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Caption Competition

Last Month

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Name Caption
Bodhi "Major, never activate my emergency flotation device again. Understood?"

Special Mention

Name Caption
MLCoolJ Kira: Dammit, Sisko, are you sleepwalking again?
MR. WORF Sisko : Now kneel before your Prophet !!!
Kira : Don't you think your taking this Prophet thing a little to far ??
MR. WORF Sisko : Sorry Major for barging into the ladies washroom but this couldn't wait .
Kira : WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN HERE !!!!!! Get out or wipe my ass !!!!
Miss Marple Kira: Well Sir, from this angle, I don't get distracted by your hairline... Have you ever considered just shaving it all off? ... sort of like going Brain Commando???
Bird of Prey Sisko: "Thanks for the stepladder. But I still don't really understand the purpose."
Kira: "Kai Opaka thought you'd look more Emissary-ish that way."
MR. WORF Due to budget cuts , Nana Vistor's double was a little short during season one .
MR. WORF Major ; how did you get in here ??
Major Kira , I just came up from the basement .
Sisko : What basement ??!
Frankie Chestnuts Sisko gets up on his soapbox for another one of his "Inspirational" speeches.
MLCoolJ Sisko: Chief, we've just had a transporter malfunction. It seems to have de-aged Kira into a twelve-year-old girl.
O'Brien: Dammit! Not again!
Bird of Prey Sisko: "I am very disappointed with you, Major. I would have expected Quark to stoop so low - but you!?"
mwhittington Kira: (whispering) "Commander, I'm sorry, but your "barracks door" is open!"
Sisko: "Oh!" (turns away, zips up fly) "Thank you, Major. By the way, did you happen to see a "proud soldier", standing at attention?"
Kira: :No, sir, but I did see a "wounded soldier" sitting on a couple of "duffle bags."
The Geek Kira: "I've had it up to here with these Caption Competitions."
Sisko: "Oh, yeah? Well, I've had it up to HERE with these Caption Competitions!"
Ayni Kira : I Can't believe this ! All humans have one as big?
Sisko : Well... it's a embarrassing question, Major...
Kira : Belt buckles are an embarrassing subject on Earth?
Bird of Prey Sisko: "Transporter malfunction?"
Kira: "Transporter malfunction."
Bird of Prey Sisko: "I'll see what I can do in that matter, but you may have to lower your expectations."
Kira: "As you can see, I already have."
Bird of Prey Sisko: "What is the meaning of this!?"
Kira: "Every time I am angry with Quark, he tells me that I should rather pick a fight with someone my own size. And well, how do you humans say? Be careful what you wish for..."
Bird of Prey Sisko: "Since my experience with the Prophets, everyone seems so... small."
McFortner Major, my eyes are up here.
Bird of Prey Sisko: "I have to admit, when you called me to complain about a personell shortage, that was not what I expected."
Frankie Chestnuts Kira:: "Do you think you are intimidating when you sit on a higher chair during an interview?"
Sisko: "Not at all... erm... What makes you think that? ...and why do you think you are qualified for second in command of this station?"
Frankie Chestnuts Sizsko: "YOU are a very small person."
Kira: "...and YOU are a little,little man."
Bird of Prey Sisko: "Major, did you ever notice that the floor is a bit uneven here?"

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