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Caption Competition

1 May 2015

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Graeme A Carter I have been...and shall always be....your frond.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Miss Marple Safety training slide #18:
Remember: always visualize the "loaded chamber indicator" and engage the phaser's external safety BEFORE touching any hallucinogenic flora.
Miss Marple Spock! SPOCK! Stop pinching the wings off the Fairies!
Frankie Chestnuts Interesting fact: Leonard Nimoy was an aficionado of incredibly simple origami.
Miss Marple Spock having a rare moment of youthful exuberance ...before the that dreadful mechanical rice picker incident.
mwhittington Spock: Fascinating! And you're sure you can pick up as many as 180 channels with this?
Pike: That's what the infomercial stated.
Spock: SO COOL!! I'm saying good bye to my satellite bill!!
C. W. Perkins Doctor in background: Must be something very special about that plant if it can make a Vulcan smile.
Frankie Chestnuts Pike: "I'm going to play along, and not even LOOK at that personal vibrator that Spock is carrying."
Frankie Chestnuts Dr. in Background: "Hey there Captain Starshine... don't bogart that blue acid and put 'American Beauty' back on."
GreenLanternMD "Wow, you're right, these just might solve our toilet paper shortage."
Mr . Worf So what do we do with the 3 leaves ??
Admiral Dunsel Pike: Spock, what can you make out of this?
Spock: This? Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl...
Bird of Prey In ''The Cage'', Spock wasn't yet the strictly logical and emotionless Vulcan we all know and love. Instead he was the dude who annoyed all his comrades by constantly laughing because of every trivial thing he sees.
GreenLanternMD "That's right, these ARE on the menu at the Interstellar House of Pancakes."
Miss Marple Dr Oz says these will cure EVERYTHING!
Graeme A Carter The needs of the many outweigh the reeds of the blue.
Cyrus Ramsay Whoops! Nobody told the props man we're using blue screen effects!
Cyrus Ramsay Spock: This is JUST the shade that T'pring and I want for the bedroom curtains!
Miss Marple Selsun Blue... It tingles, so I know it's working.
Miss Marple Pike: Spock! -SPOCK! Stop juggling the urinal cakes!
Frankie Chestnuts Dr. in Background: "Hey ,Captain... Why don't you and Bob Marley there just let go of that "Blue Sunshine" and come on over here so we can talk you down..."
Miss Marple First you couldn’t smoke inside,
then there was the nicotine patch,
then the backlash against vaping…
finally, we have to wait our turn
to fondle Blu E-cig tobacco patches, out back behind the big rocks…
Cyrus Ramsay After predicting mobile phones and tablet computers, Trek anticipates the future of the drum kit.
Frankie Chestnuts Spock: "The needs of the many??? Screw that... Outta my way!!"
mwhittington Even Spock couldn't help but chuckle at the strange noises coming from the Blue Whoopie Cushion plant of Flatula Prime.

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