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Caption Competition

1 Nov 2013

Caption comp image


Name Caption
RedDwarfian "You damn kids nowadays. Complaining about this 'Warp 5 Speed Limit.' Back in my day, we were LUCKY to get up to Warp 5. And our warp cores were laid out flat, not up and down. Why do these crazy kids think it's a good idea to stick it in like that? Means you've got to make the ship taller just to make it fit! Damn kids with their crazy ship ideas nowadays..."

Special Mention

Name Caption
Cyrus Ramsay Yep, I'm only 30, but running DITL.ORG is really stressful.
Jonesy "But...but...I don't wanna leave the park. It's still light out and I wanna play!"
=NoPoet= "You know, if you knew you'd be appearing on a show watched by millions across the world... you could have brushed your hair."
=NoPoet= Seven of Nine wasn't quite so beautiful without six hours in makeup.
Frankie Chestnuts When 'Mick sings "Start Me Up" these days, he's actually referring to a defibrillator.
Mr. Worf Mr. Richards ...Mr. Richards !!....Mr.Richards !!!!!!!!!!!
It's time for your meds.
Bird of Prey Caretaker: ''No, this is a banjo. The next baƱo is 70,000 light years away.''
Admiral Dunsel "Can you send us back to the Alpha Quadrant"?
'Fraid I don't know that one.
Can you hum a few bars of it?
drow Starfleet Directive 34853.92: When encountering hostile alien life forms, deaths of security crew shall be accompanied by guitar music for purposes of morale.
Guybrush 400 year later, Keith Richards still refuses to die.
Bird of Prey Caretaker: ''We are not all hillbillies, out here in the Delta Quadrant! Well... I am a bad example.''
Frankie Chestnuts By the time 'Star Wars: Episode IX' came around, Harrison Ford really wasn't up to all the action sequences.
Mis Marple Police Officer: Hey You! OLD MAN! Keep out of that tree's crotch! We run a clean park around here. -Now MOVE ALONG!
Frankie Chestnuts Final film of the epic series:
"Indiana Jones and the Crystal Kidney Stone"

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