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Timeline - 2366


Prime Timeline

Year Event
Picture from 2366  [1] Dr. Beverly Crusher returns to the Enterprise-D to replace Doctor Pulaski as Chief Medical Officer. [1]
  People :  Beverly Crusher
 [1] Dr. Paul Stubbs comes aboard the Enterprise-D to study the Kavis Alpha neutron star. Wesley Crusher experiments with nanites, resulting in damage to the Enterprise's computer systems when they escape. The crew is able to resolve the problem in time for Dr. Stubbs to perform his experiments. [1]
  People :  Wesley Crusher, Doctor Paul Stubbs
  Species :  Nanites
 [2] The Enterprise-D is informed by the Sheliak that they intend to destroy the human colony on Tau Cygna V, as the planet lies within space which has been conceded to them by a Federation treaty. Lieutenant Commander Data is able to convince the colonists to evacuate the planet, whilst Captain Picard is able to convince the Sheliak to hold off on their attack long enough for the evacuation to take place. [2]
  People :  Data, Jean-Luc Picard
  Species :  Sheliak
Picture from 2366  [3] The Enterprise-D arrives at Delta Rana IV, finding the planet devastated by an attack. Two individuals, Kevin and Rishon, apparently survived the attack - but further investigation proves that Kevin is a Douwd, and the lone survivor the attack by a species called the Husnock - a species Kevin has utterly destroyed. [3]
  People :  Kevin Uxbridge, Rishon Uxbridge
  Species :  Douwd, Husnock
 [4] The Federation duck blind on Mintaka III is disabled by an accident, resulting in cultural contamination of the Mintakan natives. The situation is complicated when the Enterprise intervenes, resulting in further contamination. Captain Picard is eventually able to resolve the situation. [4]
  Species :  Mintakan
 [5] Enterprise-D crewmember Marla Aster is killed by a landmine whilst on an away mission. A member of the Koinonian species, who had originally planted the mines, impersonates the woman and attempts to offer herself as a replacement mother to her son, Jeremy Aster. The crew are eventually able to convince the Koinonian that Jeremy should be left to grieve for his mother, and the alien returns to her planet. In the aftermath Worf and Jeremy perform the R'uustai ritual, which makes Jeremy formally Worf's adoptive brother and a permanent part of his family. [5]
  People :  Worf Rozhenko, Jeremy Aster, Lieutenant Marla Aster
  Species :  Koinonian
Picture from 2366  [6] The Enterprise-D investigates the remains of Orelious IX and discovers an intact Promellian battlecruiser. The Starship becomes ensnared in the same booby trap which caught the alien vessel more than a thousand years ago. Geordi La Forge eventually arrives at a method of escape, with the help of a holographic recreation of Leah Brahms, one of the original designers of the Enterprise-D. [6]
  People :  Geordi La Forge, Doctor Leah Brahms
  Species :  Promellian, Menthar
 [7] The wreckage of a Romulan scout ship and an injured Romulan survior are discovered on Galornden Core, a planet in Federation space. Lieutenant Commander La Forge is trapped on the planet when the away team beam up; Captain Picard refuses to return the Romulan to his government until his investigation is complete and La Forge found. The Romulan's condition is worsened when Lieutenant Worf refuses to donate blood for his treatment, which ultimately causes the Romulan prisoner to die in Federation custody. Although this heightens tensions with the Romulans, Picard is able to diffuse the situation. [7]
  People :  Geordi La Forge, Colonel Worf
  Species :  Romulans
Picture from 2366  [8] The Federation hosts negotiations for control of the Barzan wormhole, the only stable wormhole known at this time. Although the Federation is defeated by Devinoni Ral in the negotiations, the wormhole subsequently proves to be stable only at this end, making it effectively useless. In the process of investigating the wormhole, two Ferengi officers are stranded in the Delta Quadrant when the exit shifts. Counsellor Troi enjoys a brief romantic relationship with Ral, which she breaks off when it becomes clear that he is engaging in dishonest tactics to win the negotiations. [8]
  People :  Deanna Troi, Devinoni Ral, Koll, Doctor Arridor
  Species :  Ferengi, Takarian
 [9] B'Elanna leaves Starfleet Academy after several rows with her tutors. [9]
  People :  B'Elanna Torres
Picture from 2366  [10] In the aftermath of the Gatherer raid on a Federation facility, the Enterprise-D seeks to reintegrate the Gatherers with their original home on Acamar. The mission is complicated when the Acamarian leader, Marouk, proves to have a servant in her employ with a vendetta against the Gatherers. The servant, Yuta, is eventually discovered and killed by Commander Riker. [10]
  People :  William T. Riker, Yuta, Sovereign Marouk
  Species :  Acamarian
 [11] Romulan Admiral Jarok defects to the Federation, bringing warning that the Romulan Empire has built a secret military base in the neutral zone. Jarok proves to be acting on disinformation given to him by Romulan intelligence to test his loyalty and set a trap for the Enterprise-D. Captain Picard is able to resolve the situation peacefully with a ruse of his own. In the aftermath, Jork commits suicide. [11]
  People :  Admiral Jarok
  Species :  Romulans
 [12] The Enterprise-D visits Angosia III, a planet which is applying for Federation membership. Whilst there it is discovered that the Angosian government has been denying basic human rights to a group of former soldiers whose minds and bodies were enhanced to make them into idealised soldiers. Captain Picard leaves the local government to resolve the problem, stating that they will make good membership candidates if they survive the process. [12]
  People :  Roga Danar, Nayrok
  Species :  Angosian
Picture from 2366  [13] The Enterprise-D visits Rutia IV to deliver medical supplies to the planet, which is in the grip of a terrorist insurgency. Although the Enterprise falls victim to several terroris attack and two officers are abducted, the crew are eventually able to determine the location of the terrorist base and launch a successful attack on it. [13]
  People :  Beverly Crusher, Kyril Finn, Alexana Devos
  Species :  Rutian
 [14] The USS Enterprise-D is responding to a distress call from Bre'el IV, where a moon is falling out of orbit towards the surface of the planet. The mission is complicated when Q appears on the Enterprise bridge, stripped of his powers by the continuum for his various trouble-causing actions across the universe. After a brief but eventful stay he manages to convince the continuum to return his powers, correcting the moon's orbit as he leaves. [14]
  People :  Q, Doctor Garin
  Species :  Q, Bre'el
 [15] A well known Soccer player called Golanga hurts his knee. It is replaced with a bio-implant, but he is never as good a player afterwards and quits the game. [16]
Picture from 2366  [17] Alexander is born, son of Worf and K'Ehleyr. [18]
  People :  Alexander Rozhenko, Colonel Worf, K'Ehleyr
 [19] The Federation's Krieger Wave research facility is destroyed in an explosion as an Enterprise-D away team beam away from it. Commander Riker is accused of deliberately destroying the station to cover up an attempted rape of the wife of Dr. Apgar, the facility's director. Detailed investigation proves that in fact Dr. Apgar himself was responsible for the destruction of the station, the accidental result of an attempt to murder Commander Riker. [19]
  People :  Doctor Nel Apgar, Manua Apgar, Chief Investigator Krag, William T. Riker
  Species :  Tanugan
 [20] Barclay transfers to the USS Enterprise-D from the USS Zhukov. [21]
  People :  Reginald Barclay
 [22] The Enterprise-D investigates a temporal anomaly. Although it appears for a moment that a Starship is emerging from the anomaly, the sensor reading vanishes. The ship continues on its way. Guinan suspects that perhaps more has transpired than it appears. [22]
  People :  Guinan, Natasha Yar, Lieutenant Richard Castillo, Captain Rachel Garrett
Picture from 2366  [23] Data builds a daughter named Lal. Starfleet Admiral Haftel attempts to sieze control of Lal, but the issue becomes moot when she undergoes a catastrophic failure in her positronic brain and dies. [23]
  People :  Data, Lal, Admiral Haftel
 [24] Klingon officer, Kurn, arrives on the Enterprise to take over as First Officer under Starfleet's officer exchange program. Kurn proves to be Worf's brother, whose identity has been kept secret since he survived the Khittomer massacre in 2346. Kurn and Worf travel to the Klingon home world in an attempt to clear their father's name after he is blamed for the massacre. Worf ultimately decides to allow his family to take the blame in order to preserve the political unity of the Empire, and accepts Discommendation. [25]
  People :  Colonel Worf, Kurn, Duras, K'mpec
  Species :  Klingons
Picture from 2366  [26] Captain Picard is briefly abducted from the Enterprise-D and replaced with an alien copy. Picard is eventually able to escape confinement and return to the ship. [26]
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard
 [27] Dukat sends his Bajoran mistress and their daughter to Lissepia on the Ravinok. The vessel vanishes on route to the planet. [27]
  People :  Gul Dukat
  Species :  Bajorans
 [28] Captain Picard visits Raisa for a vacation. His plans are complicated when he meets Vash and Sovak, who are both determined to gain possession of an artifact from the future, the Tox'utat. Matters are even further complicated when a pair of Vorgons from the future arrive to claim the Utat. Picard denies all sides by destroying the device. [28]
  People :  Vash, Sovak, Jean-Luc Picard, Boratus, Ajur
  Species :  Vorgon, Ferengi
Picture from 2366  [29] The Enterprise-D transports Tam Elbrun, a telepathic Betazoid and former patient of Deanna Troi. Elbrun's mission is to communicate with 'Tin Man', an alien creature which appears to be a living Starship. Elbrun is eventually able to forge a relationship with the creature, and the two depart together. [29]
  People :  Tam Elbrun, Deanna Troi
  Species :  Gomtuu
 [21] The Enterprise-D transports a set of tissue samples donated by the Mikulaks to Nahmi Four in hopes of using them to help contain an outbreak of Correllium Fever there. Contaimination from the samples causes several systems failures aboard the ship. The situation is resolved with the help of engineer Lieutenant Barclay, who is able to arrive at a solution despite suffering from severe shyness, social ineptitude, and a mild case of holodiction. [21]
  People :  Reginald Barclay
  Species :  Mikulak
Picture from 2366  [30] Trader and collector of rare items, Kivas Fajo, stages an elaborate deception in order to kidnap Lieutenant Commander Data to add to his collection. The Enterprise crew are able to see through the deception and recover Data. Fajo is arrested, and his collection broken up and returned to their rightful owners. [30]
  People :  Kivas Fajo, Data, Varria
  Species :  Zibalian
 [31] The Enterprise-D transports Ambassador Sarek to take part in the Legarans conference, which he has been working towards since 2273. Sarek's participation is threatened when it is discovered that he is suffering from Bendi syndrome. A mind meld with Captain Picard allows Sarek to complete his mission. [31]
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, Sarek, Spock
  Species :  Vulcans
 [32] Lwaxana and Deanna Troi are kidnapped by DaiMon Tog, a Ferengi. They are subsequently rescued by Captain Picard, with assistance from Wesley Crusher. Crusher's participation causes him to miss his transport to Starfleet Academy, forcing him to remain on the Enterprise. Captain Picard grants Wesley a field promotion to full Ensign. [32]
  People :  Deanna Troi, Lwaxana Troi, Wesley Crusher
  Species :  Ferengi
 [33] Harry Kim enters Starfleet academy. [33]
  People :  Harry Kim
Picture from 2366  [34] Picard is captured by the Borg and forced to become a member of the collective. [34] He manages to relay information to the crew of the Enterprise-D which allows the Borg to be defeated by Riker whilst he is commanding the Enterprise-D in Picard's place. [35]
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker
  Species :  Borg
 [36] The Enterprise picks up a badly wounded alien, whom they nickname 'John Doe" as he has no memory of his identity. John proves to be a member of the Zalkonian species, which is in the process of evolving to a non-corporeal state. Despite some interference from a Zalkonian warship, John successfully completes the transformation. [36]
  People :  'John Doe'
  Species :  Zalkonians

Yesterday's Enterprise

Year Event
Picture from 2366  [22] The war with the Klingons has reached a point where defeat for the Federation is inevitable. When the USS Enterprise-C emerges from a temporal rift it is repaired and returned by the Enterprise-D. This allows it to be destroyed in defence of the Narendra III outpost, averting the war. [22]

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

● - Shows the canon status and reference of the year for this event


# Series Season Source Comment
1 TNG 3 Evolution
2 TNG 3 The Ensigns of Command
3 TNG 3 The Survivors
4 TNG 3 Who Watches The Watchers?
5 TNG 3 The Bonding
6 TNG 3 Booby Trap
7 TNG 3 The Enemy
8 TNG 3 The Price
9 VOY 1 Parallax
10 TNG 3 The Vengeance Factor
11 TNG 3 The Defector
12 TNG 3 The Hunted
13 TNG 3 The High Ground
14 TNG 3 Deja Q
15 DS9 2 Paradise As close as possible to being exactly four years before Stardate 47573.1
16 DS9 2 Paradise
17 Speculative About half way between his conception on Stardate 42901.3 and his appearance on Stardate 44246.3.
18 TNG 4 Reunion
19 TNG 3 A Matter of Perspective
20 TNG 3 Hollow Pursuits Somewhat speculative - a few months before Hollow Pursuits, long enough for Barclay to acquire his reputation.
21 TNG 3 Hollow Pursuits
22 TNG 3 Yesterday's Enterprise
23 TNG 3 The Offspring
24 TNG 2 Peak Performance
25 TNG 3 Sins of the Father
26 TNG 3 Allegiance
27 DS9 4 Indiscretion
28 TNG 3 Captain's Holiday
29 TNG 3 Tin Man
30 TNG 3 The Most Toys
31 TNG 3 Sarek
32 TNG 3 Menage a Troi
33 VOY 2 Non Sequitur
34 TNG 3 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
35 TNG 4 The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
36 TNG 3 Transfigurations
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Evolution
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : The Ensigns of Command
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : The Survivors
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Who Watches The Watchers?
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : The Bonding
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Booby Trap
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : The Enemy
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : The Price
Series : VOY Season 1
Episode : Parallax
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : The Vengeance Factor
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : The Defector
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : The Hunted
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : The High Ground
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Deja Q
Series : DS9 Season 2
Episode : Paradise
Comment : As close as possible to being exactly four years before Stardate 47573.1
Series : DS9 Season 2
Episode : Paradise
Source : Speculative
Comment : About half way between his conception on Stardate 42901.3 and his appearance on Stardate 44246.3.
Series : TNG Season 4
Episode : Reunion
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : A Matter of Perspective
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Hollow Pursuits
Comment : Somewhat speculative - a few months before Hollow Pursuits, long enough for Barclay to acquire his reputation.
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Hollow Pursuits
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Yesterday's Enterprise
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : The Offspring
Series : TNG Season 2
Episode : Peak Performance
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Sins of the Father
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Allegiance
Series : DS9 Season 4
Episode : Indiscretion
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Captain's Holiday
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Tin Man
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : The Most Toys
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Sarek
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Menage a Troi
Series : VOY Season 2
Episode : Non Sequitur
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Series : TNG Season 4
Episode : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Transfigurations

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