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Caption Competition

1 Jul 2013

Caption comp image


Name Caption
Miss Marple Trip: Yes, Travis, I have dreams... One day I will become a very rich, powerful, influential man...
Travis, to self: Yeah, and then throw it all away by sexting a junk-shot of yourself...

Special Mention

Name Caption
Admiral Dunsel " I don't know, Travis. Men and women..., cooped up together like this on a ship for maybe years at a time. Eventually, one of them is going to get pregnant, and, Boy!, is THAT issue ever going to be a rough thing for her to deal with on a Starship!
Well, lucky for us men, we'll never have to deal with something like that, eh?"
Miss Marple Mayweather, to self: I wish I could have that attractive mauve piping on MY uniform... It looks FABULOUS!
Miss Marple Mayweather, to self: That blond, blond hair and those dreamy blue eyes... oh, myyyyyyy!
Mss Marple Mayweather, to self: That blond, blond hair and those dreamy blue eyes... oh, myyyyyyy! If only I could tune out that voice.
DBB Trip: Mayweather's starin' at me again, isn't he?
Reed: Yep.
Chromedome (sucks air through teeth and shakes head) Yeah mate, it's gonna cost you 100 quid to fix this console, plus the callout fee, and the out-of-hours surcharge, plus VAT. And I'll have to put the parts on special order, so they won't be in until next Thursday.
Frankie Chestnuts Travis: "Trip.... While I enjoy spending time with you, there are times when one NEEDS their privacy."
Frankie Chestnuts Mayweather: Hell, that Chestnuts dude sure is funny isn't he, sir?
Tucker: ...Friggin' hilarious!
McFortner Trip: If Frankie Chestnuts wins again, I'm going to kill myself.
Mayweather: That would explain the series finale....
11001001 Trip: "How about now? Does my forehead look Klingon now?"
11001001 Trip to Mayweather: “What? You’ve never seen someone use a chamber pot on the bridge before?”
Frankie Chestnuts Where will YOU be when your twenty condoms of China White Heroin burst?
EMH_MkI Trip: You know, Travis, sometimes when I'm in engineering all by my lonesome and I look up at that warp core I wish could snuggle up beside it and bathe in its warm glow and listen to its humming lullaby 'til it puts me to sleep. Almost like being in the womb again don'tcha think? What about you when you fly the ship?
Travis: *turns slowly, starts pushing random buttons in an attempt to look busy*
Bill **Why do Birds... Suddenly Appear...**
kent Tripp: do we have to listen to travis? He is like Sigourney Weaver's character on Galaxy Quest...
jg Mayweather: Klingong on the starboard bow.
Tripp: Damn, you going to start that again.
Mayweather: No, there are Klingons on the starboard bow and now they're firing. Get down to engineering and do something.
Bird of Prey Trip: ''I am well aware of the 'Kick me!' sign attached to my back. Don't even think about it, Ensign.''
Miss Marple Bromance... IN SPAAAAACE!

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