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Caption Competition

Last Month

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Name Caption
Obama3rdterm Ensign Kim: "That's a big wall."
Neelix: "That's a very big wall."
Seven of Nine: "Why was it built?"
Janeway: "The wall was an expression of ego by a local leader."

Special Mention

Name Caption
MLCoolJ "Keeping Up With The Cardassians" finally reaches the Delta Quadrant.
Mikey "So NOBODY brought any folding chairs?"
Skipbear Seven, "I did some research into what a 'Dirty Neelix' is.
MLCoolJ Super Bowl CDXI: The Voyager crew is awestruck by the first Super Bowl appearance of the Detroit Lions.
mwhittington Janeway: What the heck is this!?
Neelix: I was rummaging around in the computer looking for information on Cardassians, but I believe I spelled the name wrong and found this old Earth program about something called Kardashians.
Kim: Hard to tell either species apart, really.
Frankie Chestnuts First Row (R to L):
"Dear God!"
"Dear God!"
"Dear God!"
"Dear God!"
Second Row (R to L)
"Dear God!"
"Dear God!"
"Dear God!"
"Telaxian... Species 218... Dense musculature. He will make an excellent drone."
Third Row (R to L):
"Dear God!"
"Dear God!"
"Dear God!"
"Dear God!"
Frankie Chestnuts To the shock of the crew, Neelix broadcasts the long lost Kes fantasy video diary. Consensus is that he should have previewed it prior to the event.
AJ Why is Seven checking out Neelix's butt, while everyone else is staring at the screen?
MR. WORF Ensign Kim: What that on my leg ?
Seven Of Nine : Relax Ensign ..... Resistance is fultile !!
BigMac1212 The mood shifted when a crewmate quipped "It's only a model."
DBB "I don't understand. I thought we were supposed to be seeing messages from Earth. Who is this Rick Astley and what is a Rick Roll?"
"I've been through the entire upload. This is all there is."
*Tom Paris' laughter is heard through the door*
Frankie Chestnuts Tuvok: “What is this ‘You Tube’, and why are there so many videos of cats?”
Neelix: “Videos of cats??? I thought this was the menu choices for tomorrow’s lunch.”
Janeway: "God... I hate that Ronaldo."
Miss Marple I understand the concept of "stoppage time", but this cannot be correct.
Cyrus Ramsay Janeway:"There's instant demotion for anyone who mocks the idea of a female 'Doctor Who'".
N'tran DS 12 The Snack Bar named Not Neelix's drew a capacity crowd.
Frankie Chestnuts It's 2374... and the vuvuzela's STILL annoy everyone trying to watch the World Cup.
ilandra Seven wished she'd never worked out how Copperfield did all those tricks.
MLCoolJ It's been a slow week, so our heroes have been passing the time by binge-watching "The Orville".
Mikey "Wait... who's driving?"
Cyrus Ramsay Seven of Nine: "This is the 200th film in the series, yet you all still accept that this 'James Bond' has been the same character all along?"
Obama3rdterm Watching the continuing plane crash of the Trump Presidency.
Bird of Prey Janeway: "Okay, but this is the last cat video we are watching today. After that, everyone gets back to work!"
Cyrus Ramsay "This is Captain Katherine Janeway of the starship 'Voyager'. How can we help you?"
"Captain Janeway, my name is Arthur Dent and if you're still looking for Earth, I have some rather bad news for you."

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