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"Never ... in the field of galactic conflict ... has so much ... ham acting ... been done, for so many ... by so few."
Spock always blurts out spoilers.
The worst was his Arnold Schwarzenegger imitation of Quaid at the end of Total Recall:
'It's gonna be fun to play God'.
McCoy: ... as Mr Spock is demonstrating, it is important to wash between the fingers... EACH finger...
McCoy: "I am a doctor, not a mathematician - but that's not how I learned the right hand rule..."
Spock: "You have been, and always shall be, my friend."
McCoy: "No."
Spock: "The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few."
McCoy: "Wrong again. What you are looking for is shorter."
Spock: "Fascinating!?"
McCoy: "Goddamnit, Spock! You have accumulated so many catch phrases that you are now totally confused about when to use which one!"
Spock and McCoy are finally getting married.
The two in this picture are failures at social distancing.
Sending two scientists to meet with science deniers did not end well.
Spock’s patience was sorely tested by The Trump family.
Kirk (O.S.): What was his address again? What Baker Street?
Spock: "You know, the original greeting words that came with this gesture was: 'Talk to the hand!' But then Surak said that this isn't logical at all, and changed that."
Bones: "Spock... I realize that not everybody keeps their genitals in the same place... There's just no reason to whip them out like that."
McCoy: "Really, that's how you order three drinks on Vulcan!?"
Bones: "Spock, why do you get a nice pine tree on your chest and I get a friggin' maltese cross?", who thinks we are opening the country up too fast?
Anyone else?
Dr. McCoy?
McCoy : I told you Viagra might have some side effects on Vulcans !
Spock was not pleased to have been given the role of 'wall' in the Enterprise Amateur Dramatic Group's production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' as he'd been hoping to play Puck.
McCoy: "And I keep telling you, that is not good for your hand musculature!"
Spock: "Live long and prosper."
McCoy: "HOW long am I supposed to live, anyway? Long enough to witness them letting androids join Starfleet?"
"Yes Doctor, the fish was this big."
"You don't need to summon a waiter Spock, we're in McDonalds!*"
*other fast food outlets are available.
McCoy: "I must admit, I am a bit jealous that you can do that with your fingers. When I tried this, my hand hurt for a week..."
"Meld with the hand as the mind is unresponsive."
"May the fourth be with you."
"Wrong franchise, Spock!"
McCoy : Spock , that's not how you give
someone the bird.
Spock : I'll take 5 Romulan Ales.
McCoy : Jesus Spock ! I'll think you may
have a drinking problem.
When you are asked to caption a photo from the 60s
Off Screen: "Dr. McCoy?"
McCoy: "Here."
Off Screen: "Mr. Spock?"
Spock: "Here."
Off Screen: "Mr. Scott? ...Mr. Montgomery Scott?"
McCoy: "You can put your hand down, Spock."
"Strange Doctor, it appears that the indigenous population are not responding favourably to my greeting."
"I think you lost them with the phrase 'Yo blood, how's it hanging in the hood' - Scotty, beam us up!"
Bones : Look. There are two Klingons. They are strong, it will be difficult to beat them. But it's possible. What do you say Spock?
Spock : Hello my friends. Long live and prosper.
Bones :... P*ssy !
Bones : Pfff ! Show-off !
"Dammit Spock, I'm a doctor not a mime artist!"
"Doctor, how do I remove Gorilla Glue from my fingers?"
McCoy: "Hah, I knew it! You taped your fingers!"
McCoy: "You know, Spock, I'm constantly amazed by facets of your mixed biology. What's Human influenced, what's Vulcan influenced, you know?"
Spock: "Indeed, doctor? For example?"
McCoy: "Well, I didn't expect your earwax to be green, for one thing."
It took a few centuries, but people finally stopped keeping a 1.5m distance.
"Talk to the hand."
Man, the Disney pin trading scene gets really weird in the future.
McCoy: "Are you still planning to open with a joke, Spock?"
Spock: "It is customary at such gatherings."
McCoy: "Well, yeah, but usually the guy doing it knows how to tell a joke. I'm shocked you even know what one is. So... what IS your joke, anyway?"
Spock: "Allow me the honor of introducing our Chief Medical Officer."
Spock: "Kindly stop reading over my shoulder, doctor."
McCoy: "I can't help it, Spock, you've got your whole welcoming speech written on the back of your hand. Mind you, when you spread your fingers like that you ended up calling the ambassador 'a stud' instead of 'a studious man' and that our crew was 'looking forward to enjoying his wife' instead of 'his wife's operatic repertoire'."
Spock is stoic and regal, McCoy is collected and professional, and the guy who painted the wall is lazy and couldn't be bothered to make the lines meet up properly.
McCoy: "Damn it, Spock, the captain said no more gang signs!"
McCoy: "Look, Spock, I know you really want to impress our visitors, but everyone can tell that half of those things are boiled sweets that you've licked and stuck to your uniform."
Spock, pointing: "This one is lime."
McCoy: "I think we might need to go give reinstalling your brain another go..."
McCoy: "You wanna cut that out, Spock?"
Spock: "Doctor, this is the customary greeting of my planet, and as our visitors are from MY planet, it is entirely appropriate."
McCoy: "Yeah, well it's MY ass you're grabbing, so knock it off!"
McCoy looks on solemnly as Spock demonstrates the new "I Love New York" logo in sign language.
If you slap Spock's hand while performing the Vulcan salute, would that be considered a "Sci-Five"?
"So, how many delegates will be attending?"
"This many."
McCoy/Bones-"Don't greet you're Damn PARENTS like that Spock, give em a hug, after all your infernal self is half only half Vulcan!"
McCoy/Bones- "Whats the matter with you Spock! Don't you know how to greet someone without you're Vulcan Hocus Pocus
"Not quite, Spock. You only extend your index & middle fingers upwards in a V shape, with the back of your hand towards the people you wish to greet."
"Spock, there is no way that hand gesture is a magic ward to repel Wesley Crusher!"
McCoy: "What's with all the formality? Why are you greeting your own father as if he is a highly esteemed diplomat?"
Spock: "Because he *is* a highly esteemed diplomat."
Mr Spock: This is the grip for the Vulcan Changeup. Learn it well.
Mcoy: y'know Spock, a couple hundred years ago, that salute was the start of a typical drunken picture...
"Dammit Spock I'm a doctor, not a manual-dexterity Guru!"
"Do you really have to do that Spock!"-McCoy
"It is the logical thing to do,Doctor"-Spock
"There you go again with your Vulcan logic"!-McCoy
"I do not understand what you mean Doctor, I am not going anywhere?"-Spock
Spock: "Live long and prosper."
McCoy: "You keep saying that to people, but as a doctor it is actually MY job to ensure that they do indeed live long and prosper!"
Different cultures have different solutions to the toilet paper shortage.
McCoy: "How did your people's first contact with the Klingons go, anyway?"
Spock: "Not well. They interpreted this gesture as an insult."
McCoy: "They interpret EVERY gesture as an insult..."
Up close, Bones could see that Spock made his uniform more fancy by simply using tape with glitter on it...
Even Spock was forced to conclude that McCoy's uncanny ventriloquist dummy and impersonation of himself was "fascinating".
McCoy thinking "That's right, you keep showing off with your ridiculous number of medals and extra thick gold trim. We'll see who's laughing half way through the Minister's speech when the laxative laced Plomeek soup runs its course"
"Spock, I've told you before about spreading fake news - a Vulcan greeting does NOT protect you from coronavirus!"
"Yes Doctor, I saw it and it was this big."
Spock, that's gotta hurt. When are you going to let me do the surgery to fix your hand?
McCoy: "You Vulcans have a weird way of doing high fives..."
Bones: "I don't care what they say... Those ears are friggin' weird."
Spock: "Greetings, Earthlings!"
McCoy: "You are half 'Earthling' yourself, remember?"
Frankie Chestnuts: "Say what?
"Greetings, Frankie Chestnuts. Live long and prosper. We have been expecting you."
A couple of the puppets that Gerry Anderson rejected from Thunderbirds
Spock: "Doctor, it is illogical to be envious of either my ears or the fact that I can do this hand gesture without any effort."
The first officer of the Enterprise demonstrates how to signal a right turn.
Bones: "Well, darn. I never thought I'd hear a Vulcan say, 'Talk to the hand.'"
"OK, first word ... two syllables ... or is that two and two?"
McCoy (thinking): "At least I'm safe in my mind."
Spock (thinking): "At least you're safe in your mind."
McCoy: "I hate it when you do that."
Spock (thinking): "I know, Doctor."
Spock: "And that, Doctor, is how to produce a shadow puppet of a sehlat."
A Vulcan High Five.
McCoy, to self: Why do HIS medals look like a "Christmas Tree", and mine look like a Nazi cross?
Bones; Spock how many times do i have to tell you the space is between the index and middle finger and you say Peace man and far out"
Spock: “Peace, Love and Music.”
Bones [under his breath]: "Damn hippies.”
Bones [to self]: "What an arse!"
Spock: "I heard that."
Bones [to self]: "What an arse!"
McCoy: "Spock, do you have any idea what this colorful pins on our gala uniforms are supposed to mean?"
Spock: "Not a clue, Doctor. But I tried to arrange them in a manner that seemed logical to me."
Spock proves that rude hand gestures are not unique to humans.
Spock prepares to operate a Sontaran doorlock
Bones: "Fun fact, Spock. Humans developed that gesture as a safe alternative to handshaking during a 21st Century viral outbreak."
DeForest:"Don't get smug, Leonard. You only do that because you know that Shatner can't."


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