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K'pak Class

Size Comp
Universe : Prime Timeline
Affiliation : Klingons
Class Name : K'pak Class
Type : Light corvette
Unit Run : 791 built in total. 364 have been lost in all. 232 have been retired from service.
Commissioned : 2345 - 2365, class remains in service
Dimensions : Length : 35 m [1]
Beam : 29 m
Height : 6.4 m
Decks : 1
Mass : 790 metric tons
Crew : 6
Armament : 2 x Mark 5 pulse disruptor cannon, total output 1,500 TeraWatts
1 x Basic photon torpedo tube with 6 rounds
Defence Systems : Standard shield system, total capacity 162,000 TeraJoules
Standard Duranium / Tritanium Single hull plus 2 cm High density armour.
Standard level Structural Integrity Field
Warp Speeds
(TNG scale) :
Normal Cruise : 5
Maximum Cruise : 7
Maximum Rated : 9 for 12 hours.
Strength Indices :
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : 30
Torpedo Firepower : 50
Weapon Range and Accuracy : 80
Shield Strength : 60
Hull Armour : 250
Speed : 792
Combat Manoeuvrability : 15,750
Overall Strength Index : 138
Diplomatic Capability : None
Expected Hull Life : 30
Refit Cycle : Minor : 1 year
Standard : 1 years
Major : 15 years


Yet another variant on the Bird of Prey design, the K'Pak is a scaled down version which the Klingons use as a Corvette or light escort vessel. The basic Bird of Prey shape has been kept, but reduced to some thirty five metres in length. At this size the forward section is just large enough to accomodate a small control compartment with a compact torpedo launcher beneath. The aft section contains a single 4.6 metre tall deck which is divided into a 3 metre work area with a 1.6 metre crawlway beneath.

As usual, the wings carry a pair of disruptor cannon, but the reduction in size means that there is no emergency torpedo tube.

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Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
1 Speculative Comparison to the Vor'cha attack cruiser in 'Way Of The Warrior'.
Source : Speculative
Comment : Comparison to the Vor'cha attack cruiser in 'Way Of The Warrior'.


The final variant of the Bird of Prey design can be seen in DS9's "Way of the Warrior", in the scene in which the Klingons approach the station to begin their attack. I scaled the ships to the Vor'cha class attack cruiser you see them accompanying, and got a length of 28 metres. Unfortunately, this is so small that a person would not be able to walk upright through the connecting neck. For a while I played with making the ship a fighter, but eventually settled on pushing the length to just enough that you could walk through the neck without banging your head. Fortunately, there is just about enough uncertainty in the length that the scene gives to allow for this size.

For further details of this ship and the sizing of ships in general, see my articles on the Bird of Prey and scaling issues.
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