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Caption Competition

Last Month

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Name Caption
EMH_MkI My ridges are UP here.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts B'Etor: "YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!! i DON'T WANNA AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!"
Chromedome Melania in the morning
MR. WORF I take it Quarks Gamma Quadrant Chilly didn't agree with you !!
Cyrus Ramsay How do you say, "My lips are sealed." without contradicting yourself?
EMH_MkI Klingon Charades at its finest.
Admiral Adam My eyes are up HERE!
Chromedome Spotting her target in the crowd, B'Etor swiftly approaches, pokes him with her rolled up newspaper and says:
"YOU are Frankie Chestnuts and I claim my prize of 10 credits!"
Bird of Prey B'Etor: "Well... uh... YOU are the petaQ! Ha! See how that hurts!?"
Mikey “Why yes, our traditional costume is based on combat-ready body armor but has a huge hole in the front exposing our breasts and vital organs, why do you ask?”
Chromedome "This blue dress ... do you do an armoured version?"
EMH_MkI Klingon corsets make me stronger!
Ayni Dealer: And to finish with our collection, we have this beautiful blue dress. Do Klingons wear dresses? Bah nevermind... It would suit you very well and it would highlight your... georgeous curves. I don't know if we can armor it, but I'll see that detail with the designer. Mrs ? You are still here ?
B'Etor: Pleeeese, I beg you .... I'll buy what you want but ... Where are the toilets?
MR. WORF Garrak : Is the collar on your blouse a little tight ??
mwhittington Have you ever seen a Klingon try to hold in a laugh? It really is quite... horrifying.
MLCoolJ "Gowron thinks he has the biggest bug-eyes in the Klingon Empire? Well, watch THIS!"
Chromedome You'd look like this too if you were wearing a chainmail thong!
MR. WORF I think your suit is squeezing your breasts to tight .
Klingon : YOU THINK !!!!
MR. WORF Garak : Holding your breath won't help to lower the price.
PegasusJF 3 seconds after this, half of the people on the promenade were in the infirmary suffering from methane poisoning.
Mikey “I came to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I... well, I’m still working on the gum.”
Bird of Prey "We don't discuss this with outsiders", was Worf's famous answer to the question why TOS era Klingons had no ridges.
But other Klingons too can become very tightlipped when confronted with this issue.
Bird of Prey The eighties came and went - but on some planets, giant shoulder pads are still considered quite fashionable!
jg This guy is about to find out that the dine and dash trick doesn't work on a space station, especially when your waitress was a Klingon.
jg Little known fact, Klingon females are courageous warriors, but shiny object and mirrors are their weakness,

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