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Borg Queen

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Borg Queen [1]
Species : Borg

The Borg Queen was a representative of the collective who was first encountered by Captain Picard during his assimilation in 2366. She wanted to create a bridge between the Borg and Humanity [1], but failed when Picard was rescued by his shipmates. [2] The Queen subsequently travelled to Earth aboard a Borg cube but this was destroyed by Starfleet. She escaped into the past to try and assimilate Humanity in the aftermath of World War III; the Enterprise-E followed her and she managed to begin assimilating the ship. The Queen attempted to create a new bridge between the technological and biological, this time using Lieutenant Commander Data, but this again failed and she was destroyed. [1] Other incarnations of the Queen have had various encounters with USS Voyager. [3]

In 2401 a Borg Queen from an alternate reality opened a spatial anomaly and transited into our universe. Once there she beamed aboard the new USS Stargazer and started taking control of it and the rest of the fleet. [4] Initially it was thought she was there to assimilate the crew and Federation, but Jean-Lic Picard soon realised that she was Agnes Jurati and had good intentions. [5]

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Associated with

Associated with The Next Generation
Associated with Voyager
Associated with Star Trek : Picard

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
VOY5Susanna ThompsonDark Frontier, Part 1
VOY5Susanna ThompsonDark Frontier, Part 2
VOY6Susanna ThompsonUnimatrix Zero, Part 1
VOY7Susanna ThompsonUnimatrix Zero, Part 2
VOY7Alice KrigeEndgame
STP2Annie WerschingPenance
STP2Annie WerschingAssimilation
STP2Annie WerschingWatcher
STP2Annie WerschingFly Me to the Moon
STP2Annie WerschingTwo of One
STP2Annie WerschingHide and Seek
STP2Alison PillHide and Seek
Alice KrigeFirst Contact


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5 STP 2 Farewell
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