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Caption Competition

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Name Caption
MR. WORF T'pol had no idea what would happen if she used Downy's Unstoppable fabric softener .

Special Mention

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts T'Pol: "Why do you get to wear that drab, frumpy outfit while I get to wear... nothing?"
Captain 8472 All we want is a small gust of wind.
Captain 8472 Even women’s shadows endure a glass ceiling.
Horta not Vorta Waiting for a little breeze...
Obama3rdterm 1-6-21...DC Insurrection.
Bird of Prey Pon farr turns out to be a lot less glamorous than we've all imagined...
MR. WORF What did you call this earth ritual ?
T'pol : Humans call it skinny dipping .
Bird of Prey Just in case you ever doubted that Vulcans are mammals...

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