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Daystrom Institute Technical Library

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Quote : "You jewel, that's exactly what I wanted to hear!" - Yar to Data; on discovering that he is 'fully functional' in matters of sexuality
TNG : The Naked Now

28 Dec 2014

Section Update
Layout issues Fixed a few layout issues that cause the quick link buttons to be displaced to the left slightly and also caused the end buttons of the top strip to show incorrectly on the mobile site.

27 Dec 2014

Section Update
Reviews New and additional pictures, taken from the new BluRay release, have been added the following season 7 TNG episodes:

24 Dec 2014

Section Update
14 million visitors Congratulations to Admiral Horton our 14 millionth visitor.

22 Dec 2014

Section Update
Top menus We've moved the Links and Awards menu items to the Site Guide menu and removed the button from the top strip. This evens up the strip making it look more tidy.
Snow Fixed an issue where the snow could cause the page to flicker every few of seconds.
More top menus We've also made another change to the top menu strip. For the first time on the site we've been able to make the strip change to fit the size of your window. This has been possible because of some changes to css made recently. This allows us to correctly fit the buttons to the layout, while still maintaining the borders that make the buttons look 3D. You may need to force a reload on a page before you see the effect. There is a minimum size that the header can be so you will only see a difference if your window is larger than that size. To put it another way, if you used to see blank buttons at the end of the header rows then you should now see the buttons fill that entire space.

If your browser doesn't support the new tech you will see the old arrangement, however, the blank buttons will be missing. The only browser that doesn't currently support it is Opera, which doesn't seem to be that popular with our users.

Update: Made a small adjustment to make lesser browsers (including Opera) a little more compatible.
Main page Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause the main page to stop half way through.
Battle galleries Fixed an issue with the pagination on the Battle galleries.

11 Dec 2014

Section Update
Timeline pages We've added links to our timeline pages. If a timeline entry is associated to a species you will get a link to that species. Also if a timeline entry relates to a person you will get a link to that person.

3 Dec 2014

Section Update
Sudden Death Fixed an issue with Sudden Death game that prevented you from selecting an answer. Should work again now. You may need to reload to start it working again. Thanks to "Nathaniel" for pointing out the problem.
Additional Species Fixed an issue where the additional species page would bounce you to the site home page.

1 Dec 2014

Section Update
xmas decorations As you can see December is upon us and the xmas decorations have gone up. Enjoy.
Poll We asked "What is the worst Q episode?" and you voted for "The Q and the Grey" with a winning score of 24 out of 84 votes (28.6%).
Caption Comp Congratulations to Frankie Chestnuts winner of last months caption competition.

30 Nov 2014

Section Update
New Quiz We've added a new section to the Quiz part of the Recreation menu today. We now have a Quotes quiz. In this we will ask either "Who said..." or "In which episode did xxx say...". As usual you will be able to choose between a Small (5 questions), Medium (10 questions) or Large (20 questions) options. Enjoy.

If you find that the buttons don't work, try reloading the page.

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