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Caption Competition

1 Oct 2015

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Cyrus Ramsay "WHO'S directing 'Star Trek V'?!"

Special Mention

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Kelley: "He wears a toupée???
jg I think I just found where that last tribble went.
C.W. Perkins One of the many reactions when TOS was taken off the air.
PegasusJF "My God, it's full of stars"
PegasusJF Stage fright: It's no joke.
Frankie Chestnuts ...and yet ANOTHER graduate of the William Shatner School of Acting!
C.W. Perkins Spock's aim with his Vulcan pinch was just a little bit LOW.
Frankie Chestnuts A mere 14 seconds after Bones told the Bridge Crew to "Watch this".
Frankie Chestnuts I guess it was inevitable... Donald Trump finally insulted his last group of supporters: Cantankerous Old White Guys.
Horta not Vorta Fully Functional!
SpockosBrain McCoy: “What do you MEAN Chekov wasn’t in this season at all… That makes no sense! How does Kahn recognize him in the second movie? This is just plot hole after plot hole. Next thing you’re going to tell me is his accent is fake and Scotty’s Canadian!.
Horta not Vorta The Next Penetration.
AJ I WILL beat william Shatner in the overacting contest!
DBB It's all fun and games until someone dopes up the doctor and he goes on a bender.
Sondak The first victim of MadCoy disease.
mikey "Leonard... James... Nichelle... ANYBODY! Make Bill stop singing!"
N'tran DS 12 "That wasn't my neck, Spock."
ithekro The Doctor is regenerating!
Bird of Prey Kirk: ''Bones, did I ever tell you what REALLY happened on Cestus III? Here is a hint: The Gorn was female...''
McCoy: ''WHAAAAAAAAT!?!?''
Bird of Prey Bones after having watched 'Spock's Brain', 'Shades of Gray', 'Threshold' and 'These Are the Voyages...' back to back.
Bird of Prey McCoy: ''KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!''
Kirk: ''Hey, that's my line!''
Frankie Chestnuts DeForest Kelley's reaction to first viewing Leonard Nimoy's photography was... shall we say... typical.
Miss Marple In a rare moment, here we see McCoy 'out of his Vulcan mind'.

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