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Caption Competition

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Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Mestral: “Commander... I believe I’m experiencing rumblings in my mommy-daddy bits.”
Frankie Chestnuts Mestral: “Commander... I believe a warp core breach is imminent.”
Chromedome "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts!"
Bird of Prey Pon farr turns out to be a lot less glamorous than we've all imagined...
AdmiralM "Hurry up baby that mind meld wasn't enough!"
Frankie Chestnuts Mestral: "COOLANT LEAK... WE’VE GOT A COOLANT LEAK!”
AdmiralM "live long enough you will prosper."
AdmiralM "I Don't think a mind meld is going to be enough for him."
MR. WORF T'pol : I thought the covid test was done through the nose , not by touching my ass.
AdmiralM "Give in to your emotions."
Captain 8472 If you look closely, one will see an abused pair of actors.
Captain 8472 Every time viewers think of this scene, Berman and Bragga attempt to deny it’s existence.
Captain 8472 Mestral: “Correct me if I am wrong, but with this pose, shouldn’t I be violently attached to a wooden cross?”
EMH_MkII Danger! Containment breach! Beaver! BEAVERRRRR!!!
EMH_MkII "I believe I am experiencing what humans call a 'mid-life crisis.'"
Bird of Prey Male Vulcan: "Those human textiles made out of sheep hair are very scratchy."
Female Vulcan: "That's why it is illogical to wear them at all."
Bird of Prey "I was merely expressing my appreciation for your well developed mammaries."
"Yes, but did you have to do that by loudly shouting 'BOOBIES'?"
MR. WORF T'pol had no idea what would happen if she used Downy's Unstoppable fabric softener .
Obama3rdterm 1-6-21...DC Insurrection.
Horta not Vorta Waiting for a little breeze...
N'tran DS 12 Examine this picture very carefully, and you will notice a Vulcan male in 20th century earth clothing.
MR. WORF T'pol , hey you there, do these pants make my butt look big ????
Bird of Prey Semi-transparent dressing screens are illogical.
Chromedome Round the back of the White House, the Trump's prepare to leave incognito.
Captain 8472 Peaks of glory.
Captain 8472 This picture stimulates feelings of inadequacy in certain viewers.
Chromedome (Him - thinking) No Winnebago, no changing room, just the open air. My agent needs to do better than this.
(Her - thinking) At least I've got a better agent than him.
Chromedome Schwiiiiiing!
Captain 8472 Once again, we see how women are objectified by the media.
Captain 8472 Even women’s shadows endure a glass ceiling.
Captain 8472 Every time Berman and Bragga force nudity, a lawsuit is pending.
Captain 8472 Henry Weinstein was involved in the making of this show.
Captain 8472 The perks of the job.
Captain 8472 Technically, there are a total of 3 ‘Ds’ in this picture.
Captain 8472 Size does matter.
Captain 8472 Sadly, there will be no additional details.
N'tran DS 12 I see a little silhouetto. Scaramouche Scaramouche.
N'tran DS 12 January 6, 2021 Holy Sheet
Bird of Prey "Hmmm, nothing happens down there. Seems like I am not in pon farr yet."
MR. WORF Oh my !!! Think unsexy thoughts, Think unsexy thoughts, Think unsexy thoughts.......Too Late !!!
DBB "Curious. My pants are getting shorter. Most illogical."
Chromedome (sings) "Me .. and my shaaaaadow, walking down the avenue, me .. and my shaaaadow, not a soul to tell our troubles to."
(courtesy of Judy Garland)
Bird of Prey "Weird... Why is my shadow female!?"
MR. WORF This is not logical , something is happening . I don't understand . Now is my laundry dry yet ?
AdmiralM "It's not only the ratings going up."
AdmiralM "Humana Humana Humana!"
Chromedome "'I Love Lucy' be damned, I wanna see 'Bewitched' - Elizabeth Montgomery is a babe!"
Chromedome Due to coronavirus regulations, the facilities available to the cast during location shooting are somewhat rudimentary.
N'tran DS 12 Shadowplay.
Bird of Prey Beta testing the Vulcan Love Slave program...
Chromedome "Don't worry Melania. These are the best disguises EVER! No-one will notice us at the Biden inauguration."
N'tran DS 12 Shadows and Symbols.
Chromedome "Are you sure this is how they do auditions for Star Trek?"
Bir of Prey The Vulcan version of shadow theatre is a bit... different.
AdmiralM "Has it been 7years already?"
Captain 8472 All we want is a small gust of wind.
Captain 8472 One sheet separates every fan boy from their greatest prize.
Chromedome "Quick, we must get out of here before Kirk shows up!"
"Kirk? But how would he get into this storyline?"
"Star Trek Script Rule #1: If there is an attractive woman, Kirk arrives."
Chromedome This is the sight that instilled such incredulity in Icheb & Naomi last month.
Chromedome "I am sorry, your claim to be Frankie Chestnuts is not logically sustainable."
N'tran DS 12 Naked Now.. Naked Time.. Naked Shadow.
N'tran DS 12 Naked Now-
N'tran DS 12 The Savage Curtain.
AdmiralM "Holy Sheet!"
Rylan Sato Why couldn't the Klan come and use this sheet?
Rylan Sato Who put this inconvenient white sheet here?
Captain 8472 “I’m a little tea pot, short and stout!”
Captain 8472 Infinite nudity in infinite combinations.
Captain 8472 Even this sheet gets more screen time than Maywether.
Captain 8472 Even in fictional stories, there is too much white washing.
Captain 8472 The point in history does not matter, there will always be some form of ugly clothes.
Captain 8472 T’Mir: “I think you put on the female under garments.”
Captain 8472 One must understand, this scene was done for the ratings.
Captain 8472 This week, on The Shadowed Singer...
EMH_MkII If it does not think, then it's not logical.
If it does not think, then it's not logical...
Captain 8472 Though it is not seen, there is an uncomfortable silence in this image.
Captain 8472 There was a time when even Vulcans had red necks.
Frankie Chestnuts Mestral: "Are you cold?"
T'Mir: "No... Why do you ask?"
Frankie Chestnuts T'Mir: "Mestral... Please stop calling me T'Pol."
Miss Marple Funny enough, that female's shadow is the same outline that you see on Vulcan truckers' mudflaps.
Miss Marple Mestral, to self: When I talk to my inner child, I see myself as a little bit older, and as a girl.
Frankie Chestnuts T'Pol: "Why do you get to wear that drab, frumpy outfit while I get to wear... nothing?"
Captain 8472 These individuals are lucky. Neither of them will be on Earth during 2020.
Captain 8472 Every thought regarding this situation is both uncalled for and uncomfortable.
PegasusJF Mestral (mentally): Don't look, Don't look, Oh God I want to look, Don't look, Don't look....
PegasusJF It is said that being a man is like having a little dog that barks at everything. Mestral's dog is barking.
Captain 8472 Thought: what would happen if any of these hidden survivors needed surgery?
Captain 8472 The future of acting is regular nudity.
Captain 8472 Shadow male parts in 3... 2... 1...
The Geek This being Enterprise, I am fully confident this implied nudity checks all the logic boxes...
The Geek Boy, Tuvok sure wasn't kidding when he said, "The demands on a Vulcan's character are extraordinarily difficult. Do not mistake composure for ease."
Chromedome "Have you got my wallet?"
Chromedome "Does my bum look big in this?"
(some things never change)
Frankie Chestnuts I love those outfits from the 50's. They were so... naked.
Frankie Chestnuts T’Pol: “There wouldn’t happen to be a bra out there, would there?
Mestral: “A bra?? Nope... Not out here... No bras.”
Frankie Chestnuts Jolene: “They said it was ‘Integral to my character’. Integral to my character, my ass...”
Director: “THAT’S MY POINT!”
Chromedome This is from Nimoy's audition for the yokel farmer in "Men In Black"
Frankie Chestnuts “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations... Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations... Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations...”
Chromedome Section 31 liked to operate in the shadows.
Chromedome "Wow! That shadow puppet is AWESOME!"

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