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Caption Competition

1 Aug 2015

Caption comp image


Name Caption
McFortner B'Elanna: You said I'm "cranky" on my performance review? I. Am. Not! CRANKY!

Special Mention

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts Where will YOU be when your twenty condoms of China White Heroin burst?
Frankie Chestnuts B'Elanna: "ANGRY BIRDS!!??? I have enough to deal with every day with just my ANGRY THOUGHTS!"
MLCoolJ And Round #47 of the Delta Quadrant Staring Contest!
Bird of Prey B'Elanna: ''Don't laugh at my hair! I don't laugh at your stupid tattoo either!''
Frankie Chestnuts Torres: "OK Chakotay... You piss me off one more time and I'll suck your eyeballs out of your skull."
Chakotay: "Well, good morning to you too, Lieutenant.
Sokratis Seriously, you'd tell me if I had gagh stuck in my teeth, right?
Frankie Chestnuts B'Elanna: "Uh Oh... IBS!"
Chakotay: "You be WHAT??"
Frankie Chestnuts Chakotay finally comes face to face with his spirit guide...
Unfortunately for him, it's a rabid half-Klingon engineer.
AJ This is the last image retrieved from a destroyed camera.
AJ Voyager's crew always drew straws to determine who had to go down to engineering.
AJ Chakotay learned the hard way not to feed B'Elanna after midnight.
Mr. President Chakotay: "You mistook superglue for toothpaste again, didn't you?"
Frankie Chestnuts Chakotay: "Bark at me... Come on Lieutenant... Bark!"
B'Elanna: "Grrrrrr. Rufffff, Rufff..."
Bird of Prey Chakotay: ''Did anyone ever tell you that you are beautiful when you are angry?''
B'Elanna: ''WHAT?''
Chakotay: ''That's also why Seska was my girlfriend.''
Bird of Prey B'Elanna: ''I have just spent hours in engineering, disassembling half of the equipment, in order to find out where that terrible grinding noise was coming from. Turns out it was my own teeth gnashing!''
Admiral Dunsel "You want me to run and manage the entire engineering department, and the best equipment you can give me to do that with is a 2 year old Ipod3 !!!
What are we? Star Fleet, or Home Depot?"
PegasusJF Chakotay: I have news, pictures for funny captions will only be updated once a month.
B'Elanna: WHAT!!!
Bird of Prey B'Elanna: ''Oh yeah? You are stupid! And your stupid tattoo is... also stupid! Ha, that hurts to hear, huh?''
Chakotay: ''I see your mother never taught you the Klingon art of proper cussing.''
Miss Marple No, it's called "forehead ridges", not "forehead cleavage".
Cyrus Ramsay Have hours of fun with the "Klingon Control" app.

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