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Caption Competition

1 Apr 2016

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Chromedome "This uniform may not be flattering but it's a LOT better than Trip's purple shirt!"

Special Mention

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Do you find yourself subconsciously leaning your head to the left when staring at this picture?
Bird of Prey Picard: ''Is your sense of empathy receiving anything of note right now?''
Pirard's thoughts: ***don't stare at the cleavage don't stare at the cleavage don't stare at the cleavage don't stare at the cleavage***
Troi: ''Sigh. No, nothing extraordinary, Captain. Everything is as usual.''
mwhittington Picard: Counselor, I'm not wearing any pants! What the hell is wrong with me!?
Troi: Well, Captain, begin with,...I can clearly see... you're nuts!
PegasusJF The most acclaimed painting in the 24th Century: The Mona Deanna
Frankie Chestnuts We just need Eli Wallach, and we could re-enact the final shoot out scene from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly".
Guess which one is “Angel Eyes”.
mikey "Captain, why is that security team here? Is this some kind of bust?"
"Yes, counselor, they're very impressive... but that's not why we're here right now."
Bird of Prey Picard: ''...and once we have entered the binary system with the two gas giants, we have to look out for booby traps.''
Bird of Prey Picard: ''Your clothes are kinda... asymmetrical.''
Trio: ''I got this from a Cardassian on Deep Space 9. Honestly, I now have some doubt that he was ever formally educated at being a tailor...''
Frankie Chestnuts FOCUS:
If you stare at this photo long enough, you will see Jean-Luc Picard.
AJ Considering the nature of her part in the series, it was hardly surprising that Marina Sirtis developed a 'thousand yard' stare.
AJ Yes, Marina, I know it is ridiculous, but the producers really think that this show is promoting the cause of female equality in television.
AJ We have decided to rename the ship as: Enterprise, double-D.
AJ Tell me again, councillor, why we don't have our crew-members screened psychologically BEFORE we send them on multi-year journeys, rather than during said journeys.
AJ After watching a rerun of the original series, Marina Sirtis realized her complaints about her costume were unlikely to impress anyone.
Frankie Chestnuts Picard (to self): "Think about baseball... Think about baseball. Hang on, I'm French!
Think about sex... Think about sex."
Bird of Prey Sisko is not the only one who likes to stare into orbs.
Mr.Worf Captain; I'm sensing an uprising ....very near me !!
Bird of Prey Picard: ''Several ambassadors complained that your clothes are way to revealing! Only the Ferengi ambassador complained about the exact opposite.''
PegasusJF Picard: Deanna, please stop staring at the Scopophobian ambassador.
Frankie Chestnuts Picard: "Councilor... WHAT are you wearing?? Wait a second... Is it time for your performance review?
Troy: "...well ...maybe."
Miss Marple Troi: ... He's thinking about his ass-less chaps ... again...
Admiral Dunsel "My mother was hoping you would recite more Shakespeare... In her private quarters."
Bird of Prey Troi: ''Please stop countering everything I say with 'your mother' jokes! They always turn out far to accurate to be funny!''
Mr. Worf Troi : What are you and my mother doing in here ???
Captain : Well your mother and I want to get married !
Captain : WHAT !!!! Roxanna get the hell out of my office NOW !!!!!

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