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Caption Competition

1 Sep 2017

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Bird of Prey Stadi: ''You want a kiss? I would rather kiss a Klingon!''
Paris: ''So would I, but I still have to wait a few seasons for that.''

Special Mention

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Paris: “Listen… You’ve GOT to go out with him… I’ll give you a weeks replicator rations. He’s driving me NUTS! He was in my quarters this morning. He woke me up playing “Everybody Hurts” on his clarinet!”
Miss Marple Sexual harassment ... IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!
Frankie Chestnuts Stadi: "Tom... I'm Betazoid. I hear EVERYTHING you are thinking. ...and you're a dirty, dirty little man."
Miss Marple Tom: Do you know what I'm thinking?
Stadi: It doesn't take a Betazoid to know what YOU are thinking.
Frankie Chestnuts Stadi: "Tom, will you LEAVE ME ALONE."
Paris: "Wait a sec... YOU'RE the one in the Men's Room."
Stadi: "Fine. At least use a different urinal."
Frankie Chestnuts Stadi: ♪"There's Klingon's off the starboard bow, starboard bow..."♫
Paris: "Technically, I'm off the port quarter..."
Stadi: "Shut up... you're still a Klingon."
Frankie Chestnuts Paris: "Stadi... do you like movies about gladiators?"
Stadi: "What the hell are you talking about?? LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!"
Paris: "So, you DON'T like movies about gladiators?"
Chromedome "Is that fake news?"
Mikey "Tom, why are you biting my neck?"
"Well, how exactly did you think the crew survived unchanged all these years in the Delta Quadrant?"
Frankie Chestnuts Paris: "Stadi... What are you thinking?"
Stadi: "I'm trying to figure out if that unnatural relationship you have with Harry is a really freaky friendship or a seriously scary Bromance."
MLCoolJ Paris: Now put the black 8 on the red 9.
Stadi: Yes, Paris, I know how to play Solitaire.
MR. WORF Stadi : I wanted to tell you ... Good Luck ... And we're all counting on you.
Frankie Chestnuts A romantic evening on the Holodeck. It seems harmless enough. Until Mr. Paris becomes a bit too forward and ends up wearing a plate of Neelix’s Talaxian worm hair pasta. This ultimately results in Mr. Paris’ evening… and uniform, to be a total loss.
We've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
We are Farmers
mwhittington Paris: You. Me. Hot tub. Champagne.
Stadi: You. Alone. Hot tub. Plasma conduit.
Miss Marple Tom sidles in to try to attempt the "Kirk Maneuver".
EMH_MkI Narrator: Only redshirt one will survive. Who will it be!? Find out... RIGHT NOW!!!
Bird of Prey Paris: ''Today is Kiss-The-Pilot-Day.''
Stadi: ''Funny, I thought today is Punch-The-Copilot-Day.'''
AJ Sexual harassment.... IN SPACE
Niall Johnson Oh Cool! One of those alien parasite gills!
MLCoolJ Paris: I know I've been a bit of a playboy and I've never taken relationships seriously...but for you, I'm willing to go "Stadi". (laughs) Get it? "Stadi"?
Stadi: kill...him...
Chromedome (Outrageously fake French accent)
"Can I tempt you with one, small, wafer thin mint?"

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