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Caption Competition

1 Jul 2015

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Bird of Prey Klingon: ''What is written on that ship's hull? USS En... ti.., no Enter... pru... pre... Oh, to Gre'thor with it, I really do need glasses!''

Special Mention

Name Caption
Cyrus Ramsay With those shoulder pads this must be "Star Trek: Dynasty".
MR.X Hmmm..... My teeth are looking good , my ridges are clean and my hair ......sniff ....sniff....smells just fine.
Admiral Dunsel Bruce Jenner finally completes his transition into becoming a Woman.
PegasusJF Seeing that her desired mate was too fragile for the usual Klingon courting ritual, this Klingon tried a different approach.
Frankie Chestnuts Parental Nightmare #52
"Good evening Mr. Perkins... I'm B'Etor... I'm your daughter's date to the prom."
Frankie Chestnuts B'Etor: "No, Quark... I DON'T want to make 14 slips of latinum the hard way!!"
Frankie Chestnuts B'Etor: "It is a good day to floss."
Chromedome Do my shoulders look big in this?
Chromedome Please help doctor, my chainmail bikini is chafing me!
Frankie Chestnuts Where will YOU be when your prune juice kicks in?
Frankie Chestnuts Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #31:
They have an irrational fear of dentists.
Graeme A Carter Maybe it'll be ok. Maybe there won't be an S in her name...
''Lursssssa, House of Durassssssss.''
I need a sonic shower.
Frankie Chestnuts Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #7:
B'Etor played goalie on her college shot putt team.
Bird of Prey ''petaQ'' is such popular Klingon insult because you can say it and spit in disgust at the same time.
Frankie Chestnuts Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #87:
As young girls, the sisters starred on a long running Klingon children's show: "Where on Qo'noS is B'Etor Sandiego?".
Frankie Chestnuts Little known talent of the Duras Sisters #11:
Lursa is an accomplished dressmaker AND blacksmith.
Mailman Just found out her Bird of Prey got repossessed.
Captain Redbeard Quiet, slaves! I am tired of your "Master B'Etor" jokes!
The Geek Even their sneezes are violent and bloody.
Bird of Prey For SOME REASON, mirrors never became popular amongst the Klingons.
Jim You you thought that Brits had bad teeth...
Frankie Chestnuts Austin Powers: "That's not your mother... it's a man, baby!"
*Female Klingon punches Austin.*
Austin Powers: "You must admit she is rather mannish. Really... if that is a woman she must have been beaten with an ugly stick."
*Female Klingon punches Austin.*
Miss Marple Klingon Affirmations:
I am good enough, … and EVERYBODY likes me.
Miss Marple I just got Rolling Stones' tickets!

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