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Caption Competition

1 Oct 2013

Caption comp image


Name Caption
=NoPoet= Blind dates will still suck in the 24th century.

Special Mention

Name Caption
Miss Marple My only regret is that I failed to moisturize enough.
Miss Maple My only regret is that I didn't avoid the sun...
Miss Maple My only regret is that I didn't support healthcare reform...
Miss Maple My only regret is that I didn't support healthcare reform... (cough-cough)...
Ktasay Star Trek: The Walking Dead
PegasusJF Not all species have their genitals in the same place.
Foxbat "There's a whole thing of tic-tacs in my pocket. Take as many as you like... PLEASE!!!"
Frankie Chestnuts Mickey: "You got heart, but you fight like a god-damn ape. The only thing special about you is ya never got your nose busted - well, leave it that way, nice and pretty, and what's left of your mind...Hey kid, did ya ever think about retirin'?...You think about it."
Frankie Chestnuts Mickey: "You'll be able to spit nails, kid. Like the guy says, you're gonna eat lightning and you're gonna crap thunder. You're gonna become a very dangerous person."
Frankie Chestnuts Mickey: "Your nose is broken."
Rocky: "How does it look?"
Mickey: "Ah, it's an improvement."
Frankie Chestnuts Mickey: "Every punk thinks he has one good fight left. Now forget it, 'cause your fighting career is over kid.....You got the heart, but you ain't got the tools no more. Now forget it."
11001001 Stephen Lee [left] to Alan Altshuld [right]: “Dude, you play an ugly alien a lot.”
Alan Altshuld: “Blasted typecasting!”
Bird of Prey Things got awkward very quickly after a kiss cam had been installed on the promenade of DS9...
11001001 Alien on right: “I just got a message from my doctor that says I have one week to live.”
Alien on left: “Well you can make the best of the week you have left.”
Alien on right: “The message was sent a week ago.”
Bird of Prey And IIIIII will always love yoOOOUUUuuuuu...
Chaos4700 We here at Quark's would like to remind our patrons that we are not liable for any and all liaisons taking place as a result of what is colloquially known as, "synthehol goggles."
PHRobertson Weirdest production of Romeo & Juliet ever.
Bird of Prey Alien on right: ''Yeah, I get now how the anaconda kills its prey! You can stop this demonstration!''
=NoPoet= "Would you care to come back to my quarters for a game of hide the starship?"
Frankie Chestnuts At eHarmony, we use our patented Compatibility Matching System® To narrow the field from thousands of single men or single women to match with a highly select group of compatible singles -- singles who have been prescreened on 29 Dimensions® of Compatibility...
However, sometimes the matches are just obvious.
Miss Marple Everything is going to be OK, we can finally get married in New Jersey!
Miss Marple ... and my final secret to a great wattle is MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE!
Miss Marple The Caruncle race prided themselves on their wattles.
RedDwarfian "I wanna make this clear. I wanna make sure you understand this. If you ever cross myself, or anyone in the Orion Syndicate again, I will personally throw you and any of your Yridian friends out the airlock. Do we have an understanding? Good. Now get off the station before I change my mind."
"Um... what part were you going to change your mind about?"

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