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Caption Competition

1 Jun 2016

Caption comp image


Name Caption
jg Neelix: What? Am I suppose to kiss you or something. These Vulcan rituals and manners get so confusing at times.

Special Mention

Name Caption
MLCoolJ Neelix: So how much for the life-size Tuvok action figure?
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix: "How much for the little girl. The women, how much for the women?"
Tuvok: "What?"
Neelix: "Your women, I want to buy your women, the little girl, your captain. Sell them to me, sell me your women!"
Bird of Prey Neelix: ''We have tribbles here in the Delta Quadrant too. But we never let them procreate so much that they become a problem. We kill them all on sight, and then we make coats out of them.''
Admiral Dunsel No Mr. Neelix, after examining the similar structure of you ear, as compared to that of the typical Vulcan ear, I think it is safe to say with certainty that the Talaxian race and the Vulcan race are in no way related.
I do however suggest that you look into the uses of an Old-Earth invention called, I believe, a "Q-Tip".
PegasusJF When Kes left, Tuvok regrettably found himself the nearest shoulder to cry on.
mwhittington Star Trek: The Odd Couple.
PegasusJF Neelix's water addiction ultimately got him kicked off Voyager.
N'tran DS 12 In ten seconds....
One of the most awkward Star Trek kisses
Frankie Chestnuts Donald Trump (on the right) "working" with Paul Ryan.
DBB Neelix: My vision isn't what it used to be, Katherine. Doctor said cataracts.
Tuvok: I am not Captain Janeway.
Neelix: Hmm. My ears must be going too.
Bird of Prey Neelix: ''I have to go for little Talaxians, Mr. Vulcan. Where was the bathroom again? Over there?''
Tuvok: ''Mr. Neelix, I realize that it sounds rather illogical, but I have already told you a dozen times: There is no bathroom on the USS Voyager!''
Frankie Chestnuts Donald Trump (on the right) suspiciously eyeing up "One 'o dem foreigners”.
Bird of Prey Neelix: ''How can I be sure that you are in fact the real Tuvok, and not a hologram, or a clone, or a shapeshifter, or...''
Tuvok: ''Mr. Neelix, as chief of security, it is MY job to be overly paranoid.''
Frankie Chestnuts Nelix: "You know the thing about a shark, Mr. Vulcan, he's got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eye. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'. Until he bites ya and those black eyes roll over white. And then you hear that terrible high pitch screamin' and the ocean turns red and spite of all the poundin' and the hollerin' they all come in and rip you to pieces."
Tuvok: "Pardon?"
Frankie Chestnuts Tuvok: "No, Mr. Nelix... We DO NOT participate in 'Casual Fridays' on Voyager."
Bird of Prey Neelix: ''Of course I am looking forward to this way mission! But I have one question? Why is this planet called Murder-Hell Prime?''
Tuvok: ''Live long, and prosper, Mr. Neelix. Lieutenant, activate transporter.''
N'tran DS 12 A Transporter accident waiting to happen.
jg Try as he may, Neelix just can't stop focusing on the one nose harr that Tuvok missed.
Bird of Prey Neelix: ''Those pointy ears... Are you an elf?''
Tuvok: ''Are you an orc?''
Neelix: ''Point taken.''
Bird of Prey Neelix: ''What? Space is cold! You of all people should acknowledge that it is therefore perfectly logical to wear a coat during space travell!''
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix: "Goodness me... What type of hair care products do you use?
With a little work, in 6 months you could have a full head of hair like mine."

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