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Title Film
Stardate Year Rating
The Motion Picture I 7412.6 2271 Rating 3
The Wrath of Khan II 8130.3 2285 Rating 5
The Search for Spock III 8210.3 2285 Rating 2
The Voyage Home IV 8390 2285 Rating 4
The Final Frontier V 8454.1 2285 Rating 0
The Undiscovered Country VI 9521.6 2293 Rating 5
Generations VII 48650.1 2371 Rating 4
First Contact VIII 50893.5 2373 Rating 5
Insurrection IX Unknown 2375 Rating 4
Nemesis X 56844.1 2379 Rating 5
Star Trek XI 2258 2258 Rating 5
Star Trek Into Darkness XII 2259.55 2259 Rating 4
Star Trek Beyond XIII Unknown 2263 Rating 5

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