to the makeup trailer this morning
Yeoman Bland: "How do you like my hairdo, Gary? Gary, I just had my hair done... Gary? Gary, are you listening? You aren't even here, are you Gary?? GARY??"
Language Immersion Course for Braille
IN SPAAAAaaaaaaace...
They started from scratch with this female character .
Waiting for the Apple Event is taking its toll on the crew !!!
You know, Michael Eddington was right. The Borg tell you beforehand that they will assimilate you, but it's Starfleet who will turn you into a faceless drone without you even noticing it!
A face lost in translation.
The Dermal Regenerator was used alot this week as people tried to get a glance of the New iPhone 12Pro Max. Naughty Naughty !!!!
She blinded me with a science!
No wait, that doesn't fit...
She blinded herself with a science division uniform!
Unfortunately the transporter was having a slight problem with mixed DNA.
"The face of the enemy? Well, I'd take anyone's face right now!"
"I went up to the lab, and found this on the slab."
Costume Designer: "The face mask isn't really good in matching her skin color."
Director: "Oh it's fine. It's not like anyone will be watching this on a color TV, or in some kind of ultra-crisp resolution. They'll never notice."
On the next episode of Star Trek: When Bangs and Sideburns attack!
This shows you why wearing proper eye protection during a solar flare is so important. This victim got her eyesight back in 7 days.
Sleepless In Seattle, Faceless In 10-Forward
I wish I could come up with something funny but I actually saw someone wearing a mask like this today. Takes all the fun out of it.
And Captain Kirk would STILL want to make love with her...
Ensign Crusher , never went on a blind date again.
The ensign put on her best poker face
That wiped the smile off her face
Anyone have makeup remover for the Qs skin smoothing cream?
Wesley Crusher !!!! I'm going to get you for this, no matter how long it takes !!!!!!!!!
Looks like another candidate for Botched !
The art of interstellar diplomacy is coming to a compromise without any of the conflicting parties loosing face...
See no evil
The ultimate protection from the dreaded 'Three Stooges Eye Poke"... Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.
The poor Ensign was now entering ........ The Twilight Zone !
Covid 19 struck again in the 23rd Century & new masks were introduced but there were some problems in the beginning .
"I have a feeling that this hairstyle doesn't really compliment my face..."
"That jerk said, 'This'll wipe that blank look off your face'-and then this happened!"
TNG had an episode called Masks, but TOS had this...
You win some, you lose some (faces)
Behold, the Vulcan Death Fart
The Vulcan Death Fart leaves no witnesses
"did someone switch out my face cream with Face Eraser?!"
Face Eraser (r)
just $6.99 a month for 6 months, plus shipping and handling.
And, if you order now, get a second one FREE!
But wait, there's more!
Order NOW NOW and get a FREE infinity hairdo!
Infinity hairdo, go!
Anyone got a marker, I need to draw on a new face!
This poor ensign has rubbed her face off trying to erase the memory of seeing Phlox in the shower last month.
Wesley just hadn't got the hang of female masking.
Just another faceless in the crowd.
Ohhhhhhh, Frankie! Do you remember me?
Kirk: "Excuse me, I don't know your name, but you look familiar. Did we meet somewhere before?"
Crewmember: "Not that I can recall, Captain. In fact, I got transferred to the Enterprise just yesterday... I guess I am just having one of those faces!"
She said she wanted her starfleet career to start a 'blank slate'...
Spock's lectures often produced blank looks from the audience.
Stock's lectures often resulted in blank looks from the audience.
The blank stare is truly powerful.
My Face!, It's MELTING!
Trigger alert:
Remember when you were little, and your father would threaten you that if you didn't wipe that look off your face, he'd do it for you?
Captain Kirk always lost his shirt on away missions.
Ensign Blue Shirt... She had other issues.
When Frankie Chestnuts' wife bitch-slaps you, you STAY bitch-slapped.
When Frankie Chestnuts' wife bitch-slaps you, you STAY bitch-slapped.
No wonder Captain Janeway looked so horrified last month.
Back in the 60's Rod Stewart made interesting fashion choices while touring with 'The Faces'.
Make-up got tired of trying out new alien face variations.
Ensign Stanley, after years of playing ice hockey, finally won a face-off...
Deleted scene from Star Trek: Les Misérables
Not shown: Nicolas Cage, also with his Face/ Off.
Curiously, although faceless, Nurse Blank's coifure is simply darling!
This is the inspiration for the Blobs in Judge Dredd
"This is Captain Kirk, if anyone has found a lost face, please would they return it as soon as possible? Thank you."
"Yeah, I've been off my face too"
Cutting off your face to spite your nose
I have heard of faceless background extras, but this is ridiculous...
That's a hell of a COVID mask.
Yeoman Bland: "Mmmfmmm mfmmmfm mffmfm mmf fm mmmmf. Fhhhmmmmh! FHHMHMMM! Mfffm ffm fmfmm!
This crew member forgot to put on her face this morning.
“Hey, my eyes are u-... oh.”
Loosing a bet on the Enterprise has odd consequences.
I do believe this is how Trump wants women to be.
Well, I guess she found out why there are all those warning signs posted near the plasma conduits
Talk about a chemical peel.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Sadly, being faceless does not preclude one from being a sacrifice. The Minotaur was bored by this hunt.
Question: how does this person breathe?
I raise your attempt at ‘Got your nose’ with ‘Got your face!’
The future of facial care is quite surprising.
The face lift went too far.
Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.
Face Off.
I guess I'm not the only one who hasn't seen this episode before.
Ensign Blue Shirt is finally all set for her Mike Tyson face tattoo.
Dear God... The ladies outfits on TOS are amazingly short. You can see her legs all the way up to her... face?
(Thinks) I'm gonna kill my agent. He promised I'd get my face on Star Trek.
A faceless bureaucrat
"That's the last time I use Vulcan Botox."
"Talk about being ignored; these days I'm not even a face in the crowd."
Face the music
Crewman: "Could someone help me find the ladies room... Those jerks back there sent me into Engineering and I almost peed on the warp core.
Crewman: "Could someone give me a hand... or maybe a nose?"
Masks... there are extremists in either camp.


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