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Caption Competition

1 Jan 2013

Caption comp image


Name Caption
laclone Ok, you two. We go in together, and when I nod my head, you shoot it!

Special Mention

Name Caption
PegasusJF All the make-up department needed for these three was a hoze.
ADM Adam "What do you mean you didn't make reservations???"
PegasusJF We are the deformed, you will be repulsed, resistance is futile.
PegasusJF This is your skin, without sunscreen.
Frankie Chestnuts Did you ever wonder what would happen if you left those little "Pep Boys" bobble-heads on your dashboard through the summer in Phoenix?
Frankie Chestnuts Trailer for:
Dear GOD!
I thought Chevy Chase had aged... Just look at Martin Short!
Miss Marple Alien in center: Normally I enjoy a vicious, gory, mindless , rampage, but today, somehow, my heart just isn't in it.
Frankie Chestnuts Alien on Left: "Bud..."
Alien in Center: "Wise..."
Alien on Right: "... Oh, sorry... I wasn't paying attention. Can we start again?"
Frankie Chestnuts Alien on Left: "Bud..."
Alien in Center: "Wise..."
Alien on Right: "Errr... I'm sorry... I wasn't paying attention. Can we start again?"
Frankie Chestnuts THE THREE…
Billy Goats Gruff
Wise Men
Little Pigs
(Choose one)
Frankie Chestnuts Alien on Left: "What did that guy mean by 'Radiation Leak'?"
Frankie Chestnuts Neelix (on Left): "Wow! What was that thing?"
Paris (in Center): "THAT... was a Flame Thrower."
Harry (on Right): "That was close... Looks like you got a bit singed Tom."
Neelix: "I hope I don't look half as bad as you two."
Paris: "YOU look no different than you did before."
Frankie Chestnuts The boarding party from the Grumpian battle cruiser:
Grumpian on Left: "I HATE these raids."
Grumpian on Right: "I know what you mean. I'd rather be ANYWHERE but here!"
Grumpian in Center: "Will you two shut up! I don't want to be here other, but we have no choice... Now arm your "Cantankerous Rays" and follow me."
jg Alien on left: It's a trap!
Alien in center: Will you stop that? Every corridor we come to you have to say it's a trap. It was funny the first few times now it just annoying.
laclone Wha.., Now? You should have gone before we left our ship!"
Bird of Prey Alien on the left side: ''So, our plan is to storm the mess hall and shoot everyone in there, right.''
Alien in the middle: ''No! And shoot with what anyway? We don't have any guns!''
Alien on the right side: ''And what are those things in our hands supposed to be then?''
Alien in the middle: ''Vacuum cleaners! We are the cleaning brigade and are here to remove all the crumbs from the tables!''
Bird of Prey Brunt could easily have afforded to hire more competent assassins for getting rid of Quark, but you all know how stingy Ferengi are...
Bird of Prey Alien on the left side: ''It smells like fish in here.''
Alien in the middle: ''That's us.''
Bird of Prey Alien in the middle: ''Good morning Sir! Do you have some time for the Flying Spaghetti Monster?''

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