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Caption Competition

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Name Caption
Captain 8472 ‘Stupid adults. I should just kick this red shirt in the groin.’
Captain 8472 Every time Riker stares down a kid, an angel looses it’s wings.
Captain 8472 One of these 3 is Q. Can you figure out which one?
Captain 8472 “Listen, I know you want to annoy Q, but you cannot possibly pretend to be Captain Picard.”
Chromedome "Home schooling is over! You can go back to the classrooom and see your friends again! Isn't that great?"
"No. I'm the only one in my class."
Chromedome In other news, DITL security are looking for a thief who steals the endings off captions. He is described as being short, with brown hair and wearing a
Chromedome "Listen to me, kid. If you turn out like Wesley Crusher I'm gonna shoot you."
Chromedome "You may be an engineering genius, kid. But causing the toilet in Captain Picard's ready room to reverse flush is a career limiting move."
Chromedome "... and may the Captioneers of DITL have mercy on your soul."
Bird of Prey Riker: "So you want to join Starfleet one day? That's a splendid decision, I'm sure you won't ever regret it! What's your name, anyway?"
Kid: "Cristóbal Rios, Sir!"
Rylan Sato So you're the little punk who keeps voting for his own unfunny captions so you'll win the competition?
Bird of Prey Riker: "What do you want to do when you're grown up."
kid: "I want to join Starfleet, Sir!"
Riker: "Good! Starfleet is always in need of new cannon fod- er, I mean eager young officers!"
Chromedome "I am William Thomas Riker. Commander of the Enterprise. General dogsbody of the legions. Loyal servant to the True Captain, Jean-Luc Picard. Father to a murdered screenplay, husband to a murdered script. And I will have my vengeance, in this episode or the next!"
"Yeah, right."
"Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!"
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: "So... Your name is Anthony?"
Anthony: "Yes, Commander..."
Riker: "...and from what I understand, you sent Wesley Crusher to 'The Cornfield'".
Anthony: "Yes, Commander..."
Riker: "That's fine... Anthony, have you ever had the feeling you've done this before... Déjà vu?"
Anthony: "Yes, Commander..."
MR. WORF Riker : Now kid this is how you stand at attention when a superior officer enters the room.
Bird of Prey Kid: "What do I have to do to become an awesome Commander just like you?"
Riker: "Work hard, be studious, and I'm sure you'll make it. If you survive being a low-ranked redshirt, that is."
Kid: "Understood, I - wait what?"
Captain 8472 Parenting. Everyone’s greatest joy and worst nightmare.
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: "So, Timmy... did you break into the armory, steal a phaser and kill your cat?"
Timmy: "Yes, Commander..."
Riker: "...and did the cat deserve it?"
Timmy: "Yes, Commander..."
Riker: "Good..."
Frankie Chestnuts MORAL:
Shame: Damn... Riker is so good at that!
Captain 8472 Every childhood memory, now ruined.
Bird of Prey Crewmember: "I have to apologize for my son. Asking why you aren't Captain yet was very rude of him."
Riker: "Indeed, it was!"
Crewmember: "That being said, why AREN'T you Captain yet?"
Captain 8472 Yet another gag to annoy Riker.
Captain 8472 Yet another kid who could stand a condescending adult.
Chromedome "It's an important life lesson, kid. The good thing about wetting yourself when wearing a black uniform is that it leaves you with a warm feeling and nobody notices."
"You're gross, mister."
Chromedome "Hello kid, what are you doing here?"
"Shove it, bignose!"
"That's Commander Bignose to you."
Chromedome "I caught him trying to call his agent to get an extra 20% for having to work with us."
"Only 20%, kid? I'd have gone for 40% at least!"
Chromedome "Yes. We will. Stand here. Looking awkward and. Deliver our lines. Badly."
"Yes. Commander."
"Hey, how long do I have to stand here with these two ham actors before someone gives me an ice cream?"
(offscreen) "Cut! Shut up, kid, you've just ruined the take."
The Geek Frakes (thinking): "Maybe things will be better in Season Two. I just hope I never have to do a clip show. I HATE clip shows..."
Captain 8472 Distracting kids with clown shoes.
Captain 8472 When disciplining another person’s child, get that parent’s permission.
Captain 8472 The future of shrinkage.
Captain 8472 At least Riker is not a catholic priest.
Bird of Prey "I have to apologize for my son, Commander. Lately he's telling every clean-shaven man that he'd look much better with a beard."
Bodhi "Yeah, he's one of mine all right. Just keep your trap shut and stick him on deck 10 with the others."
Bodhi "We found your Twitter troll Commander."
AdmiralM "Has it selected a gender yet?"
Chromedome Riker: "No. I don't care what you say, he is too small to be Frankie Chestnuts."
Chromedome "I call this meeting of The Guild Of Wooden Actors to order ..."
Chromedome "Yes sir, I have successfully cloned Wesley Crusher. Isn't that great?"
Chromedome "Now, let your arms hang by your side ... and relax. That is the end of this session of Corridor Yoga."
Chromedome Kid: "So Mr Riker, are you gonna strip down to your tights like Captain Kirk?"
Chromedome And the winner of the Starfleet Haircut Competition is ....
Frankie Chestnuts Here we see Cmdr. Riker practicing his 'submissive urination stare' on some of the more vulnerable members of the crew.
Frankie Chestnuts Riker: "Hey kid... My eyes are up here!"
Captain 8472 Too tall, too short, and very amused.
Captain 8472 Sooooo.... Riker just met his inner child.
Captain 8472 Aren’t you a little short to be a storm trooper?
Captain 8472 Here we have an apology gone wrong.
Captain 8472 Not even a kid will take Riker seriously.
Captain 8472 Riker noticing that a kid has spotted his lower salute.
Miss Marple Riker: I'm not looking down on you because I'm a snarky a**hole, I'm just looking down on you because you're unusually short.
Chromedome Home schooling ... IN SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!
MR. WORF Lt. , alright ! Who farted ??!!!
MR. WORF Commander , we scanned both you and the boy . Your not his father.
ilandra One of these things is not like the others ...

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