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Timeline - 2369


Prime Timeline

Year Event
Picture from 2369  [1] Data's head is severed from his body as he returns to the present from 19th century Earth. Geordi La Forge attaches the head found under San Francisco to his body successfully. The Enterprise crew is successful in destroying the aliens on Devidia II. [1]
  People :  Data, Geordi La Forge
 [2] Barclay rescues the survivors of the USS Yosemite, facing his fear of transporters in the process. [2]
  People :  Reginald Barclay
 [3] The Enterprise-D rescues Ambassador Ves Alkar from an attack on the transport ship Dorian and undertakes to transport him to Seronia. The Ambassador uses a telepathic device to transmit his negative emotions into Counsellor Troi, harming her physically and mentally. The crew are able to sever the link, killing the Ambassador. [3]
  People :  Ambassador Ves Alkar, Deanna Troi
  Species :  Lumerian
Picture from 2369  [4] The Enterprise-D discovers the transport ship Jenolan crashlanded on a Dyson Sphere. Captain Scott is recovered from the ship, having been in stasis since 2294. Captain Scott subsequently sets off in a shuttlecraft for parts unknown. [4]
  People :  Montgomery Scott
 [5] The Enterprise-D discover that a species from a subspace universe is abducting and experimenting on members of the crew. They are able to prevent further abductions. [5]
  Species :  Solanae
Picture from 2369  [6] Amanda Rogers visits the Enterprise-D. Whilst there Q appears on the ship and informs her that she is actually a member of the Q continuum. Despite initial misgivings, Amanda returns to the continuum with Q. [6]
  People :  Q, Amanda Rogers
  Species :  Q
 [7] A transporter accident reduces Captain Picard, Guinan, and Ensign Ro to physical childhood. As the crew attempt to deal with the situation, a group of Ferendi are able to capture the ship. Fortunately the crew are able to regain command and return their crewmates back to normal. [7]
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Guinan, Ro Laren
  Species :  Ferengi
Picture from 2369  [8] A holodeck malfunction briefly traps Lieutenant Worf and Commander Troi in a holodeck with Alexander. They are eventually able to escape. [8]
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Deanna Troi, Alexander Rozhenko
 [9] The Enterprise-D visits the particle fountain mining project on Tyrus VIIA to conduct an assessment. Whilst there it becomes clear that the Exocomp repair robots which the project director Dr. Farallon has created may well have achieved sentience. [9]
  People :  Doctor Farallon
  Species :  Exocomp
 [10] Admiral Nechayev relieves Captain Picard of his command and assigns him, Lieutenant Worf and Dr. Crusher to a mission to infiltrate Celtris III. Picard is captured on the mission. [10]
  People :  Admirall Alynna Nechayev, Worf Rozhenko, Beverly Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard
Picture from 2369  [11] Captain Jellico, in temporary command of the Enterprise-D, mines the McAllister nebula to force a Cardassian fleet hiding there to surrender. He orders Captain Picard's release. Picard subsequently returns to the Enterprise-D. [11]
  People :  Admirall Alynna Nechayev, Worf Rozhenko, Beverly Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard, Edward Jellico
 [12] The Cardassians retreat from the Bajoran system, abandoning the Terok Nor ore processing facility in orbit of the planet. The Bajoran Provisional Government asks Starfleet to take over the running of the station. [12]
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Dax, Worf Rozhenko, Miles Edward O'Brien, Julian Bashir, Odo, Quark
  Species :  Bajorans, Cardassians
 [12] Kira is assigned to Deep Space Nine as second in command. [12]
  People :  Major Kira Nerys
Picture from 2369  [12] Odo begins working for Starfleet when they take over the station and rename it Deep Space Nine. [12]
  People :  Odo
 [12] O'Brien is transferred to Deep Space Nine as Chief of Operations. [12]
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
 [12] Sisko is assigned to command Deep Space Nine. He persuades Quark to remain on the station despite the precarious political situation. [12]
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Quark
 [12] Bashir is assigned as Chief Medical Officer of Deep Space Nine. [12]
  People :  Julian Bashir
Picture from 2369  [12] Jadzia is assigned to Deep Space Nine. She and Commander Sisko discover the a stable wormhole in the Bajoran system's Denorios belt. The wormhole has existed for at least 10,000 years in a stable state, apparently due to the influence of aliens who live within it. Sisko is successful in convincing the wormhole aliens to allow traffic to use the wormhole. [12]
  People :  Benjamin Lafayette Sisko, Dax
  Species :  Bajorans
 [13] Tahna Los, a member of the Bajoran Kohn-Ma terrorist organisation, arrives on Deep Space Nine. His presence proves to be part of a mission to destroy the Bajoran wormhole. The station crew are able to defeat the plan and take Tahna into custody. [13]
  People :  Tahna Los
  Species :  Bajorans
 [14] Ibudan, a black market smuggler during the Bajoran occupation, is warned to leave Deep Space Nine by Constable Odo. Shortly afterwards Ibudan is found murdered, apparnty by Odo. Although public opinion on the station turns against the Constable, it is eventually proved that Ibudan cloned a cope of himself and killed him to frame Odo. [14]
  People :  Odo, Ibudan
 [15] An old Bajoran booby trap placed on Deep Space Nine during the occupation causes a large portion of the station to exhibit severe aphasia. Major Kira is able to track down the creator of the device and reverse the effect. [15]
Picture from 2369  [16] The sentient hologram Moriarty, which Lieutenant Commander Data created by accident in 2365, is activated again. He attempt to sieze control of the Enterprise-D in order to force the crew to devote their energies to finding a way to give him permanent form. The crew are able to fool him into thinking he has achieved his goal. [16]
  People :  Professor James Moriarty
 [17] Tosk, the first Gamma quadrant alien to come through the Bajoran wormhole, takes refuge on Deep Space Nine. His presence proves to be part of a ritual hunt practices by a Gamma quadrant hunter species. With the help of Chief O'Brien, Tosk is able to escape and continue the hunt. [17]
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien, Tosk
  Species :  Tosk, Hunters
The Enterprise-D visits a Federation communications relay to discover that the crew has vanished. Investigation reveals that a coalescent life form killed one, causing the other to flee. [18]
  People :  Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari
  Species :  Coalescent organism, Haliian
Picture from 2369  [19] Deanna is abducted and surgically altered by Romulan dissidents in order to work undercover on a Romulan Warbird and assist with the defection of Vice Proconsul M'Ret. [19]
  People :  Deanna Troi
 [20] Captain Picard is badly wounded in a Lenarian attack whilst conducting negotiations. He will later report a near death experience, possibly created by Q. [20]
  People :  Q, Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Q, Lenarian
Picture from 2369  [21] Vash returns from her travels with Q, stopping off at Deep Space Nine to auction some archological treasures. One of them proves to be the egg of an alien species. [21]
  People :  Vash
 [22] Data begins to experience dream states, a sign of development in his positronic brain. [22]
  People :  Doctor Noonien Soong, Data
 [23] Worf investigates a rumour that a group of Klingons survived the Khittomer attack and are held captive by the Romulans. [22] Although he discovers that the rumour is largely true, his father is not amongst the survivors. [23]
  People :  Worf Rozhenko
  Species :  Klingons, Romulans
 [24] The Enterprise-D visits the Remmler array for a routine baryon sweep. Whilst there a group of terrorists attempt to steal a quantity of trilithium resign from the ship's engines. Captain Picard is able to foil the attempt. [24]
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
Picture from 2369  [25] Captain Picard engages in a romantic relationship with Commander Nella Darren, the head of stellar cartography. The relationship ends when Picard realises that he cannot successfully deal with Darren on a personal and professional bases simultansously. She agrees to request a transfer. [25]
  People :  Nella Daren, Jean-Luc Picard
 [26] Professor Galen visits the Enterprise-D. After the visit, Galen is attacked and killed by a Yridian ship. Captain Picard takes up the last investigation Galen was engaged on, discovering an ancient message left by the first Humanoid beings in our galaxy. Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians also engage in the attempt to discover the message. [26]
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Professor Richard Galen
  Species :  Progenitors, Yridians, Romulans, Klingons, Cardassians
 [27] Commander Riker is captured whilst on a covert mission to Tilonus Four. Although interrogated with a form of memory manipulation, he is able to escape and return to the Enterprise-D. [27]
  People :  William T. Riker
  Species :  Tilonians
 [28] Beverley disobeys orders whilst hosting a scientific conference to asses metaphasic shielding. [28]
  People :  Beverly Crusher
Picture from 2369  [29] The cloned Kahless becomes Emperor of the Klingon Empire. [29]
  People :  Kahless the Unforgettable, Gowron
 [30] Ilon Tandro tries to extradite Jadzia Dax for a crime supposedly committed by Curzon Dax. In a hearing, a Bajoran arbiter rules that Jadzia is not responsible the actions of her previous hosts. [30]
  People :  Dax, Ilon Tandro
 [31] Kobliad security officer Ty Kajada arrives on Deep Space Nine in a badly damaged ship. The criminal she was transporting, Rao Vantika, is apparently killed in the accident. Kajada remains unconvinced, and eventually proves that Vantika created a technology to store his consciousness in the brain of Julian Bashir. She ultimately removes and then kills Vantika. [31]
  People :  Ty Kajada, Rao Vantika, Julian Bashir
  Species :  Kobliad
Neelix has a run-in with the Ubean authorities in which his friend Wixiban is imprisoned. [32]
  People :  Neelix, Wixiban
 [33] A Gamma Quadrant species named the Wadi arrive at Deep Space Nine. They prove to be a species obsessively interested in elaborate virtual reality games, which they force some of the Deep Space Nine crew to play. [33]
  Species :  Wadi
Picture from 2369  [34] The Ferengi Grand Nagus visits Deep Space Nine to announce his retirement, appointing Quark as his successor. This proves to be a test set for his preferred heir, his son Krax. When Krax fails, the Nagus resumes his position. [34]
  People :  Grand Nagus Zek, Krax, Quark
  Species :  Ferengi
 [35] Constable Odo travels to the Gamma Quadrant with Croden, a wanted criminal who claims to have knowledge of Odo's origins. Croden proves to be lying in order the engage Odo's help in rescuing his daughter. [35]
  People :  Odo, Croden, Ah-Kel, Ro-Kel
  Species :  Rakhari, Miradorn
Picture from 2369  [36] Kai Opaka visits the Gamma Quadrant with Captain Sisko, where an automated defence system around a penal moon shoots down her Runabout, resulting in her death. Nanotechnology located on the moon resurrects Opaka, who chooses to stay on the moon to help the warring residents achieve peace. [36]
  People :  Kai Opaka
  Species :  Bajorans
 [37] Chief O'Brien is briefly taken to be the successor to the religious leader of a Bajoran village. The mistake is quickly cleared up. [37]
  People :  Miles Edward O'Brien
  Species :  Bajorans
 [38] The Bajoran provisonal government decaudes to a moon to tap it for energy, forcing the relocation of some residents. Major Kira uses force to evacuate the last resident, Mullibok. [38]
  People :  Major Kira Nerys, Mullibok
Picture from 2369  [39] The Enterprise-D visits Nervala IV, the first visit since Commander Riker led a mission there in 2361. It is discovered that a transporter accident whilst he was there created a duplicate who was stranded on the planet. The duplicate, adopting the name Thomas Riker, continues in Starfleet service. [39]
  People :  William Thomas Riker
 [40] Deep Space Nine is threatened by a spatial rift. They crew are able to use modified torpedoes to close the rift. [40]
 [41] A group of Federation Ambassadors, including Lwaxana Troi, visits Deep Space Nine. [41]
  People :  Lwaxana Troi
 [42] A Klingon vessel returning from the Gamma Quadrant explodes, leaving non survivors. The cause proves to be a telepathic field which caused unusual behaviour amongst the crew. Although the same phenomenon invades Deep Space Nine, the crew are able to overcome it. [42]
Picture from 2369  [43] Gul Darhe'el, commander of the infamous Gallitep labour camp suring the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, is apparently captured aboard Deep Space Nine. However, investigation by Major Kira proves that the man is actually Aamin Marritza, a file clerk at Gallitep who is attempting to impersonate Darhe'el to bring light to the crimes of Cardassia. [43]
  People :  Aamin Marritza, Major Kira Nerys
  Species :  Bajorans, Cardassians
 [44] The Enterprise-D is stranded in a frozen moment of time due to an accident whilst assisting a Romulan Warbird in distress. Captain Picard, returning to the ship from a conference, is able to free it. [44]
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Romulans, Quantum Singularity Life Form
Picture from 2369  [45] Vedek Winn accuses Keiko O'Brien of teaching blasphemy in the Deep Space Nine school. Although considerable controversy results on the station, the situation is resolved. [45]
  People :  Keiko O'Brien, Winn Adami
  Species :  Bajorans
Picture from 2369  [46] A Borg vessel is detected in Federation space. The ship is discovered to be operating outside the influence of the Borg collective, under the control of the android Lore. Lore manages to disable Data's ethical subroutine and convince him to join forces with the Borg. He also captures several of the senior officers of the Enterprise also. [46]
  People :  Admirall Alynna Nechayev, Lore, Data
  Species :  Borg
 [47] Beverley briefly commands the Enterprise-D during the invasion of the Borg under the command of Lore. Destroys the Borg transwarp vessel. [47]
  People :  Beverly Crusher, Lore
  Species :  Borg

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# Series Season Source Comment
1 TNG 6 Time's Arrow, Part 2
2 TNG 6 Realm of Fear
3 TNG 6 Man of the People
4 TNG 6 Relics
5 TNG 6 Schisms
6 TNG 6 True-Q
7 TNG 6 Rascals
8 TNG 6 A Fistful of Datas
9 TNG 6 The Quality of Life
10 TNG 6 Chain of Command, Part 1
11 TNG 6 Chain of Command, Part 2
12 DS9 1 Emissary
13 DS9 1 Past Prologue
14 DS9 1 A Man Alone
15 DS9 1 Babel
16 TNG 6 Ship in a Bottle
17 DS9 1 Captive Pursuit
18 TNG 6 Aquiel
19 TNG 6 Face of the Enemy
20 TNG 6 Tapestry
21 DS9 1 Q-Less
22 TNG 6 Birthright, Part 1
23 TNG 6 Birthright, Part 2
24 TNG 6 Starship Mine
25 TNG 6 Lessons
26 TNG 6 The Chase
27 TNG 6 Frame of Mind
28 TNG 6 Suspicions
29 TNG 6 Rightful Heir
30 DS9 1 Dax
31 DS9 1 The Passenger
32 VOY 3 Fair Trade
33 DS9 1 Move Along Home
34 DS9 1 The Nagus
35 DS9 1 Vortex
36 DS9 1 Battle Lines
37 DS9 1 The Storyteller
38 DS9 1 Progress
39 TNG 6 Second Chances
40 DS9 1 If Wishes Were Horses
41 DS9 1 The Forsaken
42 DS9 1 Dramatis Personae
43 DS9 1 Duet
44 TNG 6 Timescape
45 DS9 1 In the Hands of the Prophets
46 TNG 6 Descent, Part 1
47 TNG 7 Descent, Part 2
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Time's Arrow, Part 2
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Realm of Fear
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Man of the People
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Relics
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Schisms
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : True-Q
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Rascals
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : A Fistful of Datas
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : The Quality of Life
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Chain of Command, Part 1
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Chain of Command, Part 2
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : Emissary
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : Past Prologue
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : A Man Alone
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : Babel
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Ship in a Bottle
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : Captive Pursuit
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Aquiel
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Face of the Enemy
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Tapestry
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : Q-Less
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Birthright, Part 1
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Birthright, Part 2
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Starship Mine
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Lessons
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : The Chase
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Frame of Mind
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Suspicions
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Rightful Heir
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : Dax
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : The Passenger
Series : VOY Season 3
Episode : Fair Trade
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : Move Along Home
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : The Nagus
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : Vortex
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : Battle Lines
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : The Storyteller
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : Progress
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Second Chances
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : If Wishes Were Horses
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : The Forsaken
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : Dramatis Personae
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : Duet
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Timescape
Series : DS9 Season 1
Episode : In the Hands of the Prophets
Series : TNG Season 6
Episode : Descent, Part 1
Series : TNG Season 7
Episode : Descent, Part 2

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