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William T. Riker

Quote Episode
"Fear is the true enemy. The only enemy." - Riker to Portal
TNG : The Last Outpost
Picard : "Bok. Where is Bok?"
Riker : "Removed from command, sir, and placed under guard for his act of personal vengeance. Seems there was no profit in it."
Picard : "In revenge, there never is."
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker
TNG : The Battle
"In our society we share the responsibility and the pleasures equally." - Riker to Beata; on Human gender equality (there wasn't much to choose from in this one.)
TNG : Angel One
"A blind man teaching an android how to paint? That's got to be worth a couple of pages in somebody's book!" - Riker to Data and Geordi
TNG : 11001001
"Blondes and Jazz seldom go together." - Riker; while creating Minuet
TNG : 11001001
"What's a knockout like you doing in a computer generated gin joint like this?" - Riker to Minuet
TNG : 11001001
Picard : "The quest for youth, number one; so futile. Age and wisdom have their graces too."
Riker : "I wonder if one doesn't have to have age and wisdom to appreciate that, sir?"
  People :  Jean-Luc Picard, William T. Riker
TNG : Too Short a Season
"The name of my ship is the Lollipop. It's a good ship." - Riker to the Rice image
TNG : The Arsenal of Freedom
"Yes. Absolutely. I do indeed concur wholeheartedly!" - Riker; when asked by the computer if he concurs in aborting the autodestruct sequence
TNG : Where Silence Has Lease
O'Brien : "Good luck, Commander."
Riker : "Thanks, O'Brien."
O'Brien : "I wouldn't want to go."
Riker : "Why?"
O'Brien : (incredulous) "You're not afraid, are you?"
Riker : "No, I'm not."
O'Brien : "I would be."
  People :  William T. Riker, Miles Edward O'Brien
TNG : A Matter of Honor
Klag : (regarding two Klingon females) "They are inquisitive. They wonder how you would endure."
Riker : "Endure what?"
Klag : "Them."
Riker : (smiling slowly) "One, or both?"
  People :  Klag, William T. Riker
TNG : A Matter of Honor
"Enterprise, this is Captain William Riker of the Klingon vessel Pagh. I order you to lower your shields and surrender." - Riker to Picard
TNG : A Matter of Honor
Riker : "Cloaking shields off."
[Dukath hesitates]
Riker : "Obey my orders!"
Tactical Officer Dukath : "We will be destroyed!"
Riker : "If we are, it will be in battle, and I will die with you. So I repeat... cloaking shields off!"
  People :  William T. Riker
TNG : A Matter of Honor
"You come from a very brave and unique people. I'm glad you're with us on the Enterprise." - Riker to Worf
TNG : A Matter of Honor
"Fate. Protects fools, little children, and ships named Enterprise." - Riker to bridge crew
TNG : Contagion
"One of your strengths is your ability to evaluate the dynamics of a situation and then take a definitive, pre-emptive step, take charge. Now you're frustrated because you not only can't see a solution, you can't define the problem." - Riker to Picard
TNG : Time Squared
"In your position it's important to ask yourself one question : What would Picard do?" - Riker to Wesley; on the difficulties of command
TNG : Pen Pals
Riker : "O'Brien, take a nap. You didn't see any of this. You're not involved."
O'Brien : "Right, sir. I'll just be standing over here dozing off."
  People :  William T. Riker, Miles Edward O'Brien
TNG : Pen Pals
Brenna : "And what are you staring at? Have you never seen a woman before?"
Riker : "I thought I had."
  People :  William T. Riker, Brenna Odell
TNG : Up The Long Ladder
Brenna : "Do you not like girls?"
Riker : "Of course I do. Oh... is there a technique to this foot washing?"
Brenna : "You generally start at the top and work your way down..."
  People :  William T. Riker, Brenna Odell
TNG : Up The Long Ladder
"If you drop a hammer on your foot, it's hardly useful to get mad at the hammer." - Riker to Picard
TNG : Shades of Gray
"Deanna, facing death is the ultimate test of character. I don't want to die, but if I have to, I'd like to do it with a little pride." - Riker to Deanna
TNG : Shades of Gray
"Maybe if we felt any loss as keenly as keenly as we felt the death of one close to us, Human history would be a lot less bloody." - Riker to Data
TNG : The Bonding
"You've shown none of the concern that Captain Picard would for the safety of his ship, the welfare of his crew." - Riker to Fake Picard
TNG : Allegiance
"The more difficult the task, the sweeter the victory." - Riker to Troi
TNG : Captain's Holiday
Picard : "Tell me, Number One, is the entire crew aware of this little scheme to send me off on holiday?"
Riker : "I believe there are two ensigns stationed on deck thirty nine who know nothing about it."
  People :  William T. Riker
TNG : Captain's Holiday
"For an android with no feelings, he sure managed to evoke them in others." - Riker to Picard; on Data
TNG : The Most Toys
Riker : "Is it my imagination, or have tempers become a little frayed on this ship lately?"
Worf : "I hadn't noticed."
-Riker and Worf walk into Ten Forward and find a bar brawl going on
Worf : "...I see what you mean!"
  People :  William T. Riker, Worf Rozhenko
TNG : Sarek
"Mr. Worf... fire." - Riker to Worf
TNG : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Riker : "You disagree with me, fine. You need to take it to the Captain, then fine. Through me. You do an end run around me again, I'll snap you back so hard, you'll think you're a first year cadet again."
Shelby : "May I speak frankly, sir?"
Riker : "By all means."
Shelby : "You're in my way."
  People :  Lieutenant Commander Shelby
TNG : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
"Without trust there's no friendship, no closeness, none of the emotional bonds that make us who we are." - Riker to Data
TNG : Legacy
"Shut up! As in, close your mouth and stop talking!" - Riker to the fake Picard
TNG : Future Imperfect
"Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you." - Riker to Picard
TNG : Data's Day
"None of this is real!" - Riker; realising that everything he has experienced is a fantasy
TNG : Frame of Mind
"It pulses unendingly all through the night..." - Riker; His poem
TNG : Second Chances
"All I remember is setting down the food... and then a hissing ball of fur came out of nowhere!" - Riker; on feeding Spot
TNG : Timescape
Riker : "Data, we need you to scan the planet for lifeforms."
Data : "I would be happy to sir... I just love scanning for lifeforms. [sings] Life forms... you tiny little life forms... you precious little life forms... where are you?"
  People :  William T. Riker, Data
ST-G : Generations
"Don't try to be a great man, just be a man and let history make it's own judgements." - Riker; quoting Cochrane
ST-FC : First Contact
"We're through running from these bastards!" - Riker; on the Sona
ST-I : Insurrection
"You Klingons never do anything small, do you?" - Riker to Worf; on his pimple
ST-I : Insurrection

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