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"Not even a bite on the cheek for old time's sake?" - K'Ehleyr to Worf
TNG : Reunion

1 Sep 2021

We asked "Which is your favourite Star Trek series" and you voted for "Start Trek : Deep Space Nine" with a winning score of 14 out of 35 votes (40.0%). For our new poll we are asking "Which is your least favourite Star Trek series"
Episode Datapoints
We've updated the episode datapoints page today to include links for all images that have a reference to a given episode. We've also changed the page layout, from a comma-separated list for each category, to one item per line. It's a lot cleaner and much easier to see where one item ends and the next one begins, even on mobile.
Caption Comp
Congratulations to "SlartyBardFast" winner of last months caption competition.

23 Aug 2021

Geordi La Forge
Stunningly I discovered that Geordi La Forge has been misspelt all these years. He was down as Geordi LaForge without the space. This has now been fixed, site wide.

21 Aug 2021

Episode Reviews
We've added the main cast to the episode review page, making it easier to find the information. This will be more useful later this month when my new project is released.

15 Aug 2021

Table row stripes
Fixed a minor issue on the episode and movie review pages where the stripes on the top part of the table where doubled on mobile platforms.
We've updated the forum from software version 3.3.1 to 3.3.4. As you can see this is a minor upgrade.

9 Aug 2021

DITL Shops
We have a massive update to the DITL shops today. We've added 133 new and updated products each, with four versions of our logo.

We have clothing for adults and for the first time kids and baby gear. In accessories we have Face Coverings, Caps & Hats, Bags & Backpacks, Mugs & Drinkware, Aprons, Bandanas, Pillows, iPhone Cases, Stickers and Soft Toys.

Each product is also available in a range of colours. We have tried to ensure that colour combinations that don't work have been removed. Red clothing, for example has been removed. If you do notice a combination that works really badly please make a note of the item name and the colour and email us.

We have a UK/EU Shop and US Shop.

3 Aug 2021

Episode Datapoints
I've fixed an issue on the Episode Datapoints page that caused Ship and Station internals to be listed twice.

I've also added sections for Ship and Station images, by name rather than the image it's self.

2 Aug 2021

Server outage
Appologies for the server outage. I restarted the server for a routine software update and somehow it got set to boot from the network, given that network boot hasn't ever been setup it obviously didn't work.

Given I don't routinely have access to change that setting I'm confused as to how it got changed in the first place. I've been assured it's set to only boot internally now. So we're back.

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