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Caption Competition


Caption comp image

Name Caption
Admiral Dunsel TSA Security screening at the Las Vegas Int. Airport.
Admiral Adam Archer: Really, it's not what you think...
jg Archer's and Tripp's gambling problem has completely gotten out of hand.
DBB Producer: Connor, Scott... What's going on? Where are your clothes?
Scott Bakula: Billingsley said the script called for this.
Producer: He said...what?
*John Billingsley laughs so hard he nearly passes out*
DBB "Cap'n, I'm gettin' sunburns in places I can't even reach."
DBB "So they took your clothes and marooned you here?"
"They didn't take our clothes."
Frankie Chestnuts Archer: "I think we're close here... I'll let you have the nice young Lieutenant here, and you'll give me 10 liters of water and two goats?"
Trip: "Capt'n... Are you trying to-"
Archer: "Shut up, Trip! I'm trying to do some business here... So what do you say... We have a deal?"
Frankie Chestnuts Archer: " you're saying we DIDN"T have to take all our clothes off and walk across the desert?"
jg Due to the sunburn they got, Tripp and Archer spent the next week saying "don't touch me".
Miss Marple No need to explain, dearie, my husband won’t ask for directions, either.
Frankie Chestnuts Trip (to self): "Is the captain actually trying to sell me into slavery for water?
I hope I get a sip."
Frankie Chestnuts Trip (to self): "Is the captain actually trying to sell me into slavery for water?"
Miss Marple Trip, to self: I TOLD him he would get himself into trouble one day if he didn't stop saying "Oh, balls!" all the time.
Miss Marple Archer: it's not a HICKEY, it's a rope burn!
Trip, to self: He's not making this look any less kinky...
Miss Marple Archer: So what do YOU think, Trip: blue & black, or white & gold?
Miss Marple Well, if you had read the tags CAREFULLY, you would have known your outfit's SPF stopped at 50+. What did you THINK that meant?
Miss Marple Ok, so you don't have heard of SPF ? -Sun Protection Factor? Sun screen? How about sunblock? Suntan lotion? Sun cream? BLOCK OUT????
Bird of Prey Archer: ''What are you staring at? Did you never see two naked dudes in the middle of the desert before?''
Frankie Chestnuts Stranger: "SURE I can give you a ride. One question... Do you like movies about gladiators?"
MLCoolJ Archer: Okay, where the hell are our clothes?
Frankie Chestnuts The galaxy's worst Male Strip Club...
Frankie Chestnuts Archer: "Well, we've kinda had a rough day... Our rental broke down a few kilometers back. Then we were picked up by a truck driver by the name of Jim Bob-"
Trip: "Tell him about the wolverine!"
Archer: "I'm GETTING to the wolverine!"
Frankie Chestnuts Archer: "There's a lesson to be learned here... Never play strip poker with a species that has a head larger than a basketball.
Frankie Chestnuts Archer: " you're saying you DO like gladiator movies?"

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