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Daystrom Institute Technical Library

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Visitor no : 24,506,639
Forum : Posts : 335,582 Members : 461
Sudden death : Last week : Gurius III with 44 points All time : Elim Garak with 648 points
Did you know : Our lists section describes 301 different weapons Shops : UK / Europe USA
Quote :
"All right, but it's there and it's real. If it's real, it can be affected. Engineering, stand by to divert all power systems to the outer hull. Prepare impulse engines for generation of maximum heat directed as ordered. Maybe we can't break it, but I'll bet you credits to navy beans we can put a dent in it!" - DeSalle to Chekov
TOS : Catspaw

1 Sep 2019

Section Update
Caption Comp Congratulations to The Geek winner of last months caption competition.

28 Aug 2019

Section Update
Poll We asked "Did you like Home, the third episode of The Orville season 2?" and you voted for "Loved it!" with a winning score of 11 out of 16 votes (68.8%).

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