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Caption Competition

1 May 2016

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Sisko: "I REALLY don't get it... WHAT does Quark see in this?

Special Mention

Name Caption
PegasusJF The Kai gets a lot of Ferengi converts this way
Jonesy Accupressure...IN SPAAAACCCCEEEE!!!!
Bird of Prey Sisko (thinking): I'll ask Kai Winn if she wants to feel Quark's pagh too. She has probably never heard of oo-mox - that will be funny!
McFortner Oh, keep still, it's normal for a pierced ear to bleed a little. Don't be such a baby.
Cyrus Ramsay I'd like to see how the Kai can pluck a coin from Sisko's ear in a cashless economy.
Bird of Prey Sisko was expecting something different when he was ordered to attend a hearing...
DBB Not every one keeps their genitals in the same place.
DBB Is he asleep? He fell asleep. Wake him up. Poke him or something. Grab his ear.
AJ Get ready for the Star Trek version of Reservoir Dogs!
Frankie Chestnuts Kai Opaka: "Who's the best non-voluntary Emissary of the Prophets??? Who's the best? YOU ARE!!! YES, you are!!"
Bird of Prey Sisko: ''No offense, but the Vulcan method of pinching someone into unconsciousness is far more effective.''
McFortner All I need is the right ear and my life-sized Sisko model will be complete!
Bird of Prey Kai Opaka: ''Quark's are bigger.''
Sisko: ''You don't say!''
Frankie Chestnuts Sisko (to self): "Think about baseball... Think about baseball."
Adam Oop! Found a penny!
MR. WORF Hmmm.... that feels good . Oh Oh I think it's working !!! Damn !! Where the washroom .!!!!! This really works for constipation !!!
Captain Redbeard A typical Starfleet promotion ceremony. Here an admiral pulls a captain's pip out of Commander Sisko's ear.
Frankie Chestnuts The keeper of the Orb of Magic performs the ritualistic pulling of a slip of latinum out of Sisco's ear.
Next, she will steal his nose.
Frankie Chestnuts Due to the lack of vulcans on DS9, the regulars had to make due. Here we see a rather pitiful attempt at a nerve punch.
C.W.Perkins There's something odd that I sense in you in this connection. Something about stealing...of which you're really proud of. Stealing...uh...yes stealing...hhhooommmeee. Stealing home?! Whose home did you steal?! Tell me or I'll yank this ear of yours off!
Horta not Vorta Auricle ..Oracle .. Emissary

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