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Caption Competition

1 Jun 2014

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Fuzzy Jim, that was the last of the toupee glue.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Frankie Chestnuts "What do you mean the special effects look lousy? I'm standing in front of a spray-painted wall of crinkled Mylar!"
Frankie Chestnuts Another unfortunate consequence of remastered Star Trek in HD.
Frankie Chestnuts Bones: "Wow... THAT could have gone better."
Miss Marple It's PEOPLE! ...SOYLENT GREEN! ...It's PEOPLE!
C. W. Perkins Bones: Capt. Kirk, you remember me telling you nine months ago that I couldn't remember what I did on shore leave?
Kirk: Yeah, I remember. Why?
Bones: Well I just delivered the Orion slave girl's baby and it looks just like me except a little greener.
Kirk: Ooohhh mmmyyy.
Scotty: Aye it had to be the Romulan ale laddie.
Nerd907 Ah jeez... what did I do last night?
Nerd907 The things we do for love.
The Geek "Wait... Frankie Chestnuts won again?!? I just spent the last eight hours crafting the perfect caption! Look at my hands! This crap'll never come off! I... I... (sigh) oh well. Maybe next month..."
11001001 "Jim, Spock! I've discovered anti-red matter and no surprise, it's green!"
11001001 After years of exploration, McCoy and the away team find the boogeyman.
NASCARtographer "Damn it, Gene, I know we're on a tight budget with the network, but I expect spoons with the pudding in my dressing room!"
C. W. Perkins Kirk: Hack! Sputter! Cough! Hack! Why Bones? Sputter.
Bones: Um...sorry Jim. Next time I'll take the huge mutant mosquito that's trying to suck your brains out off of you before I crush it.
Miss Marple I've got your Oobleck RIGHT HERE!
Miss Marple Oobleck comes ...FROM SPAAAAAAAAACE!
Miss Marple I've got your non-Newtonian fluid RIGHT HERE!
C. W. Perkins Before the Federation rediscovered the M&M's formula for melting in your mouth and not in your hands.
DBB Nurse: Oh, look here in the bottom of the bag. We DID have some surgical gloves.
C. W. Perkins Bones: What do you think Captain?
Kirk: Pretty good patch work.
Bones: You don't think the handprints and signature are too much, do you?
Kirk: Nah, a little advertisement is always a good thing.
Miss Marple THIS? This is NOTHING - just a little schmutz on my hands.
mwhittington Remember in the movie Into Darkness when he was trying to impress Carol Marcus by explaining that he helped deliver Gorn octuplets? This is that moment.
11001001 Jim, the jello, its spoiled. All of it.
Miss Marple You said: Rabbid, Phlegm-ish Giant
He heard: Flemish Giant Rabbit
jg The lengths that the crew had to go through to get the Captain into his girdle was amazing.
Nerd907 Jim, you grew up in farm country. You of all people should know how much a gallon of this stuff is worth in the dairy farm industry!

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