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Caption Competition


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Name Caption
Bird of Prey Dax: ''I found him, can I keep him?''
Bird of Prey Dax: ''Worf is starting to get jealous, Julian. I hope you know how to fight with a bat'leth?''
Horta not Vorta Jadzia is right behind me....Oh Bugger....well that is an idea...
MR. WORF Dax had just finished her Julian android when she realized she had put in the Female emotion chip ! Qplah !
Bird of Prey Bashir: ''Ooohh... that's good... please continue...''
Dax (thinking): ''Julian is half asleep. I wonder if he even realizes that it is me...''
Bashir: ''Ooohh... your hands are wonderful... Garak...''
Dax: ''Wait, WHAT?''
Bird of Prey Bashir: ''Ooohh... that's good... please continue...''
Dax (thinking):
Cyrus Ramsay In this deleted scene from the second
Miss Marple At this point the universal translator
just started translating Jadzia’s story into a litany of blah blah blah…
Miss Marple ... and then the universal translator just started translating Jadzia’s story into
Cyrus Ramsay Tell me, Julian, are you familiar with Doctor Hfuhruhurr's cranial screw top method?
RogueSkyknight The Vulcan Nerve Pinch has nothing on the Trill Neck Rub
Bird of Prey Dax: ''Julian, prepare for a Trill-ing experience!''
N'tran DS 12 Data has Spot, Uhura had a tribble, Dax has Bashir.
Bird of Prey It seems that Data is not the only Starfleet officer with an off switch...
AJ Open you eyes, NOW. You WILL watch 'two girls, one cup'!
N'tran DS12 Ahhh!
Bird of Prey Bashir: ''Is this a phaser in your pocket, or is your symbiont happy to see me?''
N'tran DS12 I envy you,Doctor
Bird of Prey Bashir: ''I noticed that you are hanging out with Quark quite often lately.''
Dax: ''Well, you can learn a lot from other cultures, even from the Ferengi.''
Bashir: ''Like how to play tongo?''
Dax: ''...aaaand how to provide oo-mox!''
Kogenta Keep your eyes closed and face forward, Julian. I promise, Worf will be gentle.
AJ Behold, the Vulcan death grip does exist.
AJ A litle more pressurz and ... SNAP goes his neck!
McFortner Julian, remember how you told me that chiropractic was junk science....
MR. WORF Dax had a bad feeling in her stomach as she started to massage Julian, It felt as if the Symbiont was going to explode from her chest !!! ?
Miss Marple Off stage, Austin, Powers whispers that that's a MAN, baby.
Miss Maple Off stage, Austin Powers whispers to Julian:
Niall Johnson Human: Shatter spinal column at the third vertebra. Death is immediate.
MR. WORF Julian settles in as Dax prepares to give him a haircut ; little knowing she wants to use a Bat'leth !!!
Bryan Moore Well, Doctor, Oo-mox is far less tiring on a man of your... proportions.
Bryan Moore Test
Bodhi On Soviet Space Station, breasts stare at you!
Ilandra And here is the new dummy for 'Madam Tussaud in Space'
JanewayFan87 And now my dear doctor, I shall help you practice for your big scene in Game Of Thrones...
Niall Johnson We have ways of making you talk!
MR. WORF Little did Julian know that Curzon was plotting a take over of Deep Space Nine.
Bird of Prey Quark: ''I don't care how much profit the ticket sales may bring, I won't allow you to do a ventriloquist performance in my bar! Your Bashir doll totally creeps me out!''
Bird of Prey Dax: ''Look, I made a sculpture of you!''
Bashir: ''Wow, that's... disturbingly lifelike...''
Dax: ''Well, I had hundreds of years for practicing my sculpturing skills.''
Frankie Chestnuts Bashir: THERE... ARE... FORTY... LIGHTS!!
Maybe more. It's kind of tough to count them all.
Frankie Chestnuts Dax (to self): If he only had a red shirt... IT WOULD BE PERFECT!
Miss Marple Yes, this counts as a three-way, and I know people who count these things.
Miss Marple It's trilling.
Miss Marple FYI: Yes, this counts as a three-way.
Frankie Chestnuts Vulcan neck pinch.... Trill Style!
AJ ... and if I position his corpse like this it will look like he's asleep and I'll be able to get away before they discover he's dead.
Bird of Prey And you thought Vulcans are the only species who can do mind melds...
Biró István Relax
Frankie Chestnuts Nana: Siddig… do you want to grab a bite- TERRY! WHAT THE HELL???
Frankie Chestnuts Nana:
Frankie Chestnuts Mork calling Orson... Mork calling Orson... Come in Orson.
MLCoolJ Jadzia: My mind to your thoughts to your thoughts...

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