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Admiral Hayes

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Admiral Hayes [1]
Species : Humans

A Starfleet Admiral, Hayes was in command of the fleet which engaged the Borg vessel attacking the Federation in 2373. Hayes declined to have the Enterprise-E join his force, believing that Captain Picard's experiences with the Borg would introduce an unpredictable element to a difficult situation. Hayes lost control of the fleet when his flagship was destroyed during the battle, though he himself survived. [2] In 2374 Starfleet sent a message to Voyager via the HIrogen communications network, including an introduction from Admiral Hayes. [3] A further portion of the message was subsequently faked by Arturis in his attempt to lead Voyager's crew to assimilation by the Borg. The ruse failed when Captain Janeway was able to retrieve part of the real message. Janeway characterised Hayes as a good man and a fine officer, though she thought he was a "bit of a windbag". [4] In 2376 Hayes sent a further message to Voyager via the MIDAS array. [5]

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Associated with

Associated with The Next Generation
Associated with Voyager

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
VOY4Jack ShearerHope and Fear
VOY6Jack ShearerLife Line
Jack ShearerFirst Contact


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