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Caption Competition

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Name Caption
MR. WORF Picard : Beverly , I must say you do a phenomenal job trimming your eye brows.
Chromedome "Why are we doing film noire - again? Because the costume department have run out of ideas for silly alien outfits and it's cheaper than making a rubber alien costume."
Chromedome "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy was wrong. It's not a towel that matters, it's having a stylish hat!"
Captain 8472 “So, what game is Q making us play this time?”
Captain 8472 “Tell me, Beverly, have you ever heard of the term ‘Santorum’?”
Chromedome "Do you think the bakers will realise we aren't Prue Leith & Paul Hollywood?"
Chromedome "I'm from Track & Trace ..."
"Oh no, am I in danger?"
"I'm afraid so. You've been in close proximity with Wesley Crusher and so you need to self-isolate for the rest of the series."
MR. WORF Dr.Crusher : We've made it this far , what do you say now Jean Luc ?
Jean Luc : Dr.Crusher prepare to ENGAGE !
Bird of Prey Picard: "I opted for a holographic hat because unfortunately the holodeck can't generate holographic hair..."
N'tran DS 12 Jessica Rabbit vs Eddie Valiant in a kiss off.
MR. WORF Dr.Crusher : This is the part where you kiss
the bride.
Jean Luc : The What ?!!!!!
Bird of Prey Picard: "This is supposed to be your face mask? You know that with these large holes, it's absolutely useless for protecting you against he virus, right?"
Beverly: "Hey, give me some slack, how was I supposed to know? After all, I am a doctor, not a - uh... never mind."
Jonas Ryman I’m still waiting to enter the Neutral Zone....
Chromedome Picard and Crusher always saw eye to eye
Bird of Prey Picard: "We'll always have Tom Paris!"
Beverly: "That line would be funnier if we were crew members of the USS Voyager..."
Miss Marple Picard: Beverly, What have you got for me that's SO URGENT you couldn't wait?
Beverly: A flu shot. Last year a young friend of mine died from the flu, and today's a great day to inoculate.
Bird of Prey Picard: "So, tell me again why we are on the holodeck..."
Beverly: "Wesley wanted to try out a holonovel in which he can play the role of a 20th/21st century comic character, a superhero called Batman."
Picard: "Ah, well. And who are we supposed to be? Are we superheroes too?"
Beverly: "No, we are Thomas and Martha Wayne, Batman's parents..."
RedDwarfian "Promise me one thing, Captain."
"What is it?"
"Promise we'll never time travel back to 2020."
"Oh of course!"
Chromedome "I've never been so ... so ... so ... arughhhhh!"
Bird of Prey Beverly: "You know what would make this noir ambience perfect? If everything were monochrome. Computer,-"
Picard: "No, don't. The last time let the program run in monochrome, some tin can robot appeared out of nowhere."
Stanz Listen! Do you smell something?
Bird of Prey Space, the noir frontier...
Captain 8472 A serious lack of planning went into this date.
DanielB Listen, I'm the captain, you work under me - FOR me - WITH, me. It wouldn't be good. I mean it would be good, oh yes, but it would be, er, naughty. I MEAN, against the rules.
Dan the Plan Man Huehehehuehueheueheh
Bodhi "Doctor, I don't want to alarm you but you're standing awfully close to that black hole..."
Chromedome "Eee by 'eck luv, tha' scrubs up reet nice!"
Chromedome "Beverly..."
"Yes, Jean Luc?"
"Beverly, ... there's ..."
"Yes, Jean Luc?"
"Beverly, there's something I need to ask you ..."
"What is it, Jean Luc?"
"Beverly, please can you stop standing on my foot?"
Bird of Prey Picard: "You were right, Beverly - Silly Hat Day was a bad idea. Next year it's Captain Picard Day again!"
McFortner What's a fine dame like you doing in a cheap holodeck program like this?
PegasusJF When rivals in the staring championships meet...
Bird of Prey Picard: "My love is as a fever, longing -"
Beverly: "If you just continue quoting Shakespeare all day, this date is over!"
Bird of Prey Beverly: "Why did you choose to play a film noir private eye?"
Picard: "Data already hogged the role of Sherlock Holmes. So what was left for me was either this or Detective Conan."
Frankie Chestnuts Crusher: "I think we're all set, Jean Luc... I have him anesthetized and tied up in our quarters."
Picard: "Perfect, Beverly... Now let's get the rest of the senior staff and get him loaded onto that shuttle. By he wakes up, the Enterprise will be a half a billion kilometres away."
Crusher: "...and Wesley will be out of our lives forever."
Frankie Chestnuts I can't wait to see the outcome of THIS transporter accident...
Bird of Prey Picard: "What is this weird net in front of your face?"
Beverly: "Well, I am no expert in 20th century Earth customs, but I think it's supposed to symbolize to men that I am a 'good catch'. That's also where the saying 'there are many fish in the sea' comes from."
Captain 8472 In this picture we see post covid dating without protection.
Captain 8472 “His charm on display.”
“Her look, disapproving.”
Captain 8472 Beverly did not know if she was talking to Picard or Q.
Captain 8472 “Tell me something romantic.”
“Q has busy right now.”
Captain 8472 In order to properly annoy a favorite target, Q turned himself into Beverly Crusher.
Captain 8472 Role Playing Games in the future.
Chromedome Chromedome's quest for Frankie Chestnuts leads him face to face with Miss Marple
Chromedome Miss Marple: I've got a fedora like Picard - it keeps my bald spot warm in the winter!
Miss Marple Yes Chromedome, Miss Marple actually does own a hat like that!
-Like Beverly's, not Picard's.
Commodore Bob Wesley Picard And Beverly on the Holodeck. Shaka, when the holodeck broke
Chromedome "OK Miss Marple, where's Frankie Chestnuts?"
Ankarii Nimorotova That net does not count as a mask, Beverly.
Captain 8472 Picard could not take his eyes off Beverly’s bleached mustache.
Captain 8472 One of these two is renowned for well known acting a directing. The other is Patric Stewart.
Captain 8472 Bad stereotypes in 3.... 2.... 1....
Captain 8472 Q is once again trolling the crew of the Enterprise.
Bird of Prey Picard: "Of all the starships, in all the quadrants, in all the galaxies, she beams onto mine."
Cyrus Ramsay Picard: "The pattern on your veil reminds me so much of benzene molecules."
Beverley: "Jean-Luc, I expect that from Wesley, not from you."
Cyrus Ramsay Picard: "The pattern on your veil reminds me so much of benzene molecules."
Beverley: "Jean-Luc, you've been working with Data for too long."
Frankie Chestnuts Picard: "Those pearls are lovely, Beverly."
Crusher: "Oh Jean Luc, I love a man in a fedora."
Picard: "Your eyes... They're like lipid pools."
Crusher: "Limpid."
Picard: "Pardon?"
Crusher: "Limpid... Not lipid. A lipid is a organic compound. It's a fatty molecule."
Picard: "Well... that killed the mood."
Crusher: "YOU brought up the fatty molecule."
Frankie Chestnuts The August meeting of Enterprise's Funny Hats Club.
Frankie Chestnuts Picard: "Breath Mint?"
Crusher: "No... Garlic?"
Picard: "Yes."
Captain 8472 Picard, entering the friend zone.
Miss Marple The only reason they put that fancy netting on Beverly's hat was to distract from the horrible rash she had on her face that no amount of makeup could cover.
Miss Marple Picard: You say to-MAY-to, I say to-MAH-to...
MR. WORF The staring contestants had been at it for hours .
MR. WORF Dr. : Jean Luc ! Is that a 45 or are you glad to see me ?!
Chromedome "No. You are NOT crazy and I will NOT give you a section 8 discharge."
Chromedome "Wesley, get back in your uniform NOW!"
Chromedome "Just the facts, ma'am."
Chromedome "Of all the holodecks in all the ships in the fleet, and you have to walk into mine!"
MR. WORF Just as Jean Luc was just about to tell Beverly he loved her, when he heard Wesley cry out Mom !, can I talk to you ?
MR. WORF Lower your shields and let me in ......

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