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Caption Competition

1 Mar 2016

Caption comp image


Name Caption
mikey "...and now, I'll drink this glass of water while my little Vulcan buddy recites the alphabet!"

Special Mention

Name Caption
mikey "Yes, Doctor, they are fools... but the question remains - What kind of fools are they?"
mikey McCoy: "Spock, your hand is on my ass."
Spock: "Oh... sorry, doctor."
McCoy: "Now, I didn't say I minded..."
mikey "To use your terminology, doctor - yes, I would indeed hit that like a punching bag."
Chromedome "Doctor, we are not as badly dressed as the people in last months caption competition so logically the captions will not be as derogatory."
"Well get this through your thick Vulcan head, Spock. We are dealing with people who don't take prisoners."
"You mean Nausicaans, doctor?"
"It's worse than that, its' readers!"
mikey Leonard and DeForest are rendered speechless after walking in on Shatner getting into his girdle.
Frankie Chestnuts Spock: Eying a mechanical rice picker with apprehension.
McCoy: Having a brilliant idea.
David K You know it's a bad idea when BOTH of them are looking at you like that.
Bird of Prey McCoy: ''Fascinating!''
Spock: ''Stop stealing my catchphrase. You are a doctor, not a parrot.''
Frankie Chestnuts "This is the city: Los Angeles, California. My name's Spock. I carry a tricorder"
Admiral Dunsel (After yet another bit of Shatner's over-acting.)
(Both Thinking)
Kelley- "And I gave up doing Westerns for this?"
Nimoy- "I wonder if 'Mission Impossible' is still hiring?"
SpaceTruckin Two eyebrows enter one eyebrow leaves!
McFortner McCoy: (thinking) Thank God spent the extra 5 bucks and got the satin shirt instead.
Phil Vogue Stardate 3154.2 Front cover. This is what we will all be wearing next year. Classic blue, matt and gloss with a tight black collar. Get rid of those redshirts, they are so dead.
Miss Marple Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: I think so, Brain, but...
PegasusJF Spock: Remember...
McCoy: SPOCK! Get your goblin hands off of me!
Bird of Prey McCoy: ''Shouldn't we... help the Captain to get out of that pile of tribbles?''
Spock: ''Yes, we should. But there is no logical reason to hurry with this.''
Bird of Prey McCoy: ''It took a twelve hour surgery, but we managed to save the Andorian ambassador's live! Now excuse us, we have to put our blood-soaked clothes into the laundry.''
Kirk: ''Blood-soaked? I don't see any blood.''
Spock: ''Our shirts were white, Jim.''
Frankie Chestnuts The Enterprise Doubles Staring Contest begins in 3... 2... 1...
Miss Marple "Dr. McCoy is wearing a Chanel inspired tunic, circa 1965, in lightweight textured silk (think easy and modern with just a touch of sheen), while Mr. Spock is sporting a double knit Jersey with long sleeves and a “dickie” inspired black collar..."
(Thanks Men’s Fashion week!)
Frankie Chestnuts On the left we see Mr. Spock: Calm. Controlled. Emotionless. The culmination of eons of Vulcan discipline.
And on the right is McCoy.
Miss Marple Both thinking: Is that man incapable of keeping his shirt on?
N'tran DS 12 Blues Brothers?
mikey "Excellent work, Dr. McCoy. That's enough for today, we'll resume eyebrow arching practice at the same time tomorrow."
Mr. President "These urinals really are too close together, aren't they?"

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