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Caption Competition

1 Sep 2013

Caption comp image


Name Caption
11001001 Beverly: “The Ferengi aren’t really my type. Their big bald heads are unattractive”
Tasha thinking: “but yet the captain is her type”

Special Mention

Name Caption
Bird of Prey Beverly: ''You are all tensed up. Luckily, Lt. Yar has taken a chiropractic course back in Starfleet Academy.''
*sound of Tasha's knuckles cracking*
Frankie Chestnuts The Dancing Doctor,
and the Slutty Lieutenant
11001001 Yar thinking: Oh good. They are transporting a red shirt to Vagra II as well. I won't die this mission.
11001001 Two victims of outsourcing in Starfleet
11001001 Crusher: “Greetings ambassador. There is a 28% chance that I will operate on you without knowing the first thing about your anatomy."
Yar: “No worries, here on the Enterprise, we learn as we go. We will figure it out in just under an hour going off an unproven theory.”
Bird of Prey Beverly: ''Lt. Yar, may I introduce you to Dr. Selar?''
Tasha: ''Selar? I like the sound of that name! Although even better would it be without the 'r' at the end... Sela!''
Miss Marple Their lipstick inspired J J's budding fascination with what would eventually become known as "lens flare".
Miss Marple Mixed reactions to the Miley Cyrus video...
As a mother, Beverly understood too well the sense of powerlessness one feels when one's child becomes of age & chooses to ignore their mental health...
Miss Marple Mixed reactions to the Miley Cyrus video...
Beverly critiques the dancing...
Miss Marple Mixed reactions to the Miley Cyrus video...
The "Dancing Doctor" experiences regret for what might have been...
Miss Marple Mixed reactions to the Miley Cyrus video...
Tasha, to self: All those years of playing "Twister" alone in my room is FINALLY going to payoff!
11001001 Crusher: …so the blonde says to the Tholian ‘I would shake your hands but I don’t have eight armus’.
Yar: That’s funny! But I don’t get it.
Miss Marple Beverly: My God, if the government shuts down, on October first we won't be here anymore!!!!!
Tasha: Calm down, it's not like any of us are going to drop dead!
Miss Marple Always the trickster, Denise often snuck up and "goosed" whoever upstaged her.
Here we see her enjoy it too much.
Miss Marple ♫...sisters are doin it for themselves...♫
Frankie Chestnuts Finalists in the First Annual Enterprise Bitch-Off Contest.
Will Wheaton won the next three years after Denise left the show,
McFortner Crusher: If Frankie Chestnuts wins again, Tasha is going to kick his ass.
Miss Marple Hey, Ladies, if you want to have Frankie Chestnuts' babies you better GET IN LINE!!!
Bird of Prey Beverly: ''Ever heard of the La Brea tar pits? They have found many well preserved fossils there, Ice Age era animals that got stuck in the tar.''
Tasha: ''Haha, stupid prehistoric animals, letting themselves get killed by tar!''
Miss Marple Beverly: ...then he jumped up, said MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, and LEFT!
Tasha: Well, what do you expect from a man who considers saying "ENGAGE" as sufficient foreplay?
Nerd907 Crusher: Maybe you shouldn't have insulted the representative from the Interstellar Petroleum Miners Association...
Yar: I wouldn't worry about it. I am completely out of their reach.
11001001 The awkward scene after Tasha explains why the Ferengi had Beverly inspect their ears for ‘medical reasons’
11001001 Crusher: “There’s a 10% chance that the next planet we go to has offspring of captain Kirk.”
Yar: “Only 10%?”
Frankie Chestnuts A doctor, a lesbian and a dwarf walk into a bar...

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