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Daystrom Institute Technical Library

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Quote :
"K'Tal, this Council knows the law of heredity well. G'now juk Hol pajhard. A son shall share in the honours or crimes of his father. Toral is Duras' son. That has been established by the genetic scan. But with due respect to the traditions and laws of this High Council, there is no basis for accepting a petition for leadership from a boy who has fought no battles, shed no blood for his people, or earned no honour for himself. One day, perhaps he shall. But not now. Duras is dead. His claim to the leadership died with him. Gowron shall lead the Council." - Picard to The Council
TNG : Redemption, Part 1

7 Mar 2019

Section Update
Image pages You can now use the keyboard to switch between images on our image pages. They keys are as follows:
  • Left arrow - moves back an image
  • Right arrow - moves forward an image
  • Up arrow - moves to the first image
  • Down arrow - moves to the last image
In order for it to work you may have to force a reload the first time.

1 Mar 2019

Section Update
Caption Comp Congratulations to The Geek winner of last months caption competition.

11 Feb 2019

Section Update
Poll We asked "“Do you like a bearded Spock who smiles?" and you voted for "No" with a winning score of 38 out of 52 votes (73.1%).

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